Moving mistakes you should avoid

Your moving day is getting closed. You can hear the clock ticking and you have no idea where to start. You can feel excitement but not only the good kind. Take a deep breath, you are in the right place. Here are some moving mistakes you should avoid.

First of all, make a list 

You are not a fan of lists? Think again, a good list is a life saver. Put on a paper all the tasks you have and sort them by days. If you are hiring professional movers, make a list of reliable moving companies you should compare. If not, make a list of all moving supplies you need to get.

Knowledge is power

Money does not make you rich, information does. It is the same with moving. Do not rush into picking a first affordable moving company. Try to think of people who have moved recently, and ask for advice. Friendly advice is the most reliable recommendation you can get. Also, go through all the reviews you can find online. You can start with googling the phrase: High-Level Movers Toronto, and then estimate them. If you are doing it yourself, ask around if someone from your environment has some supplies he did not use.

Budget is not an abstract noun

There should be nothing abstract about the budget. Be sincere to yourself and precisely calculate your moving costs. Write down the amount you have and you can spend on moving. Do not forget there is life after move too. For easier getting the accurate result, try using moving cost calculator.  And remember, once you get to your budget, write it down, mark it, memorize it, drew some flowers around it if you want, but stick to it.

Table with 2 laptops and many tapes and boxes.
A good list can be a lifesaver.

Try not to be a pack-rat

We all have our collection of favorite books, clothes, memories, and knick-knacks. The problem occurs when that collection becomes too big and not good looking. If this is your situation, it is time for decluttering. You do not want to load your new home with piles of things you are not even sure why you own. Therefore, try to go through your belongings and separate the wheat from the chaff. You will feel much lighter yourself mentally.

DIY ≠ saving money

This is the important advice. You maybe think that convincing your friends to carry your things and renting a truck will do. But there are many things beyond that you should plan in advance. Boxes, labeling, wrapping your fragile possessions, measurements etc. Also, buying all the supplies, renting the truck and having the risk of damaging some of your valuable things can be much more expensive than hiring the professional. Not to mention your nerves, who would really appreciate professional service. If you do not have many items or furniture, think about hiring specialist for small moves. They are affordable and you will not have to move a finger.

One of moving mistakes is not labeling

Imagine this, after your move, you are starting to unpack your things. At that moment you realize, you have no idea what is in which box. That is why you should pack your things by some sense or location they are going to share. While packing, make a list of what you’re putting in each box. You can also use an app like Digital Locker. Besides that, do not forget to label all boxes. Do that in details, labels like:, ‘bedroom’ or ‘kitchen’ do not give enough information. Try to be more specific:, ‘plates’ or ‘coffee mugs’ will do. This way, you and your packers or helpers will be able to manage.

Watch your back

Make sure you do all the measurement ahead. Find the best spot in your new home before you move them. This way you will not have to carry around your furniture several times. Also, try to pack your boxes sensibly. Do not over-fill them. A common mistake is packing the heavy items in larger boxes. Do the opposite, pack them in smaller boxes. Your back will be grateful.

Box with photos.
Pack boxes sensibly, do not overload them.

Ask the right questions

When it comes to choosing a moving company, play it smart. Make a list of questions you should ask before you attend the meeting. Here is our list, it will be helpful.

  • What are your references?
  • Are you bonded, licensed and insured? This is one of the most important moving mistakes you should avoid. Make sure you have insurance provided. If some of your belongings got damaged or broken, insurance will cover it.
  • Is this price final or there are some extra fees? There are many things that could be extra charged. Oversized items, PAD (preferred arrival date), flight charges, long carry charges etc.
  • How do you charge, by the hour, distance or weight? Not all companies have the same pricing method, finding the company that suits your needs can save you some money.
  • Is the fuel included in the price? Make sure you ask this before accepting the offer and avoid an unpleasant surprise.
  • Do you offer packing services? If they are included in the price, that is great news. If not, estimate if the price and service are affordable and suitable for you.
  • Who is doing loading and unloading? This is important, do not assume, ask. You will be prepared and informed if you should help your movers or not.
Box with a little dog in it.
Check if packing is included in your moving services.

Compare moving estimates

Do not accept the first estimate you receive. Contact several companies and compare their offers. Finally, depending on different ways of charging, the prices can be different too.

Do not toss your receipts

After you move, do not toss your receipts and documents from your move. This is one of the most common moving mistakes. By keeping them you will be able to deduct your moving expenses from your taxes. Create a moving folder to store all the paperwork from your moving company. Keep your estimates, your bill of lading, and receipts.

Share the news

One of the common moving mistakes is not canceling your subscriptions not informing all the institutions about your move. If you inform everybody on time, you will avoid having your bills and mail lost. Make sure you start forwarding your mail to your new home a few weeks before moving. Fill the change of address form and indicate that you are currently forwarding your mail to your new permanent address.

Information, lists, and simplicity. This should be your mantra for stress-free moving. Keep in mind all the moving mistakes you should avoid and try not to repeat them. Keep your eyes opened and your mind focused. You can do it.

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