High Level Movers is your one stop shop for all your local and long distance moving needs. Our competitive prices and range of services set us apart from other moving companies. We understand that moving can be stressful, our ultimate goal is to make it easy. Here is some of what the best movers have to offer:

  • Movers & Drivers
  • Manpower
  • Moving Trucks (various sizes, from 16 ft- 28 ft) 
  • Residential moving
  • Commercial moving 
  • Local moving services
  • Long distance moving services
  • Packing Services  
  • Packing Supplies (itemized list) 
  • Packing Supplies (pre-set packages) 
  • Secure Storage
  • Disposal Services

Below is a breakdown of our prices of our products and services for your review.

Local Moving Rates:

Hourly Rate for Moving: $60/ person

Hourly Rate for Packing: $60/ person

Hourly Rate for Manpower: $60/ person

For jobs starting after 5pm: $75/ person

Two person minimum requirement. 3 hour minimum charge. All prices are subject to tax.

For moves of a 3 bedroom apartment or larger it is recommended to add an additional mover(s). 

Price is calculated from when the movers arrive and until they finish the job.
Labor rates are in addition to Transportation fees.

Included in their service is disassembly and reassembly of furniture, as well as shrink wrapping and blanketing furniture for safe transportation.  Extra charges may apply for heavy items, gym equipment, appliances, and buildings without elevator access. Prices are indicated below. Please inquire with us for any further details.

Transportation Fees:

Arrival fee:   $160 

Arrival fee for moves starting after 5pm:  $190

One time fee; for up to two movers; additional charges apply for additional movers. 

Price includes the arrival and departure time of the movers, fuel, mileage, insurance. Prices are plus tax. 

Applicable to moves within 100km radius from office. For greater distances refer to pricing structure below.  

(For 2 movers) 

Radius is less than 100km : $160 (each additional mover +$80)

100-150 km: $240 (each additional mover +$120)

150-200 km: $320 (each additional mover +$160)

200-250 km: $400 (each additional mover +$200)

250-300 km: $480 (each additional mover +$240)

300-350 km: $560 (each additional mover +$280)

350-400 km: $640 (each additional mover +$320)

400-450 km: $720 (each additional mover +$360)

450-500 km: $800 (each additional mover +$400)

500-550 km: $880 (each additional mover +$440)

550-600 km: $960 (each additional mover +$480)

Transportation Fee is calculated based on the number of KM from office to the pickup location plus KM from drop off location to office.  

Interprovincial Charge:  $180 (Moving between Provinces)

Longer Distances (moving across country) may be subject to flat rate pricing based on a list of items. 

Stair Fee:

$45 (per flight – greater than 6 steps) 

Heavy Items:

Baby Grande Piano: $350 (3 or 4 movers required)

Upright Piano: $180

Appliances: $45 (price per unit)

Gym Equipment: $45 (price per unit)

Pool Table: $350 (3 movers minimum)

For other heavy items such as tools, machinery, industrial equipment, art pieces, plants:  Inquire in advance

Heavy items weighing more than 150 lbs may be subject to additional charges or may require additional movers. All prices are subject to tax.

Disposal Fees:

Disposal Labor $60/ hour/ person 

+ Recycling Fee $120 per ton 

Packing Materials Itemized List:

Wardrobe boxes: $15  for rent 

Size 24x24x40  (L x W x H)   $25  for purchase 

Boxes $5  per box

Small 2 cu ft

Medium 4 cu ft

Large 5 cu ft

Price per 100 Boxes: $450

TV Boxes: $50 per box  

Up to 75 inches, for larger TVs inquire with office 

Packing Paper:

10 lbs  $25

25 lbs $35

Packing Supply Delivery Fee: $70   (if delivered prior to the move)

Mattress covers:

Twin, double, queen $15 each 

King size $25 each

Bubble wrap (inch): 

Heavy-duty bubble  48×250 $300

Bubble wrap  48×300 $240

Bubble wrap  24×300 $120

Bubble wrap  12×300 $60 

Moving Blankets $25 per blanket

Pump Truck $80

All prices are subject to tax.

Cancelation policy

Full refund of the deposit if the job is canceled up to 72 hours of moving day.

We will do our best to accommodate any changes to your move with respect to date, time, or changes to moving size or location.

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