What to expect from professional packers?

Eventually, the time comes when we have to move to another place to live. So, the important thing that we have to think about is how to move our things. Some people do that themselves, other hire professional companies to that instead. Saving some time is a big thing because moving and packing yourself can be really stressful and long process. That’s why we usually hire professional moving companies to help us and to transport our things from point A to point B. For example, Toronto movers and packers are frequently used, due to the fast-paced nature of the city. These companies have professional packers which will make your job of packing extremely simple!

What to expect from professional packers?

Every moving company offers you a lot of different things that can make moving to another place easier. The company hires professional packers if you requested and send them to your place to help you pack your stuff.  The price depends on the amount of stuff you do have, the number of workers and of course packing supplies. The packing supplies you can get yourself or you can pay some extra to the company to take care of that. In case you lack some of the packing supplies, you can always get some extra from the company that is taking care of your stuff. Let’s see now what should we expect from professional packers.

  • Inspection and Evaluation
  • Professionalism and Safety
  • Effective work
  • Right labeling
When using professional packers, all you need to do is walk in the house. They will pack and unpack everything for you, saving you a lot of time and effort.
Leave the packing to the professionals, you just need to walk in!

Inspection and Evaluation

The first step is to call the moving company and to tell them in detail what do you need. They will ask you all sort of questions so they can figure out what do you actually need. They will ask for a date and time, when do you move, where, how much stuff do you own. You should mention things like piano or some other antiques, paintings or stuff that has sentimental value. Just take your time and explain to them everything so they would know what should they do. When they find out everything they need, they will sort a price for you and inform you about the full costs of your moving and packing services.

Professionalism and Safety

Moving companies always hire professional packers who are well experienced, know and do their job professionally and for many years. They will know how to pack each thing that you possess. From the big pieces like piano, then furniture that can be stylish, to small things like a crystal vase. You will be informed what kind of packing supplies are needed if you want to get them yourself. From the other side, you can pay to the company to take care of the packing supplies too. Professional packers will do their job as best as it is possible, taking good care of your things. If you want to pack some valuables yourself, check out how to safely pack fragile and valuable items.

Effective work

When the professional packers arrive at your place they will immediately get down to work. They will, of course, be there in time and date that you previously arranged with the moving company. The first thing they will do is to protect and safeguard floors and furniture. The floors should be properly covered so they won’t suffer from scratches and scrapes while moving and packing other stuff around. Also, stuff that should be dismantled and disassembled will be taken care of properly.

When the packing supplies are in question, as we mentioned, you can buy them yourself or moving company can provide them for you. Professional packers will already be well prepared for that so they will bring everything they need themselves. So, you will probably be able to see a lot of different packing supplies that day. Starting from different types and sizes of boxes, then packing papers, furniture pad, quilted pad, cushion foam etc. They will also be using a dolly, which helps to move heavier and bigger stuff and pieces of your furniture.

Right labeling

Right labeling is very important too so you will know at any time what each box contains. It helps you when you arrive at your new location and of course professional packers who have to unload the stuff again. That’s why it’s really important to label every box and every package with your stuff so you can find them easier when you are unpacking.

Professional packers will pack, label and organize your stuff in the most safest way possible. One less thing to worry about!
By hiring professional packers, the organization will be neat and tidy!

What can you do before professional packers arrive

There are several things that you should be able to do before professional packers arrive. One of those is, you should pack small items that you have in your house. Things like magnets that people love to put on the refrigerator or any kind of small stuff that you brought from your vacations, like shells, stones etc.

Another important thing you should know about is, there are three things that professional packers don’t like to deal with. And those things are:

  • Perishables
  • Hazardous items
  • Plants


One of the things professional packers don’t like to deal with is perishables. Things like frozen food that you keep in your freezer or food that you place in the refrigerator, fresh fruit, and vegetables. You should take care of things like this yourself. Be sure to use all the food you have by the time moving company arrives. Also, you can buy just the necessary things week or two before moving so you won’t have to throw away a lot of food.

Hazardous Items

The second thing that professional packers don’t want to deal with is hazardous items. Explosive and flammable materials like weapons and ammunition, then chemicals, oils, paint etc. These are the things that you should take care of before the moving company arrives.

Explosive materials, such as fireworks, can not be moved by moving companies. Law prohibits it so you will have to move those yourself.
You will have to shoot your fireworks before the move or move them yourself.


The third thing you should take care of instead of professional packers is plants. Considering that plants are fragile and very likely will be destroyed in a transport that’s something that you should take care of. A good solution to this problem would be donating them to some places or give them as a present to friends around you.

And now as we know what we should expect, it is up to you to decide what do you want to do. Hiring professional packers is a really good solution and helps you to save your time and nerves. If you are in Toronto, HLM office movers are just a call away!

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