Long Distance Moving Day 2: Unloading in Kelowna

Long Distance Moving Day 2: Unloading in Kelowna
Day 2: Unloading in Kelowna

The moving team and I arrived bright and early to the client’s home, located in a gated community high up in the Kelowna mountains. The home is fairly new, with outstanding views overlooking the Okanagan. There are two balconies and the back wall of the house features massive windows and high ceilings, all of these making for beautiful views of Kelowna and the Okanagan.

Unloading in Kelowna

The home also features a wine cellar in the basement, a home theater, and a home gym. The job is fairly straightforward, as we have two trucks to unload into the three story home.  We arrived with a team of three long distance movers and myself to assist with unwrapping, cleanup, and capturing social media content. The major items include household and patio furniture, several pieces of art, gym equipment, doggy furniture and accessories, DJ equipment, and an extra large mirror (approximately 8 ft tall and 5 ft wide).

Movers Unloading in Kelowna

My role was to help unload, unwrap furniture, keep track of the inventory checklist to ensure all items arrived, and to create content for our social media. The extra large mirror was a  piece that required extra care and consideration. With our recommendation, the client had decided to utilize a protective mirror box for its safe transportation (these are available for clients upon request as they are custom ordered).

This mirror was so large that it barely fit through the front door and took all 4 movers to unbox and stand. The client requested that it be stood against the wall rather than mounted to the wall.

The move was completed in a little over three hours. Overall, it was a productive day, everyone was positive, making jokes, and shared memorable stories; that’s my favorite part about the moving business. Our clients told us a story about how the husband was bit by a water snake while surfing in Costa Rica, and that his wife saved his life while risking her own life by trying to suck the poison out of his neck. You certainly don’t hear stories like that everyday!

long distance movig

Today’s job is complete, and we are leaving Kelowna. Up next is a new load in Guiliano island, which requires us to take the ferry tomorrow morning at 11am. Unfortunately for us we ran into some technical issues with our truck that required us to get it inspected. To be safe we decided to rebook the ferry for the following trip at 4pm. The challenge this poses is that we have a limited frame of time to complete the move in order to catch the evening ferry. There are no hotels with vacancies on the island, so if we don’t finish in time we run the risk of sleeping in our trucks on the island until the following day….  Stay tuned!

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