Toronto nightlife guide

Whether you moving to Toronto or you are already living there, you probably want to know about the Toronto nightlife. One thing is certain – it is never boring in Toronto. Whichever may be the best way for you to spend a night out,  this city will not disappoint you. Everyone can find their cup of tea in the biggest city in Canada.

Toronto is one of the best cities to have fun. There is everything for everyone’s taste. You should go out as much as possible because Toronto nightlife can show you unforgettable party time. There is so much to say about Toronto nightlife, but the best thing for someone who is interesting in having fun is to go and experience it. No one ever regrets it having a great time, and that is what you will have by going out in Canada’s biggest city.

Club atmosphere
Toronto nightlife has a choice for everyone’s taste

Music For Everyone

The most important thing when you are going out is your company. If the gang is right, the place comes second. But, on the other side, you wouldn’t like to find yourself at the bar where everyone enjoys music but you. If you research just a little bit, you should not have any troubles finding the place where your jam is playing. And Toronto has a huge variety of clubs and music bars. It does not matter if you like jazz, pop, hip-hop, rock, blues or reggae. Toronto has a place for you where you can enjoy listening to your favorite rhythm. Bars are the perfect place to start your evening and warm up for one of the numerous nightclubs.

There is such a variety of clubs in Toronto that it can make your head spin. But that is a good thing. If you do not like the current DJ at some point in the evening, all you need to do is cross the street. In no time you will find yourself dancing to the totally different type of music. And the best thing is that you can do it over and over again. Even if you keep doing that the whole evening, you will not be able to visit every club Toronto has.

Toronto Nightlife Scene – Clubs To Visit

Speaking of places where you can spend some quality time, we could mention beautiful parks in Toronto and beaches on the Ontario Lake coast. But, Toronto nightlife scene is something different. Not only that it is the biggest city in Canada, but it has the biggest number of tourists as well. That is why some of the best clubs in the country are placed here. Here is the list of some of the most popular nightclubs in Toronto:

Crowded Nightclub in Toronto
In case you do not like the club you are in, simply go to the next one
  • Rebel – when you enter this club you will feel like you are in space.
  • The Libertine – place where you can not just dance but eat some fancy delicious food as well.
  • EFS – place where you should go in case you have to entertain your boss. It is a place where bit more serious crowd comes to wine and dine.
  • Wildflower – if you feel like dancing until the sun comes up, this club inside a hotel is a spot for you.
  • Cabana pool bar – beautiful summers in Toronto deserve a party throughout the day in a cool outdoor pool.
  • DOG & BEAR INFO – this is the place to go if you fancy a little bit of England in Toronto.

This is just a shortlist. We would need much more time and space for listing all clubs Toronto nightlife scene has to offer. And here is one tip for all who are living in Toronto. Even though you probably already have a favorite club, it doesn’t hurt to try and mix it up a little bit. Try some new club you have never been to. In the end, if you do not like it, you can always go back to your haven.

Dining in a total darkness, is that a thing?

There is one very interesting restaurant in Toronto, where you can have your dinner in utter darkness. Yes, you read it correctly. In O.Noir restaurant, your dinner will be served in full darkness. Maybe you are wondering why someone would do such a thing, but there is the logical explanation. When one of your senses is shut down all other senses are getting stronger. Therefore, when you can’t see, your sense of taste will be emphasized and you will enjoy your dinner a lot more. This is something unique, and it is a great tourist attraction. So, if you want to start your evening with something interesting this is the way to go. But, heads up, if you get food on your clothes make sure to change if you want to continue partying. Keep in mind that even the casual outfit is good for enjoying Toronto nightlife, some places have the dress code. That is why it would be smart to google the club you are about to visit and check if there are any special clothing pre-requirements.

Toronto nightlife during working days

In Toronto, if you feel like going out on Tuesday night that’s just what you are going to do. As a matter of fact, most of the places where you would think of going are open during the whole week. Whenever you feel like going out, you have a huge choice just like during the weekends. Toronto keeps in mind that not everyone has Saturday and Sunday off. For some people, the weekend is Wednesday and Thursday. So, everyone can have fun at any time any day they want.

Toronto at night
Toronto nightlife is very active during working days as well

If you like what you read so far, you are probably thinking to move to Toronto. And we do not blame you. So, get the moving quotes as soon as possible, and start planning your move to this great city. As soon as you move, you will be able to become a part of the exciting Toronto nightlife.

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