There is no typical day when it comes to a day in the life of a mover. Each day is filled with unique circumstances, different locations, interesting people to interact with, and special pieces to move. The greatest part of working for a long distance moving company is that at the end of each day there is a new story to tell.

Day 1:   Trans Canada Hwy CLG – Kelowna

Today’s move was going from Calgary, AB,  to Kelowna, BC.   At the pickup location we were happily greeted by a very welcoming couple. They were full of energy and excited about their move. They provided us with some background context to their move, explaining that they were relocating to the city of their dreams: Kelowna, BC. Having been there before, I was equally excited for them! Kelowna, BC is known by some as “the Napa of Canada”. Its landscape is lined with mountains, fields of grapes from locally owned wineries, and the Okanagan river in the center of it all. Living in Kelowna pretty much guarantees you an amazing view, whether you’re up in the mountains overlooking the river, or down in the city looking up at the mountains. It is a sunny, hot, and dry place in the summer, and experiences far less overcast skies and rainy days than other areas in BC. It also has fairly mild winters, making it a great place year round.

Our clients were moving their 4 bedroom home, which required 1 large 26 ft truck and a 57 foot truck and trailer.  Lucky for us they were well prepared and had most of the furniture already disassembled,  with their belongings packed and organized into totes and boxes, and clearly labeled. We made sure to wrap all the furniture and artwork with shrink wrap, moving blankets, and tape. There was one 75 inch flat screen TV that we had to pack into a specially ordered TV Box. We always recommend clients order TV boxes since TV’s are expensive and fragile, and this is the most effective way to protect a TV during a move. It is well worth it.  Three long distance movers Calgary were able to load the two vehicles safely, efficiently, and quickly. In a little over four hours both vehicles were filled and ready to go!


This move is extra special because the driving route passes through the Trans Canada Highway, which overlooks Canada’s Rocky Mountains and the glorious Western landscapes. It is a  breathtaking route of lush green forests, turquoise glacial waters, and roads lined with the magnificent Rockies.  There is little to no cellphone service along the highway, making it the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the day-to-day hustle and bustle, and reconnect with nature.

Driving along the highway we enjoy good music, clear skies, and warm weather. It is a very peaceful drive down, taking about 8 hours when you account for the stops along the way. We took the time to stop at various lookout points, including a stop at a glacier-fed Bay. I attempted to dip my feet into the water, but it was so cold that it felt like knives stabbing through my feet.  While too cold to be in, it was a beauty to see.

We stopped for lunch at Golden BC, where we ate at the Island Restaurant. It features a large patio overlooking the river and mountains. The servers all seemed very happy, and that probably has something to do with the amazing views. We enjoyed the most delicious entrees, including wild Elk and Bison.


We arrived in Kelowna in the evening and the views did not disappoint. It really has a fun and inviting energy to it, and the summer vibe feels like a trendy beach town.  We checked into a local hotel with the plan to unload first thing in the morning. We spent the evening exploring the area and ate at a local restaurant called Cactus Club. This is one of my favorite dining spots in the West.  We enjoy ceviche, tuna tar-tar, and sushi.

What I love about long-distance moving in the West is that it is not all about the grunt and sweat. There is much to enjoy, including the nature, the food, and the different cultures that Canada has to offer. Moving is not an easy job, and running a moving company is a serious responsibility with many complex scenarios and various obstacles to overcome. But being on the go, exploring the land, and meeting memorable clients is the bright side to this job! Each day is an adventure when you’re on the road.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s unloading in Kelowna, and the continuation of our Long Distance moving in BC.

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