How to child-proof your move

Moving day is getting closer and naturally, you are in a rush. Your entire house is in boxes, disassembled furniture and packing supplies. It is unusual and inconvenient even for you. For our kids, your house is full of traps. There is no need for panic, we have prepared a little guide on how to child-proof your move. Safety comes first, so let’s get on it.

Make a kids zone

Making a safe kids zone, with toys, playpen, blankets, and other fluffy stuff is a brilliant idea. This will keep them all together, in one place where you can see them. It will also prevent moving day injuries, that are not uncommon among all that boxes and supplies. This will give you a piece of mind. Although they will be occupied by playing for some time, they will still need a bit of your attention. Make sure they have regular meals and naps. Their health and rhythm should not suffer because of the moving. Also, consider hiring a babysitter who will keep an eye on your children all the time while you are packing and moving your things.

If you have older kids, you can include them in packing and give them some easier tasks. This way, they will help you, feel included and have fun as well. Moving with toddlers is maybe the most overwhelming. And if you have teenagers, well good luck with that. Then you don’t need to worry how to child-proof your move. On the other hand, maybe you will be the one needing a helmet.

Keep the dangerous items out of their reach

First of all, keep potentially dangerous items out of their reach. We all know how curious kids can be, especially about the forbidden things. They just love touching stuff we tell them not to. Electricity outlets, cables, scissors, knives are like Pandora’s box for them. Let’s go through some tips on how to child-proof your move.

Childproofing checklist

  • During the move, we can easily forget that some electrical outlets that were protected or hidden behind the furniture before are now exposed. Try to avoid moving mistakes, and pay attention to protect outlets or keep your kids away from them.
  • Also, pack cleaning supplies in labeled boxes and then place them in an inaccessible place.
  • To child-proof, your move, pack your medications properly as well. You can maybe put them in some boxes your kids wouldn’t be attracted to. Also, place them somewhere safe.
  • Knives, scissors and other sharp objects you could maybe pack first. Label them and place somewhere unreachable. If you can put them in the pantry or some other room and lock them, this will give you peace of mind.
  • Most importantly, a tower of boxes is just asking to be climbed. Remove the temptation by spreading boxes around the floor instead of stacking them on top of each other. The ones with fragile items, don’t put on top of boxes either. Place them somewhere that you know they will stay out of reach, even if it means putting them in another room.
  • Also, you should certainly avoid placing heavy boxes on top of other boxes or somewhere high. They could fall, especially if some of the kids bump into them while running around.  Rather keep them on the floor and under lighter boxes.
  • If you have hired professional Toronto movers and packers, include them in child-proofing. Packing services Toronto offer extra safety measures for families with kids. But make sure you inform them about your expectations before the moving day.

Use distraction to child-proof your move

Let’s face it, moving day tends to be a bit chaotic. It’s easy to overlook some simple childproofing tasks while you try to juggle so many other things. If possible, make other arrangements for your kids on moving day. Maybe you can send them to spend a day with their grandparents. Or you can arrange a playday with some of their friend parents. And if someone offers a nice little sleepover, don’t think twice. This would make your move so much easier. Also, you would have time to prepare your new home a bit before kids arrival. This brings us to our next topic.

Secure your new home

Most noteworthy, start these preparations as soon as possible. This depends on how much time you generally have and how short notice is your move. If you are having trouble handling everything, you can always hire professionals. Last minute movers Toronto are used to short notice moving and they will help you child-proof your move and new home in the blink of an eye. It’s better doing this at least a few days before the move. Therefore, you will be much more relaxed on a moving day.

  • This includes covering all visible and reachable electrical power outlets.
  • Also, use the baby gates to detain kids from entering out of bound zones.
  • Don’t forget to check the windows and make sure kids cannot climb on them. If they are not high enough, you can put window stops that will keep your windows from opening too widely
  • Make sure you tackle the kitchen. You can tamper-proof the knobs on your stove with knob protectors, and put a door lock on your oven. Cabinet locks are also a great solution on any lower cabinets that are being used for dangerous items, such as cleaning supplies.
  • Regarding the bathroom, you can simply install doorknob locks on the bathroom doors. A useful trick is to put a piece of packing tape around the lock so that your children cannot accidentally lock themselves inside. You probably want to install cabinet locks on any cabinets with bathing products, cleaning products, or sharp objects. Most importantly, keep them somewhere high in a bathroom where kids don’t have access to.

Think ahead

Moving is an important step in our lives. But most important are certainly our kids, their health and safety. Make sure you think ahead, child-proof your move and your new house. Then you can go on and enjoy your new life with your family without worries.