How to Keep Your Kids Busy During a Move

Keeping kids occupied can be challenging even on best of days. When you add relocation to the equation, the time you can dedicate to your offspring decreases. It would be preposterous to expect that you can keep everything in check for the move while entertaining your kids. So, how does one go about this issue? In the text that follows, we will provide some ideas that will help keep your kids busy during a move. Some are fast and easy solutions, while others, with a bit of effort, are sure to pay off in the long run.

A fun project

Say that you are moving to Canada. In order to keep your kids busy during a move to another state, give them a task of finding interesting things about that country. They can make a presentation where it shows the country’s most famous traits. You could make a list of questions they need to answer, following with a few illustrations. When talking about Canada, they can focus on its beautiful nature, history, and two official languages. If you are moving to a country that has another language and different culture, you can have them focus on those intricacies. Your offspring can learn some common phrases and local customs. Besides keeping them occupied, you will also benefit from their knowledge.

Two girls writing in a notebook
Every kid can enjoy a fun project

New home, new worlds

This is a great time to get your kids into reading if you haven’t previously done so. The proper approach would not be to force them into this wonderful hobby, but rather lead by an example. Designate a few of your lowest shelves for children’s books, so that they are reachable. That way, the child will take the book when it feels like reading. A good idea would also be to read to them before bed. Introduction to reading ought to be non-invasive and presented as a joyous activity. Comic books are also a great way to keep your kids busy during a move. It tends to be easier to occupy their attention, due to the imagery.

For bored kids, use board games

Board games tend to be fun for all age groups. Search the internet or pay a visit to your local toy store and find a game that is suitable for your kids’ age. If you feel confused and find making the final decision rather difficult, it is safe to opt for the most popular games. You can also take the game that is based on your children’s favorite cartoon. During the packing, or moving day itself, a quality board game can keep your kids busy for hours. A great thing about this activity is that it promotes creative ideas and encourages logical thinking.

Figures and a dice on a board game
A board game can be beneficial in more ways than one

Having them help will keep your kids busy during a move

Moving tends to carry with itself rather tedious tasks. For most people, packing is one of them. Toronto movers and packers can surely help a lot, but why stop there. Depending on their age, kids can also show to be of great help. They can start with packing their own room. Give them a few boxes and make sure that they carry only the lightest items. These would include:

  • toys
  • clothes and shoes
  • school suppliances
  • light books

Make sure that you explain the proper way of packing, and how to avoid making the boxes too heavy. They ought to know how to fold and stack their clothes so that the most space is utilized properly. It might be tiresome at first but look at it as an investment. This is a quality knowledge that will show to be tremendously useful for them in the long run. You will spend some time explaining and teaching, but they will help you while learning something new and extremely useful.

Useful for both the parent and the child

Physical activity is vastly beneficial and highly recommended to every individual. Relocation is a rather stressful period and any kind of movement will help with easing the tension and relaxing your nerves. If you have implemented some routine in your daily life involving some physical activity, a great idea would be to take your kid with you. You probably think that your little one cannot endure the difficulty of your training, and you are probably right. However, there is no need to go to your local gym and lift heavy weights during this time. The most hectic period of the relocation is usually taking place one week before the moving day. Since you will already do some heavy lifting, light to moderate physical activity on the side is more than enough. Turn your morning runs into calming walks with your youngster. Take a ball or a frisbee with you to the nearest park and play. Kids have a lot of energy in them, and you can get tired before you know it. Bike rides are also fun, as is roller skating. Find a sport that will suit you all and have some quality time while reducing the stress and occupying your offspring.

An adult carrying a child on their back while walking in a forest
Keep your kids occupied during a move with nature adventures

Quick and easy

A portable DVD player. This idea tends to be the most fruitful one. You have surely noticed how distracted kids can be when a cartoon is on. It captivates their attention with the greatest ease. Make a collection of their favorite programs and cartoons and have them on hand. When you know busy hours are uppon you, make them a comfortable seat and make use of that player. It guarantees that your little ones will stay in one place, while you take care of other chores. Spending time with your children is paramount, so this method ought to be utilized in remarkably challenging situations, and for short periods of time. Such is your need to keep your kids busy during a move. It is a period of many tasks and great responsibilities, so it is important to keep your kids safe, healthy and content. When you get to your new home, devote yourself to creating new memories and having wonderful and quality time with your family.

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