Packing and Moving Antiques, Antique Furniture, Antique Books

Moving extraordinary value items presents the extraordinary challenge of careful preparation and planning. This is especially true for items such as antiques, antique furniture and antique books.

In order to preserve the extraordinary value of your antiques, antique furniture and antique books you should trust their packing, storage and transport to professionals who know and understand how to care for such items.

Special care must be used when packing antiques, and antique furniture. For delicate items like crystal chandeliers, antique pool table slates, mirrors and other antique furniture special crates can be built. A custom wooden crate is ideal because it is made to order and will insure the correct fit and offer maximum protection to your items of extraordinary value.

Crates are also packed with additional padding and stretch wrap is used to limit movement. When moving antiques and antique furniture sometimes it is advisable to dismantle a piece. Pack doors, glass panels and drawers separately. You should make sure that all loose parts of furniture and removable pieces are secured either with stretch wrap, rubber straps or string.

You may also wish to remove delicate handles or other antique hardware and put them in a bag. Be sure to label your hardware bag and tape it to the shipment or move it in a ‘parts box’.

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Moving of antique books requires some special care. Your antique books are sensitive to light, humidity and damage from rough handling.

Make sure that you pack your antique books in boxes with lids. The boxes should be fully loaded so as to limit movement. The size of the boxes is also an important consideration, as they must be sturdy enough to support the load and the load must be only as heavy as a mover can manage.

After the box is loaded with your antique books and the lid is placed on top the entire box should be secured with stretch wrap and labeled. As books are especially sensitive to damage from humidity, it is helpful if your mover offers a climate-controlled transport.

Should you have to store your antique books for any length of time after the move, be sure that the storage facility is climate controlled. Do not leave boxes of antique books in a damp, moldy basement or you will be sorely disappointed when you unpack damp and moldy valueless antique books.

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Moving Extraordinary Items

Moving extra-ordinary value items presents the extraordinary challenge of careful preparation and planning. Whether the value is real or sentimental, special care must be devoted to the packing and moving of extraordinary items. We all own things that we would classify as extraordinary value items.

Some of these would be:


Art collections



Coin Collections

Computer Hardware

Computer Software

Credit Cards





Important Documents


Oriental Rugs/Tapestries

Precious Gems/Stones/Metals

Sentimental Extraordinary Value Items/Collections


TV/Video Equipment

If you include items of extraordinary value in your moving shipment, you will need to have an inventory of your extraordinary value items. Such an inventory will help to facilitate the packing and moving of your extraordinary items. This inventory sheet should be completed and signed by you prior to your move.

High Level Movers Toronto moving company will want to know in advance about any extraordinary value items for which they will be responsible. Your moving quote will reflect the value of the cost of insuring, packing and moving extraordinary items.

Additional costs may be incurred as a result of the special care and packaging needed in order to safeguard extraordinary value items. In the event of a mishap and a claim is filed, any settlement would be limited to the valuation you declare for the entire shipment. Should you fail to list all extraordinary value items and/or follow recommended guidelines for packing and moving extraordinary items, your mover will not be liable for loss of value. Hence you compensation on your extraordinary value items would be limited.

Items of extraordinary value require special treatment on moving day. Ask High Level Movers – moving company for tips on how to ensure that your valuables will be safe and will survive a move in peak condition.

High Level Movers has experience and will be only too happy to offer you moving tips. Information can include useful packing tips, details about moving insurance and even advice on stress free moving. HLM Toronto moving company is an authority on the subject of moving. Don’t hesitate to ask questions concerning every aspect of your move.

Some people would say that the best way to protect your extraordinary value items would be to move them by yourself. This is perhaps a wise course of action for small items like jewelry, important documents and items of a sentimental value. It is not the best course of action for moving Grandma’s antique grand piano however. A moving company that has expertise with packing and moving extraordinary items needs to be secured in such a case. You will want you mover to pay particular attention to protecting your extraordinary value items.

Regardless of how careful your mover may be, accidents can still occur. In order to protect yourself and facilitate a claim it is wise to take photos or video footage of all of your extraordinary value items.

This will save petty arguments of nicks and scratches and will help you prove a claim if damage to an item of extraordinary value occurs.

It is important to remember that movers will not take responsibility for damage in transit on items they didn’t pack themselves. Therefore it is important to trust the task of packing and moving extraordinary items to the professionals.

To sum it up it is essential that you speak with your movers to identify which extraordinary value items will be part of the move. You will need to agree on a value before signing a contract with them.

Make sure that both you and the mover keep an inventory list of all extraordinary value items.

Do a visual check of your extraordinary value items before and after the move and document this check with photos or video footage. Finally packing and moving extraordinary items is a job best left to a professional moving company.

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