Canada to USA: Cross-Border Moving Services

Are you planning to move from the USA to Canada, or moving from Canada to the USA?  High Level Movers offers professional cross-border moving services. There are many complexities to considered when moving to another country, so we streamline this process for our clients. Our goals is to make your transition organized, fast, and seamless.

Direct Moves to the USA

  • Guaranteed direct transportation of your goods
  • We never change over to third party carriers
  • Guarantee pickup and delivery time frames 
  • On-route tracking on your moving truck
  • 24/7 availability for direct communication with our team 
  • Reputable and reliable cross-border moving services

The Cross Border Moving Process:

Step 1: Assessment

At this stage we will collect all the information relevant to your move, be ready to provide the following data:

  • A complete list of items.
  • Desired move out/ move in time frames. 
  • Pick up and delivery addresses.
  • The range of services your require.
  • And other relevant details to your move.
  • Necessary documentation to present at the border.
  • You will be provided with a complete quotation and transparent costs. 

Step 2: Loading

Depending on the services you require, this stage can involve any of the following processes: 

  • Disassembling of furniture.
  • Wrapping your belongings for safe relocation.
  • Providing packing materials.
  • Professional packing services. 
  • Marking an inventory list.
  • Securing you belongings onto the truck.
  • Storage services if required.

Step 3: Transporting

At this stage, our trucks are enroute to your final destination. Once they reach the border they will have to present necessary documentation and declarations, and the goods may be subject to inspection. Rest assured, your belongings are in good hands:

  • Our trucks are well maintained and pass safety inspections prior to their departure.
  • Your belongings are secured for safe long distance and cross-border moving.
  • Trucks are tracked through the course of their trip with GPS monitoring.
  • Your belongings are fully ensured enroute.

Step 4: Unloading

Upon arrival to the delivery location our movers will:

  • Unload of all your items from the truck and into their respective rooms
  • Unpack all your items per your request.
  • Reassemble any required furniture. 
  • Ensure that the inventory list is cleared, and that all belongings have arrived safely!
high level movers

We make it easy to move from Canada to USA

We personalize your moving experience to fit your needs and budget. High Level Movers offers the white glove experience. Whatever you need that could relate to your move, we offer it.
Additional add on moving services that we offer include: 

Pricing For Cross Border Moving

All prices are calculated by an inventory list. We provide transparent flat rate prices. We can also provide you with an in-home estimate to get a better idea of what you will need. Our pricing system is honest and there are no hidden fees.  

The following factors will be considered in determining the cost of your move:

  • The volume of your move and your list of items.
  • The distance of your move.
  • The services your require, and any add on services.
  • The number of movers and trucks required.

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General Considerations for Moving to the USA:

If you are hiring movers to move your belongings from Canada to the United States, then the following information is important for you to familiarize yourself with in preparing for your move. A successful move across the border will require a lot of preparation including obtaining all of the necessary documentation, filling it out correctly, and providing copies to your movers. American border regulations are complex and rules are constantly being updated. Failure to properly prepare may result in border delays, your shipment needing to be inspected, or your shipment being held or turned back.  High Level Movers is a reputable and trustworthy moving company and a leader in transnational and international moving services across North American. Rest assured, we will take the precautions and care to successfully move you across the border.

Moving Household Goods:

Your household goods and personal effects are exempt from U.S. duties and taxes so long as you have owned the items for at least one year.  For new items you will be required to declare them. Failure to declare these items, and their accurate value, can result in financial penalties and their possible confiscation by the U.S. Customs.  Keep this in mind if you are choosing to purchase expensive items prior to your move, as it may be worth it to purchase these items once you are already in the U.S. 

Some personal items may be subject to duties, such as vehicles, photography equipment, jewelry, etc. Other items with special considerations include antiques, pets, and alcohol. Be sure to check with the U.S. Customs Office prior to your move, or try contacting your U.S. Consulate. 

  • Certain pets (such as dogs and cats) will require proof of vaccinations and health status if they are over three months of age. Some animals require quarantine periods, including certain species of birds.

  • Alcohol may be subject to duties and taxes determined by the state. Alcohol must be declared, and there are specific limitations that you may be allowed to bring. Inquire with the state liquor control authority for further detail.

Cross Border Moving Tips:

Ensure you have the required Documentation

Your movers will require some documents in order to clear the shipment of household goods through the U.S. Customs. Ensure you have the following documentation ready for the movers: 

  • Completed Customs Form 3299
  • Valid Passport and Supporting Identification

For nonresidents also consider the following: 

  • Work Permit or Study Visa
  • Offer of Employment or Letter of Employment
  • Filled out I-94 form
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Evidence of Property Ownership/ Lease in U.S. (if applicable) 
  • Evidence of Canadian residence (home address, utility bills, home ownership, etc.)


No, it is not mandatory for clients to be present with the movers at the border. As long as you have given the movers correctly filled out required documentation then we will be able to clear the shipment.

In such unforeseen circumstances the shipment would be held at the nearest customs office to the client’s new address “In Bond”.  In this event the client would have to go there in person to clear the shipment.

Non American residents should consider that they may be required to enter the United States in advance of their delivery.

For clients entering the U.S. border on a work permit or study visa, they will be required to verify their status. Following verification the U.S. customs service workers will then issue the client an  I-94 document. Clients should provide a copy of this to their moving company, as when the movers arrive at the border the U.S. customs will validate that the client has permission to enter the United States.

  • Should any problems arise regarding the client’s immigration status then there is a chance that the customs officer may reject the shipment and turn it back.  This will result in additional fees resulting from border delays and charges for returning the shipment back to its origin. Client’s belongings may be held in storage until everything is sorted out.

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