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How to disassemble furniture when moving?

Are you moving to your new home? Are you sure that your couch can fit through small doorways, windows or staircase? If you have large and bulky furniture to move, how to do it properly? Disassembly is the answer. Disassemble furniture when moving is convenient especially if there are large pieces of furniture which are complicated for shipping. Disassembly allows you to put in less space larger furniture. The disassembled furniture can also have a positive impact on your household goods relocation. How to do it? Let’s find out now! Continue reading “How to disassemble furniture when moving?”

Moving mistakes you should avoid

Your moving day is getting closed. You can hear the clock ticking and you have no idea where to start. You can feel excitement but not only the good kind. Take a deep breath, you are in the right place. Here are some moving mistakes you should avoid. Continue reading “Moving mistakes you should avoid”

Hiring packers vs DIY

We are going to start this article by saying that it’s always better to hire someone to do the packing for you, provided that you have the funds needed. Having said that, there are things you can do on your own if you want to save some money or simply do it yourself for the experience. In the text that follows, we will go through some pros and cons of hiring packers vs DIY. After reading it, you ought to get a clearer picture of what is the best option for you. Continue reading “Hiring packers vs DIY”

How to find a decent cheap storage in Toronto?

Having a storage unit is a must these days. We always have things we do want to keep but still, we have no space to keep them in our house or basement. From the other side, the basement sometimes cannot be a good place to keep some sensitive things. They can be ruined because of humidity, but keeping the stuff in a storage place can assure you of their safety. It is highly possible to find cheap storage in Toronto since it is a really big city. The only thing you should do is to search for it. Continue reading “How to find a decent cheap storage in Toronto?”

Moving from the USA to Toronto

People decide to relocate for several reasons. Some of us are forced to do that because of the job, others just want to change the environment. In any case, you will have to think through and to search for a good place to settle down with your family. Moving from the USA to Toronto is a good decision because Canada is a beautiful country with a lot of opportunities. Except for searching for a good place to live in the Greater Toronto Area, you will have to think about your budget for moving and hiring a good moving company to help you. Let’s see what else you will need to know. Continue reading “Moving from the USA to Toronto”

Should you help your movers?

This a question that goes through the mind of everyone who has ever employed services of professional movers. And it’s quite a reasonable one, to be frank. Let’s be honest, you decided to employ someone to do moving instead of you, so should you help your movers then? And if so, how can you possibly help professionals who are coming to help you? Continue reading “Should you help your movers?”

Moving to King City

Is it that time when you have or need to move? Is it because of your job or you just want to move somewhere else with your family? Want a fresh start and you think that moving to King city is the best place to settle with your family? Well, maybe you are right! King City is a beautiful place to live. You will for sure be happy and settle down there. Continue reading “Moving to King City”

What to expect from professional packers?

Eventually, the time comes when we have to move to another place to live. So, the important thing that we have to think about is how to move our things. Some people do that themselves, other hire professional companies to that instead. Saving some time is a big thing because moving and packing yourself can be really stressful and long process. That’s why we usually hire professional moving companies to help us and to transport our things from point A to point B. For example, movers and packers in Toronto are frequently used, due to the fast-paced nature of the city. These companies have professional packers which will make your job of packing extremely simple! Continue reading “What to expect from professional packers?”

How to save space when packing

So it is that time of the year. Vacation season has finally started, oh the joy! Or maybe not, maybe it is a relocation. Maybe a tad less exciting than a vacation, but then again – it’s a tough thing to compare. Many of my friends and relatives dread the thought of packing, and I was never really sure why. I find it overly entertaining. Rarely, or never, do I ever pack for an event of my disliking. Usually, if I’m packing it’s about something fun. Be it a vacation, or a relocation, I always look forward to these. They are exciting and they are refreshing. Still, minds of other people are set and we can’t change them. We can, however, help with some of the problems that come with packing – limited amount of space. There are ways to save space when packing, and this is what we will discuss. Continue reading “How to save space when packing”

How to safely pack fragile and valuable items?

It’s finally time for one of the biggest projects in your life – moving. It is fun, it is exciting and if you play your cards right – you will enjoy it. But, in order to ensure smooth relocation,  you need to plan everything ahead. Planning your move to the last detail is an essential task if you want to avoid stressful relocation. And stress is the last thing you need during this undertaking. Moving is expensive and time-consuming, hence you going to need a lot of patience and nerves to stay calm. That is why you are going to make a watertight moving plan. And the first thing will be to pack your home as a pro. Packing is a very delicate operation, especially when you are about to safely pack fragile and valuable items. In this article, you’ll find some very useful fragile items packing tips and tricks. Continue reading “How to safely pack fragile and valuable items?”



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