Moving from the US to Canada

If you are moving from the US to Canada, there are several things you should know prior to the relocation. But before I get to that, let me tell you one thing – you made the right decision. Canada is the perfect place to start a new life. You will enjoy amazing landscapes and beautiful winters. And maple syrup of course. Living in Canada means living in the country with the best healthcare system in the world. There are so many things I could list as perks of the Great White North that it’d take a while. But let us move to the more important things. Relocating from the US to Canada should be well planned, prepared and hiring professional moving company. Otherwise, it can give you a hard migraine and a lot of stress.

Check all important things

Moving is not the cheap undertaking, especially when you are starting a new life in a different country. If you do not plan this properly, it can literally cost you a fortune. Do not fool yourself that you will do this fast and easy. Be smart. It is very important to inform yourself well in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Are you eligible for moving from the US to Canada?

Every year, Canada is more and more desired moving destination for people around the globe. And for a good reason. The number of residency applications is progressively rising. This is why Canadian Immigration Service has rigorous politic when it comes to eligibility of potential new residents. In fact, you’ll need to go through a thorough due diligence, and here are the things they will check:

You need to check if you are eligible for moving to Canada
  • Financial status
  • Health conditions
  • Criminal records
  • Possible violations of international and human rights
  • Compliance with Immigration Refugee Protection Act (IRPA)
  • Family members
  • Truthiness of  information provided in application and interview

Do not leave anything up to chance. You should check if you’re eligible to apply online before you start the application process.

Know your residency type

There are several residency types you can apply for. Depending on why you are moving from the US to Canada, these are your options:

  1. Permanent Residency (Express Entry) – applies to the US citizens who are looking to start a new life in Canada. The application process can take up to eight months. It is beneficial if you speak French, and have a job offer in Canada, but it is not a must.
  2. Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) – applies to the persons who have a job offer in Canada. The approval process is much faster than for the other visa types. If you are entering Canda with this permit, you’ll not be able to change employer during your stay.
  3. Family Class Sponsorship – if you are sponsored by a direct relative who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

The application process can be long, expensive and stressful. Check if you have all requirements before you apply. And be patient. Be very very patient and persistent.

Get ready for moving from the US to Canada

Ok, now that you finally have the visa in your hands, it is time to plan the actual moving. As a matter of fact, this is your breaking point. Now it is time to sit down, make a thorough research and plan in detail your upcoming move to Canada.


Stuff sorted for moving from the US to Canada
You need to carefully plan and execute packing

Assuming that you know how big your new place will be, you need to pack properly. Especially if all your belongings are moving from the US to Canada with you. First, you need to sort all your stuff and make a packing list during the process. This list will come handy during the relocation process, and unpacking after the move. Try to get rid of all unnecessary things. Think about clothes and appliances that you can replace with new one. If you are going to have a fresh start, it is ok to have some new things as well. You can sell everything you do not need, or don’t want to bring with yourself. Or you can gift them to a friend, or donate to a charity.

make sure you plan what will happen with your things once you come to your new town. In case you are planning to rent after relocation, you will need a place to store your belongings. Same applies if your new place is too small for all your possessions. In order to successfully avoid any kind of unpleasant situations, make sure you find and book storage units prior to your move.

Find reliable moving company

Now this one is very important. More important than anything else. If you do this right, you’ll spare yourself losing your mind and money. Finding long distance movers for moving from the US to Canada is not an easy task. But it is not an impossible one as well. What you need to do is to make detailed research online. Even though there are numerous relocating agencies on the market, there are also a lot of scams. You need to be very careful in order not to get into the trap and make a living nightmare from this move. On the other side, you do not need to be afraid or worried. Just very careful

Once you find a company that might look interesting to you, look for for the reviews and experiences of other people. If something raises a red flag, skip those movers immediately. If you dedicate some time and effort, you will be able to find good movers who will offer you reliable moving estimates.

A big yellow moving truck on the road
Thorough research is necessary in order to choose the perfect moving company

Prepare for the first month

If you did everything right so far, there is only one more thing left. Planning first days after moving from the US to Canada. Once you move, you will be over your head in the paperwork and unpacking. This is why you need to get all necessary information up front. I am speaking here about things like the supermarket, restaurants, and post office locations. And local transportation options. To sum up, detailed preparation is essential for this undertaking.