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Why is Toronto one of the best cities for expats?

Thinking about moving house to a new city? Daydreaming about the big vivid city you could get lost in? Few cities can offer as much diversity, leisure, culture, and entertainment as Toronto. Therefore, many people nowadays pick this city for living, raising the family and growing their career. Wondering why is Toronto one of the best cities for expats? Let’s find out. Continue reading “Why is Toronto one of the best cities for expats?”

Best places in Toronto to workout for free

You’ve finally moved and settled in your new home in Toronto. With all the stress and tension drifting away, you’re getting the hang of the neighborhood. Your effort of making this place feel homey is paying off. Whether it is in order to meet new people, get in shape or just your old habits coming back, you feel that it is time to start working out. However, maybe you were not so fortunate and haven’t found the best way to save some money on your Toronto move, so you’re not too keen on paying for gym membership. The great thing about this city is that it offers many possibilities, one of them solving your issue. We will now list some of the best places in Toronto to workout for free. So, buckle up, have your cake and eat it too. Continue reading “Best places in Toronto to workout for free”

Tips for living alone in Toronto

Living alone can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you are free to do whatever you wish, whenever you wish, without anyone telling you that you need to come home. On the other hand, there is no one to actually call you home. Most of us would prefer to have someone to live with, but some are perfectly content living by their own rules. Toronto can be a daunting place for a solitary person and we are here to provide you with some useful tips for living alone in Toronto. Obviously, first thing is to get moving to Toronto out of the way. Research a bit and we are sure that you will have that one in the bag quite quick. Continue reading “Tips for living alone in Toronto”

What is the cost of living in Toronto?

If you plan on moving to Toronto you should know to get it better before you move. It’s by far the largest city in Canda. Also its one of the most diverse cities in the whole world, with half of its resident born outside of Canada. The city sits on Lake Ontario, and it has a  lot to offer to its residents. Hence, if you need help moving to Toronto you can hire a reliable moving company to help you move. Furthermore, you will want to get to know what are the prices and cost of living in Toronto. Continue reading “What is the cost of living in Toronto?”

Toronto museums you must visit

If you are moving to Toronto, you are probably wondering what this city has to offer. Well, there is a simple answer to that question. Whatever you might like, you will definitely be able to find it in this great city. As it is the city with the biggest population in Canada, you can just imagine what you can find there. The choices are endless in this city. Therefore, your only job is to wish for something, and you will easily find it there. Here we will speak about the cultural scene of Toronto, focusing on Toronto museums. The very first thing you need to know is that Toronto is a home to more than 80 cultural institutions of all kind. Even though we can’t go through the entire list, we’ll try to emphasize the ones you must visit. Let’s begin. Continue reading “Toronto museums you must visit”

Best outdoor activities in Toronto

If you are moving to Canada any time soon, you probably already know what to expect from this great country. Canada is one of the most beautiful places in the world, at least when it comes to nature. And it has everything – mountains, lakes, ocean, forests, rivers. That is why many cities in Canada have beautiful landscapes. And one is particularly beautiful – Toronto. The biggest city in Canada has much to offer. If you are going to live there, you are so lucky. Numerous parks and Ontario lake-shore are giving the special taste to this place. And it would be a stupid thing not to use such conveniences. There are so many outdoor activities in Toronto you can enjoy, and whichever is your cup of tea – you will be able to do it. Here are some of the best outdoor activities in Toronto. Continue reading “Best outdoor activities in Toronto”

Expats guide to Toronto

Life of an expat is always hard. Far away from home, apart from friends and family, working in a foreign country is not something anyone could do. But, if you are about to move to Toronto as an expat, there are some great news. Expats from all over the world love working and living in this city. That is because Toronto is a beautiful and exciting place for living. Anything you can imagine, you can find it there. Many are happy when they have an opportunity to become a part of the Toronto expat community. Either way, if you are going to move to Toronto any time soon, you will need to adapt to Toronto life. In order to speed up your adaption process, we made this ultimate expats guide to Toronto. Here you will find everything you need to know about expat life in Toronto. Continue reading “Expats guide to Toronto”

Popular music venues in Toronto

If you are looking for a good time, there is no doubt that the music venues in Toronto will blow your mind. I mean, we can really consider Toronto to be a mecca for such events. Artists from all over the world always put Toronto on the list of places they need to perform in. And for a good reason. It doesn’t matter how popular the artist is, all of them will want to have a shot in Toronto. Continue reading “Popular music venues in Toronto”

Best nightclubs in Toronto

Toronto, being the mecca for young people either studying or working (or both), will naturally inquire a very healthy nightlife. What is the symbol of a proper nightlife? A good nightclub. This is why our today’s topic will revolve around the best nightclubs in Toronto. We will name a few good ones, a few that you need to visit. Likewise, we will mention a few that you might want to steer clear from. However, take everything said here with a pinch of salt. These notions are subjective, and will more revolve around how we felt about them. Your experience might be entirely different. And this is fine. Still, these guidelines might give you an idea of what to look for, and what to hope for. Be as it may, Toronto is an impeccable destination for nightlife. It is fun, packed with gorgeous young people and a very healthy atmosphere. Continue reading “Best nightclubs in Toronto”

Best Toronto neighborhoods for families

Toronto stands as one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. It is known as a city perfect for raising children. The main reason for everything Toronto has to offer you. It’s a perfect combination of a modern city full of natural beauty. If you still haven’t decided whether to buy a home in Toronto, learn more about the best Toronto neighborhoods for families. Continue reading “Best Toronto neighborhoods for families”



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