Moving from the USA to Toronto

People decide to relocate for several reasons. Some of us are forced to do that because of the job, others just want to change the environment. In any case, you will have to think through and to search for a good place to settle down with your family. Moving from the USA to Toronto is a good decision because Canada is a beautiful country with a lot of opportunities. Except for searching for a good place to live in the Greater Toronto Area, you will have to think about your budget for moving and hiring a good moving company to help you. Let’s see what else you will need to know.

Moving from the USA to Toronto

Let’s first investigate what is the best place to live in Toronto. As we already know, Toronto is a big city with a lot of nice places to live in the area. First of all, if you like big, urban place, moving to Toronto is the best option for you. From the other side, if you like smaller, quiet places, you should choose one of the cities around. Really nice places to live nearby Toronto are The Beaches, Burlington, Leaside, Oakville, Richmond Hill, Markham and many more.

Moving from the USA to Toronto might be a good decision. We all know it's hard to make a move like that but, be sure, you won't regret it!
Canada has a lot of beautiful places to settle down and live happily with your family!

The Beaches

One of the places you should consider moving to is The Beaches. It is located on the shore of Lake Ontario and just a few kilometers away from Toronto commercial district. This area offers plenty of restaurant and bars for their residents and it’s really family friendly.


If you like smaller, quiet places, Burlington is a place for you. It’s located south-west of Toronto (around 50 kilometers away) on the shore of Lake Ontario. Residents here can enjoy the nature and a lot of activities. Burlington has around 3,000 acres of parkland, several golf courses, indoor and outdoor pools and much more. Also, you can find here six community centers.


Leaside is known as one of Toronto top areas. Most of the residents here are really wealthy. If you do want to live here you will need to spend a little more money for house or apartment because they are not cheap. But from the other side, Leaside have really good schools. So, if you decide to move here you can be sure that your kids will get a good and proper education.


This town is also located on the shore of Lake Ontario, south-west of Toronto’s commercial center. It is 35 minutes away if you are traveling on a train. If you are moving from the USA to Toronto with a family and have small kids, this town might be a perfect place for you. Except for the 2.500 acres of parkland, Oakville has a lot of nice play areas for children and also, very good schools. Other than that, if you enjoy spending time on a boat and you own one, there are two boating marinas.

Richmond Hill

One of the most beautiful places to live, Richmond Hill, is located north of Toronto’s commercial center. Only 25 kilometers away, or 30 minutes ride if you are using the train. If you are moving from the USA to Toronto, especially if you’ve lived in a desert place in the USA, you will for sure love and enjoy nature in Richmond Hill. The population in this town is rapidly growing because it is a real family friendly place. Here you will enjoy a lot of activities with your family and friends. You can find over 166 park offering facilities like nature trails, plenty of playgrounds, tennis courts and a lot of sport and athletic fields. Also, if you enjoy a picnic, you will find many places to spend and enjoy your free time with friends and family.

So many parks, playgrounds and picnic areas will make you and your family happy!
Richmond Hill has a lot of parks and playgrounds. Your kids will love it!


This town is only 17 kilometers away from Toronto’s commercial center. Around 30 years ago, Markham used to be a small, semi-rural place but over the years the population grew up rapidly and it still does. This town is also known and it has a title of Canada’s high technology capital. Markham is a nice, family friendly place and the costs of the living here are not high.

All those towns are really close to Toronto, only half an hour with a train or a car. In case you want to spend a day with your family and children, there are a lot of places to visit in Toronto, your children will love it!

Hire a moving company

If moving to Canada is your final decision, hiring a moving company is also one of the most important things you need to do. Sorting out a budget for relocating and a checklist are the things you also need to know about. The checklist helps you keep the track of everything you will need to do and it will make moving from the USA to Toronto stressfree.

Hiring a moving company is a must when you decide to relocate. First of all, you need to call several moving companies and check for the prices and the services they offer. Every moving company provides everything you might need when the relocating is in question. Moving companies have experienced and dedicated employees and they will for sure make your moving process easier for you. They will also take a good care of your belongings and relocate them safely to your new location. Most of the moving companies will offer you some kind of discount but if they don’t, you should for sure ask about it. Some of the services you might need from a moving company are:

  • Packing and labeling
  • Truck and transport
  • Storage units
  • Unpacking
  • Special services (such as carrying your stuff to the higher floors, taking care of bulky items etc.)
Hiring a moving company will save you a lot of time and assure you of safety of your belongings.
Hiring a moving company is the best thing you can do. They have experienced and professional workers who will take care of your stuff!

So, if moving from the USA to Toronto is your final decision, you’ve made a good decision! Hopefully, you will enjoy nature and explore a lot of beautiful places in Canada!

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