Moving to King City

Is it that time when you have or need to move? Is it because of your job or you just want to move somewhere else with your family? Want a fresh start and you think that moving to King city is the best place to settle with your family? Well, maybe you are right! King City is a beautiful place to live. You will for sure be happy and settle down there.

One of the most important things, before you make a move and decide to relocate to another place is to make a moving checklist.

Moving to King city

Let us introduce you to the great King City. This city is located north of Toronto in York Region, Ontario Canada. This is a rural city with a population around 25.000. You can enjoy a lot of parks, recreation and cultural facilities depend on what do you like. If you like books and to read, you can enjoy four public libraries. Other nice places to see and visit are Centennial Mountain Biking Park and Cold Creek Conservation Area. Also, cultural facilities and the one you should visit except public libraries is the King Township Museum, Community Halls.

Costs of living

Considering that King City is not a big city cost of living are for sure lover than in any other big city. You will definitely find a place to live there for way less money than if you live in a big city. And again, one of the benefits of moving here is that you still are close to the Toronto in case your job is located there.

Moving to King City will make your expenses much more manageable due to everything costing less.
Living in a smaller city makes costs lower

Before moving to King City

Preparing for a move is a stressful thing and gives us a lot of headaches. Preparing and planning every move properly is a key to get rid of the unnecessary stress. To make our move easier and more comfortable, we should first call and check which moving company we should hire. Every moving company will gladly answer all your questions and help you move. King City movers can offer you a lot of services, from packing and unpacking, transport etc.

Parks Of King City

For those who like to just take long walks or just sit and watch their kids playing in beautiful parks, moving to King city is a good choice. This place has to offer you plenty of parks with walking paths, biking paths and playgrounds for your children. One of the biggest ones that you will enjoy spending your time in, alone or with your family, certainly is Memorial Park. This park provides two playgrounds, four mini-soccer fields, two tennis courts, skate park and much more.

If you are searching for the parks for your children, Blue Heron Park, Kettle Lake Park,  Laskay Park, Rafferty’s Corners, and Salamander Park are for you. All these parks have a playground and your kids will enjoy spending time there.

From the other side, if you like to ride a bicycle or go hiking, there are few parks you should visit too. Hiking with your family can be really fun to do and if you are moving to King City, you will be able to do that as much as you want. Centennial Park offers you mountain bike trails and also is a perfect place for hiking.  St. Andrew’s Park and Doris Patton Park are also very good if you like hiking. Spending time walking and hiking in nature with your family is a great thing!

Parks in King City are a great place to have a good time alone or with friends and family.
You will enjoy walks and picnics with your friends and family

Schools and Education

When we decide to settle down with our family we surely think of schools and educations for our children. King City has public and private facilities, depends on what do you want for your children. Also, you can find Catholic schools and French schools. If you don’t want your child to go to the public school, another option is a private one. In King City, you can find a few private schools, The Country Day School, King Christian School, and St. Thomas of Villanova College.

Festivals and Events

If you like visiting and being a part of a lot of different festivals and events, this is the place for you. In King City, there are plenty of events and festivals during the year. This is another way to spend quality time with your friends and family. Let’s mention some of the events and festivals you should visit and check out.

  • A Main Street Christmas – This event has carol singers, musicians and a lot of activities for your children. But also, we do all enjoy Christmas no matter how old we are!
  • Arts Society Kings Festival – This festival last for two weeks and offers a lot of different events about Art, Heritage and Nature of Kings City. You can visit a lot of workshops and get plenty of tours during this festival.
  • Carrot Festival – This festival is voted as one of the 100 top festivals in Ontario! If you visit you will have much joy! There you can see a lot of vendors, a farmers market but also a bunch of other entertainments, such as pro wrestling and Carrot Fast 5km Charity Run!
  • Garden Tours – For those who love gardening and flowers, this is the place to be!
  • Bird Walk, Holland Marsh Soupfest, King City craft beer, and Food Truck Festival and many more
King City has many festivals and events during the whole year. You are sure to find something that will interest you.
You can enjoy plenty of festivals and events in King City

Places to Explore

Every city has beautiful places everyone should visit at least once! Same with King City, there are a lot of lovely places you should visit for sure! Some of those places are:

  • Black Forest Garden
  • Cold Creek Forest & Wildlife Area
  • Country Apple Orchard
  • King Township Museum
  • Marylake Monastery & Retreat

Hopefully, you liked all these beauties King City has to offer to you! The only thing that you have to do after moving in, explore, visit and enjoy as much as you can with your family and friends! Don’t forget that High Level Movers Toronto can make your moving process much easier!

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