Should you help your movers?

This a question that goes through the mind of everyone who has ever employed services of professional movers. And it’s quite a reasonable one, to be frank. Let’s be honest, you decided to employ someone to do moving instead of you, so should you help your movers then? And if so, how can you possibly help professionals who are coming to help you?

Well, the answer to the first question is an unequivocal YES. The reason why you should help your movers is that although many of them do look superhuman, in fact, they aren’t. They do tire occasionally, they don’t have x-ray vision to see through heavy items that they carry, and they don’t have the psychic ability to read minds.

What are some of the ways to help your movers

So, while you don’t have to do the hard lifting, or packing, or driving your items instead of them there are many ways that you can help your movers. And that means that you can get your moving done faster and better. To get your moving done safely and securely get the help of Toronto movers.

You can help your movers in a number of ways. There are things you can do in preparation for their arrival and things to do when they come. Also, there are things that you should avoid doing as they can be as helpful as anything.

Before the arrival

Help your movers before they even arrive by getting your things ready and prepared. It’s one of the things that can help things get moving along much faster. So what are the things to do in preparation?

  • Prepare your items for transportation by disassembling them and adequately protecting them against damage
  • Empty the things that need to be moved for easier lifting (cupboards, bookshelves, refrigerators, drawers, etc.)
  • Unplug all electrical appliances, fold the cables neatly and pack them in the boxes
  • Make sure that all of the fragile items are labeled to be handled gently
  • Have a designated room or an area in which you will place all the things that movers shouldn’t move or handle

In general, try and do your best to have things ready for when the movers come. The less time they have to wait for you to get the things ready, the faster your move will go. If for any reason you are unable to do these preparations, tell that to your movers ahead of time. Moving professionals can do the packing for you if you wish so.

Do your preparations on time to help your movers
If you are prepared before the movers arrive, you are then part of the moving team

Movers have arrived ready to work, help them get it to it

If you have done your packing and preparation ahead of time you are halfway done with one part of the move. Your role is now to instruct movers how to go about their business. This is one of the most misunderstood parts when it comes to hiring professional movers. It’s not required that you help your movers by lifting heavy things with them, but it is necessary to give them some instructions. That way they will know how to plan where to start as it will make unloading faster and easier. They will also know where you want your things to be carried before they even start lifting. So in a lot of ways, it boils down to good communication. So, the question is how to establish good communication?

Be hospitable and considerate

Remember they the movers are just people like us, so treat them kindly. When they arrive and if it’s a hot day, offer them a cold drink. Glass of cold water is just fine to keep them hydrated. On a cold day, you can offer them some sweet tea. If the job is going to take the better part of the day you can offer them some snacks to boost their energy. Often times they will refuse your offers, but none the less they will be more pleased and more motivated to work.

A glass of cold water does the job of refreshment
Offer your movers some refreshments to help them stay hydrated

One of the thing that you should avoid in your hospitality is offering your movers alcoholic beverages. You especially shouldn’t insist on them drinking alcohol. In some cultures having a shot of alcohol is a sign of good hospitality, so it is reasonable that you would assume that it’s a good thing. Yet, your movers are there to work and alcohol can make their job harder. Not only that, but they might take offense as they are liable to do your moving safely, so doing it under the influence is a liability for them.

Make an open channel for communication

If there is a breakdown in the flow of information it can lead up to an issue. So it is important to establish the way to communicate and point of contact for the communication. Figure out what is the most practical way to communicate and a possible alternative to that way. Usually using the phone is just fine, but what happens if you and your movers are in an area of bad reception and it’s crucial to exchange information? Also, often times it happens that you need to be elsewhere, so you become unavailable for communication. Who is going to take your place as a point of contact? Let your movers know how to reach you or your stand-in, so the move can flow smoothly.

Make sure you have alternative means of communication with your movers
Sometimes phones lose reception in areas with low coverage

Also what can help communications is to hire local movers Toronto that have knowledge of the area. This way you don’t have to give too many instructions, as they know the area quite well.

Don’t vent out on the movers 

Lastly, this one thing that you should avoid doing in order to help your movers. Everyone knows that moving causes a lot of stress, especially when done in a hurry. So a lot of time happens that people take out that stress on the movers. But the same way that stress impacts you in a bad way, transferring it on the guys who came to help you isn’t going to make their job any easier. In fact, it’s probably going to affect them in a negative way, which isn’t going help your move get any faster. If you feel too stressed out to try and coordinate them, ask them politely if there is a team leader that you can coordinate through. This way you can talk to just one person, who can then pass on the information.

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