Reliable Toronto moving estimates

When people decide upon moving the first concern they have is the cost of this project. And who can blame them, moving is indeed a very costly endeavor. Plus, considering the overall lack of honor in people, scams, and frauds are becoming far too often occurrence. And what’s left is one terrified person or family that is about to move. But it isn’t as hopeless as it may sound. There are still proper legit moving companies Toronto out there that can’t wait to do business with you. The thing that puts your mind completely to rest is obtaining accurate moving estimates. This is why we are going to discuss reliable Toronto moving estimates, just to try to take a bit of the edge off. 

The moving estimate is of vital importance. First, once you receive the estimate you will know whether you wish to hire that company or not. Usually, if the estimate exceeds your budget you will decide not to pursue that company. Also, this estimate will bring towards your peace of mind. 

Reliable toronto moving estimates, if done right, can mean a large stack of coins on your desk!
Getting the right moving estimate will save you a lot of money, potentially.

However, you need to contribute to the accuracy of the estimation. You need to assist the process and provide the estimator with accurate information about your belongings as well as the house you’re moving out from. Furthermore, details about the place you are moving to are also welcome. The more accurate you are – the more accurate your moving estimate will be.

Reliable Toronto Moving Estimates – How are they made?

Before anything else, however, we need to understand what the estimates are and how moving companies make them. The estimate takes into account numerous elements based on which they can put a price on the service they provide.

What do you need to move?

First, they will need to know whether you are the one packing or will you use their packing service. Secondly, they will want to know how much furniture and how many boxes you will move. Based on this they are able to figure out what type of a truck they will need, and if one truck will suffice. Based on this information they will also calculate how many movers they will need to send on the field.

The estimate will be as reliable as the information you give the movers.
Help your movers with accurate answers.

Where can they park?

The second thing they will want to know about is the accessibility to the starting destination as well as the final destination. They would like to know if there is anywhere they can pull up with the truck, and how far (or close) can they leave the vehicle away from the sites.

What’s the place like?

Lastly, the third important piece of information will be about the outlay of the apartment or house. They will want to know how many doorways are there and what is their width. Also, which floor the place is at and how many stairs does it have. Furthermore, they will want to know about potential elevators they can use.

Once you determine all of this, and you figure out whether it is going to be a long-distance or a short-distance move you might end up receiving an estimate.

Binding and Non-Binding Moving Estimate

There are two types of estimates you could witness while communicating with various moving companies. We would wholeheartedly recommend you pursuing the binding ones since the non-binding ones are as good as not even getting an estimate. Be careful with this, because people usually tend to rely on this estimate quite a bit, and if it turns out that it was wrong – you might be in trouble.

Non-Binding Estimates

When you start communicating with your Toronto moving services the goal you have is to find reliable Toronto moving estimates. The word reliable means that you can rely on the information given and plan your budget based on it.

This becomes very difficult when the non-binding estimates take place. Non-binding estimates are not a frequent sight, but they do happen, We would advise against such estimates. These estimates don’t hold your mover to the estimated cost. This means that the final cost can end up being way above the estimation. And they don’t get in trouble for it since they were not held by the estimation. Also, there is quite a bit of space for potential frauds and scams. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true it usually isn’t.

Reliable estimates or not, if it sounds too good to be true it usually isn't. Be careful!
Be careful!

On the other hand, the final price might end up being way under the estimation, which is very unlikely to happen. So if you’re looking for reliable Toronto moving estimates stick with the following portion of the article.

Binding Moving Estimate

This is the real deal. If you wish to have reliable Toronto moving estimates you will want to look for binding ones. The mover will quote a price and the mover is then being held by the estimation they made. This is good because you will have cost certainty. And you will know from the get-go whether you can afford that mover or not.

Somewhat of a downside that you pay for such certainty is the fact that you will pay the estimated price even if the move ends up being cheaper. Some movers have a very special deal. This deal is a non-exceeding moving estimate. This is something that is an absolute win-win for the consumer. The most consumer-friendly type of an estimate out there.

If the cost of the move goes over the estimated price, there will be no overages paid by the consumer. However, if the final price is lower than the agreed upon one you may get refunded a slight portion. However, in the case of a long-distance move the minimum and the maximum price you pay is the one you agree on at the start. There can’t be any changes to it in case of binding moving estimates.