How to disassemble furniture when moving?

Are you moving to your new home and want DIY without furniture movers? Are you sure that your couch can fit through small doorways, windows or staircase? If you have large and bulky furniture to move, how to do it properly? Disassembly is the answer. Disassemble furniture when moving is convenient especially if there are large pieces of furniture which are complicated for shipping. Disassembly allows you to put in less space larger furniture. The disassembled furniture can also have a positive impact on your household goods relocation. How to do it? Let’s find out now!

Disassemble furniture when moving by yourself

When you decide to disassemble furniture yourself, be aware of possible risks and complications. This is a very complicated job and many difficulties can occur. If you don’t know how to do it right, High-Level Movers are always available to do it for you and to save you from back pain. Professionals are highly trained, skilled and equipped for efficient disassembly of furniture. Still, if you want to do it yourself, here are a few useful tips.

  • Read the instructions for disassembly

Read the instructions so you can know how exactly to disassemble furniture. If you don’t have the manual, go online and make a research or you can go to near the furniture store to ask for help. Also, you can contact people to help you with like your neighbors, colleagues, relatives. Don’t hesitate to give our movers a call to ask for advice.

  • Gather the tools

For furniture disassembly, you will also need the proper tools such as hammer or screwdriver. Also, you’ll maybe need a special tool designed for certain parts of your furniture. With the right tools and knowledge, you can be sure your furniture disassembly is ready when moving day comes. Not having the right tools in time can complicate the job and you can lose some important small parts of furniture.

  • Keep ziplock bags handy

You will need it to keep small parts of furniture and other items. They are practical for things like screws and fittings. When you are packing them for transporting, make sure to keep the bags with the pieces of furniture it belongs to.

  • Evaluate which pieces of furniture must be disassembled

When you want to disassemble furniture it is important to know which pieces must be disassembled. In most cases, these pieces are desks and sofas. So, take a look at your furniture to find out which pieces like beds and dressers must be disassembled before the move.

  • Measure all furniture for clearance.

Before you start handling furniture and packing it inside the moving truck, make sure to measure all large pieces so you can be sure they can fit in the moving truck.

  • Assess your environment

Before you start moving your furniture out of the home, make sure to assess your home. Look at all of the obstacles in the house so you can be sure you can easily move it from the house.

  • Find the disassembling points

When you want to start to disassemble, make sure to find the disassembling points. For example, in many cases, sofa legs and bookcase shelves must be unscrewed or detached.

Measure your furniture pieces and find the disassembling points.

Furniture disassembly and packing

Why it is important to disassemble furniture? Because disassembled pieces are easier to pack and transport. Don’t forget to pack all small items separately and to attach them to the piece they belong. This process of packing will make your unpacking and assembling easier. When it comes to assembling furniture, also it is important to follow the manual’s instructions. Also, prepare the tools and make sure all small parts are handy.

Best Way to Disassemble Furniture when moving

Your furniture pieces need an expert hand if you want to disassemble it in the right way. It is not easy to do it yourself. That’s why the best thing you can do is to hire professionals you can rely on during the transportation of your household or business belongings. With a right furniture movers when moving is much less stressful. Also, with professionals, you minimize the risk of damages and crushes. The professional moving company provides you with moving boxes and packing service so you can be sure that each piece of furniture is packed with maximum protection. You can count on safe transportation to your new location. If you don’t have knowledge, skills, and equipment, it is a major reason why you should hire dependable movers to do it.

What to look for in a mover when disassembly furniture?

When you start your search for the professionals who can disassemble your furniture you need to know what to look for. How to find reliable movers? How to organize your furniture reassembly and disassembly? Make sure to look for a mover with an experience in disassembling. Also, read their reviews, services, and prices to hire the best mover for your needs and budget. Show them furniture you want to move so you can get on site moving estimate.

Now, you have the tips you need to make a decision is it better to disassemble furniture when moving by yourself or to hire professionals. Take time to plan everything properly and don’t forget your knowledge and right tools. In case you are not still sure how to do it, don’t risk damages and give us a call.