How to make a moving checklist before a long distance move?

Moving is a daunting task, especially when it comes to long distance moves. The entire process requires meticulous planning, organization, and execution. To ensure that your long distance move goes as smoothly as possible, it's important to create a checklist of tasks to complete before the move. Here's how to…

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Steps to Take Before Moving into Temporary Housing

There are multiple housing types on the offer. Some are apartments, some are studios or rooms... and still you can find some good houses for a reasonable price. Namely, it all depends on the kind of accommodation that you need in a given case. In some cases, permanent housing might…

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Move Family Home from Toronto to Calgary

The summer time is the optimal time for long distance moving. FIrst off, the weather is great and this makes for a smoother trip with less chance for delays or unforeseen circumstances. Also, during the summer people have more time off and children are not in school, making it more…

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Unpacking Your Home After Moving Day

For some people, unpacking is the fun part, because they have a chance to organize their new home in new and creative ways. For others, unpacking a house may seem like a daunting and lengthy process. The tips below may help make your unpacking experience a little less intimidating and…

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How to pack fragile and odd-shaped items for your move

If a piece of furniture is too large to put in a box, you can still protect it for the move by wrapping the arms and legs of the item in packing material and taping it tightly. You should also cover upholstery with waterproof material and fasten it securely so…

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Items NOT to Pack When Moving

The moving of non-allowables is a serious topic. Please take the time to become aware of what items are considered to be non-allowable. It is important to understand which items you can and cannot ship. There are rules and regulations that govern all movers to help ensure safety.Non-allowablesThe following is…

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Packing and Moving Collectibles, Oil paintings, Arts, Collections

Moving extraordinary value items presents the extraordinary challenge of careful preparation and planning. This is especially true when moving your collectibles. There is a wide range of extraordinary items that people choose to collect. Consider the following advice when moving your treasured collection. Coins, stamps and sports cards are items, which can…

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