How to pack fragile and odd-shaped items for your move

If a piece of furniture is too large to put in a box, you can still protect it for the move by wrapping the arms and legs of the item in packing material and taping it tightly. You should also cover upholstery with waterproof material and fasten it securely so it doesn’t get dirty or ripped during the move.

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No matter if you hire Toronto movers or plan to move on your own. Fragile items need to be placed in the thickest wrapping you have, or cushioned with several layers of blankets, towels or bubble wrap. Position all mirrors, artwork and glass shelves upright in the boxes, and be sure to mark each box with arrows pointing to the top, and write fragile on each side and the top and bottom. You can also write that it should not have anything put on top of it.

Never overstuff a box, but do put as many things in it as there is room for, keeping the total weight in mind. Be careful not to pack boxes with a lot of heavy items in one box, since it can make moving it more difficult and it increases the chances that the box will break at some point during the move.

Try to pack your stereo components, televisions and computers in their original containers if possible, since those boxes may already have styrofoam inserts made to protect delicate items. If you do not have those boxes, then put bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts in a layer inside the bottom of each box, wrap each item well with more bubble wrap and add the heaviest item first. You might need a separate box for each piece you pack; it all depends on the weight and size of each item. After the box is filled, add a final layer of protection and securely tape the box closed, marking it right away with a description of its contents.

Fragile items

If your furniture can be taken apart, disassemble it and tape any screws or other parts to the undersides of the furniture so you can easily find them later when it is all reassembled. When moving bicycles, take off or loosen the front wheel first, wrap it in a blanket or thick cloth if possible, then place it on the truck.

Never attempt to move any flammable liquids or paint. Check out the list of not-to-pack items! Give these away or dispose of properly before your move.

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