The final portion of this long distance track requires us to load a home that is situated on Galiano Island, in British Columbia.  A “check engine” symbol unexpectedly displayed on our truck the previous night, so we were forced to change the time of our Ferry. The original plan was to get on the ferry at 11am, load the home, and then catch either the 4:30pm or the 9:00pm ferry back. This window of time gave us a lot of flexibility to complete the job in a calm manner. However, because of the potential engine situation, we decided to play it safe and examine our truck. This now meant that we would have to catch the 4:30pm ferry to the island, leaving us only about three hours to load the entire time and make it back for the 9:00pm return ferry.

This is a very short window of time, so we ran the risk of missing the return ferry and having to sleep on the island. The island comprises mostly residential properties, and upon checking there were no hotels, motels, B&B’s, or any accommodations available. So if we failed to complete the move in time we would have to spend the night in our truck. To make the situation even more challenging, the majority of this move was extremely valuable, fragile, and heavy pieces of art. We could not rush this move and run the risk of any damages. We had to take our time to wrap every single item carefully, and ensure everything arrives in Vancouver in pristine condition.

With all the challenges ahead of us, we set on our journey to Galiano island move. The ferry is my favorite part of this job. The smell of the ocean air, the views of the massive waters and surrounding islands… It’s priceless!

Long Distance Moving Day 3: Galiano Island Move

Once on the island, we quickly arrived at the client’s beautiful summer home. The entrance is about an acre long and through a narrow corridor lined with trees. It was a struggle to guide the truck with the trailer in, but after 30 minutes of attempting we made it!

Our team for this move consisted of three long distance movers, and myself to assist when needed.  The dynamic was fantastic! All three men were experienced, professional, and moved with extreme care. They worked at an unbelievably fast pace. This was a stunning home, overlooking the ocean in the back, and with a beautiful outdoor pool in the front. There was the main home and the guest house, as well as a separate garage. All the areas of the house were decorated with different sculptures, paintings, and unique art pieces. All of these pieces were originals and valued at very high costs.

Miraculously, we completed the entire move in 3 hours. The client’s representative was very impressed and expressed a lot of gratitude. She took the time to shake the movers hands, which I perceived as a notable act of kindness and respect. Everyone left the summer home feeling positive energy and satisfaction.

We arrived back at the ferry ahead of time, and were first in line to board. Once on we ordered pretty much everything the cafeteria had to offer and stuffed ourselves with burgers, hearty soup, and salad.  It was a successful day and a great way to conclude the trip.

We arrived at the hotel close to midnight.  The load in the truck made it to a local storage in Vancouver early the next morning. Unloading into storage is very quick and would take about an hour. So I chose to sleep in that morning and let the movers do their thing 😉

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