How to prevent injuries on a moving day?

Relocating to another place with your family is a long process and you should plan it properly. Some people move because of a job, other just want to change their environment or simply, they found a better place to settle down with their family. Except thinking of moving process itself and making checklists, how and when to move, who to hire, you should also think of how to prevent injuries on a moving day?

How to prevent injuries on a moving day?

So, relocating is a long process and it takes time and also money, but at least, when all that pass, you will enjoy living in your new home with your family. In case you do want to hire a professional moving company, which is highly recommended, no matter if short or long distance move is in question, long distance Movers are the best choice for you!

Long distance Toronto Movers can move heavy things for you
Avoid lifting heavy things by hiring professionals

So, let’s see what things you will need to know and do in order to prevent injuries on a moving day.

Hiring a professional moving company

Professional moving companies have years of experience and devoted workers. They can help and make your relocating process easier. Professional workers are trained and know their job. Hiring a moving company will for sure be a good choice, especially if you hire local moving experts in Toronto. Moving companies can provide a lot of services like packing, transport, truck, unpacking, insurance etc. Hiring a moving company is certainly a smart thing to do in order to prevent injuries on a moving day.

From the other side, if you want and like to relocate all your belongings yourself, there are some other things you should think of.

Use proper equipment and supplies

Besides a good plan, how to move and who to hire to help you, proper equipment is one of the of the most important things. Like you already know, the moving process takes a lot of time. So, before you start, you should make a list of equipment and supplies you will need. In order to protect your belongings but also to prevent injuries on a moving day, you will have to get proper equipment and supplies. Some of the supplies you will use for sure are:

  • Packing boxes, different sizes
  • Furniture pad and moving blankets
  • Packing papers
  • Tapes
  • A moving Dolly

You should pack your boxes properly and label all of them. Labeling is important because it will make your unpacking process easier. Do not over pack boxes! If boxes are too heavy, you can easily hurt your back because you will need to lift them and load into moving truck. So, it is important to pack them properly but also to spread the things inside evenly.

Tapes, furniture pad, and moving blankets protect your belongings. Also, they cover and secure your furniture and prevent them from moving and shifting while carrying and transporting. You will use packing papers to wrap dishes, glasses etc. If they are not properly wrapped, they can break and also hurt you. Broken glass can cause injuries so it is important to wrap everything.

A Moving Dolly

To prevent injuries on a moving day you will also use a Moving Dolly. Dolly, known as Hand Truck is the most important piece of equipment. It can help you to move some of the bulky items. Things like big pieces of furniture, a piano or some kitchen appliances will be easier to move with a dolly. Carrying bulky items can cause injuries and harm you.

Use proper lifting techniques

Before lifting and carrying heavy things you should know how to do it properly so you wouldn’t hurt yourself. You have to bend your knees and reach the object with your hands. While lifting it up, you should use your legs and arms. If you are not doing it properly, you can hurt your back and spine. You should keep the objects close to your body and move slow and steady. Be sure not to carry very heavy objects more than few minutes.

Prevent injuries on a moving day by using proper lifting techniques
Stretch before lifting heavy things

Wear proper clothes

Another thing you need to know is, what to wear on a moving day. First of all, packing and moving all your stuff can be really dirty so, you should use some old clothes that you are not using much anymore. Shirts and pants shouldn’t be “baggy” because they can get caught in a peace and cause you to fall.

People who wear improper clothes when moving are commonly injured
Wear adequate clothes to prevent any injuries

Also, avoid high heels and slippers. Shoes should be a sports type and very comfortable, like this you will protect your feet and also prevent yourself from falling.

Take care of children and pets

We always want to protect our lovely family as much as we can. In case you do have small children, on a moving day, you will want them to stay away so they wouldn’t suffer any kind of injury. Having kids around will just make your moving process harder because you will always have to pay attention to what they are doing and where are they in any moment. So, the best solution for this is, to drive your kids to your family members for a few days. This is the best way to protect and keep your children safe.

Pets, like dogs, for example, can cause troubles on a moving day. Playful dogs will always run after you and move around your legs which is not safe at all. So, in order to keep yourself safe and your lovely pets, you should, also, ask some of the neighbors or family, to take care of your pet just for a few days.