Hiring packers vs DIY

We are going to start this article by saying that it’s always better to hire someone to do the packing for you, provided that you have the funds needed. Having said that, there are things you can do on your own if you want to save some money or simply do it yourself for the experience. In the text that follows, we will go through some pros and cons of hiring packers vs DIY. After reading it, you ought to get a clearer picture of what is the best option for you.

Why it’s not only the money issue

When you weigh your two options, it’s not just the money that you should consider. We know that a small fund makes a big change. However, moving is usually not done on a monthly basis, or even on an annual basis. If you are not an experienced packer, hiring professionals to do that for you can even save your money. Time and effort that go into packing and moving are substantial. When you pack on your own, there are a lot of things to think about. You need to find the best way to store your fragile items and utilize the space you have in the most efficient manner. Inappropriately packed items are exposed to a higher chance of damage or even loss. If you have a tight schedule and your days are filled with chores and obligations, hiring packers might be the right choice. However, if you can find the time and a good manual do it yourself, by all means, go for it.

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Hiring packers vs DIY. What is more valuable to you money or time?

Where are you moving

If you are relocating to a nearby place, moving on your own is especially feasible. Depending on the number of your items and helping hands, you could pack with great ease. There is no need to special wrap the valuable belongings or worry about the best way to organize your books. If, however, you are going to another state, professional packers are a smarter choice. These people know how to pack and prepare every piece of furniture and clothing for a long journey. Toronto packing professionals, for one, are experienced in long distance move, as well as in local relocations. Hiring them will show you how proper packing is handled.

What is the date

A big project such as this one takes a considerable amount of time to plan, especially if you are not experienced. If you want to plan and execute this endeavor in the last minute, you’re in for a wild ride. You are putting yourself in a high risk of overlooking and losing sight of something important. For a foolproof plan and a stress-free move, you will need at least 8 weeks. That number rises with the distance of your chosen location. If you have little to no time at your disposal, hiring packers vs DIY should be non-debatable. Experienced guys will pack your belongings in the most efficient and smart manner. Doing it time after time has helped them with keeping track of everything and executing every task in record time. While they do their job, you can focus on other important errands regarding this big venture.

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How much time do you have to do this on your own?

Have you thought about packing material

It’s not just boxes and packing paper, you know. If you plan on undertaking packing business on your own, you need to be aware of the packing supplies you should use. Proper boxes, the ones that are sturdy, odorless and undamaged take priority. You want them to keep your belongings safe, dry and whole. While certain clothing items can serve as cushioning material, some valuables need special attention where you need to carefully pick the packing materials. Hiring packers will save you all the hassle of finding these materials.

And what about the packing method

Even if you manage to find all the quality packing materials, there is the challenge of packing. While clothes and books aren’t too complicated to store, glasses, plates, and valuables take a bit more knowledge to pack. This is where the professional packers have the upper hand. First, they access the number of things that need to be packed. Then they proceed with getting the needed amount and the right size of boxes. They label every box properly. Packers know how to take apart every piece of furniture in order to save on space. They are familiar with the right methods of correctly storing your fragile items, and safely transporting them to the moving van. Electronics, artwork, and breakables are the people’s main concern. However, having that these guys have done it so many times, you can rest assured that all of your belongings will get the proper care. You will know that all of your mirrors, chandeliers, antiques, and China are safe and good to go.

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Do you know how to pack this?

The final verdict on hiring packers vs DIY

Is really up to you. Hiring packers vs DIY is a decision based on time over cost. In the end, whatever you chose, know that timely organization is important. You need to separate the items you intend to keep from the ones you plan on donating, gifting or throwing away. Declutter in order to make the move easier for you or the professionals. If you decide to do it on your own, we strongly advise that you make a to-do list. It will be of great help when the moving day arrives. You will know that nothing has been left behind and that you are on schedule.

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