Reasons why you should move to Brampton

Are you looking into moving into the Greater Toronto Area? Whatever the reason, coming to a decision, about where to move is never easy. It takes a lot of research and careful planning to find a suitable location. Not to mention that the moving itself can be hard at sometimes. So looking around the GTA, I found what I think is a perfect place to move to. It’s the city of Brampton, Ontario and it might be the one for you too! Also, if you need help with moving,  there are some great moving companies in the Greater Toronto area. Brampton Movers will offer you a great moving service and help you move from Toronto. So, if you want to make sure that the move to Brampton is choice for you too here are some information I found useful.

Brampton – former flower capital of Canada

If you don’t know anything about the city here are some facts that I found. Brampton is a suburban city in the Greater Toronto Area and the seat of Peel Region. The city has carried the name of “The flower town of Canada” as it was once known for it’s booming flower industry.  The economy of Brampton is part of Canada’s bigger “economic engine”, the GTA, and it attracts many new residents with its diversified local economy. Its economy is based on advanced manufacturing, IT sector, services and retail sector, administration and logistics, and food and beverage sector. The industries that employed the most

Since the 1950’s Brampton has seen a mass influx of immigrants that has led to the development of the city and the creation of its multi-cultural community. Today, it has a population of nearly 600,000 as of the Canada 2016 Census. Brampton has one of the youngest communities in the Great Toronto area. The median age of residents is 33.7 compared to 37.5 across the GTA and around 40 years across Canada.

The city’s population is multi-cultural, with largest ethnic groups hailing from Asian, European, and Latin American countries. According to the 2016 census, half of the Brampton’s population claimed to belong to one of the Christian denominations. Notably, other present religious groups are Sikhs, Hindus, and Muslim which together with other religious groups present the other half. The diversity of the community is one of the things that makes life in Brampton great. The city is inviting to all nationalities and religious groups, celebrating the diversity.

The city has a continental climate, meaning its summers and winters are temperate without much rainfall during the year. You will likely find this weather enjoyable through the year.

What makes move to Brampton so attracting then?

The city has a lot to offer, whether you are looking to study, work, settle with the family, or have fun. It’s one of the reasons that a lot of people living in the GTA decide to move to Brampton. When they go looking for help with the relocation they turn to our expert moving services and Brampton movers to help them move.

Education institutions in the city

There are over 150 schools combined, taking elementary, middle and high schools together. They are run by the four school boards, two for English and two for French-speaking public schools. For each, there is a school board that runs secular and a school board that runs Catholic public schools.

Here the schools offer education both in English and French, and they can be secular or religous
Brampton has many schools to offer

The only public higher education institution is Sheridan College. There are about 18,000 students studying at the school full-time, with about 35,000 more studying part-time. Faculties and schools consist of:

  • Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design
  • Applied Health and Community Studies Faculty
  • Faculty of Applied Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Continuing and Professional Studies
  • Pilon School of Business
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

As you can see, if you are looking for education opportunities for yourself or your children Brampton has a lot to offer. Sheridan College has a campus of its own, where many of its students reside. Since not all of the students live in Brampton they often employ the service of professionals like Brampton movers. They help them move their things from their home for a fair price.

Opportunities for work in Brampton

Brampton has developed into a city that is buzzing and has a lot to offer work wise. It’s also one of the reasons why people consider Brampton as one of the most eligible places to live in GTA. Looking through the job listings there are a lot of job openings, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a job that is most suitable for you. According to one of the companies that analyzes job market in Brampton, they made a list of top ten employers in Brampton. According to them, these are the most eligible employers:

  1. KPMG
  2. Starbucks
  3. RBC
  4. Indigo Books and Music
  5. Microsoft
  6. TD Bank
  7. Ikea
  8. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
  9. Sun Life Financial
  10. Desjardins
Brampton has a lot of companies where you can find work with a lot of benefits for employees, which is why a lot of people move to Brampton
Which company would you like to work for?

Just take a look at the company names, and you’ll see that the offer in business sectors is quite diverse. There are great retail chains, financial institutions, and IT companies to choose from. That means that no matter your background, Brampton has a lot to offer. The reason why the companies made it in the top five is that they provide its employees with competitive salaries, great benefits, and good working environment. So if you plan to move to Brampton to look for a job, you won’t have trouble looking for work.

The locality of  Brampton and transportation

Brampton is conveniently situated, nearby major highway routes like Highway 410 which is used to access Highway 401 to Toronto. Highway 407 runs along the southern portion of the city and is also one of the ways to reach Toronto. This will make your daily commute really easy, and even if you move to Brampton, you will be connected to the rest of the GTA.

It’s no wonder then that Canada’s busiest airport – Toronto Pearson International Airport (CYYZ) – is located near Brampton, in the neighboring city of Mississauga.

As for the local public transport, Brampton is served by a bus rapid transport system called “Züm” (it’s pronounced Zoom). It is a good working transport system, whose development was supported by the provincial government. Typical bus fare is 4.00$ for a single adult, and it’s valid for two hours.

Brampton has a developed Rapid Bus Transportation system that you can use to get around
Use Züm to get everywhere fast

If you want to travel by train instead, you have an option of Canadian National Railways and the Orangeville-Brampton Railway to make an interstate or intercity trip.

Housing in Brampton – looking for an affordable home

No matter in which part of the city you go looking, affordable housing isn’t really a staple of Brampton. And while those with above average income shouldn’t have much trouble finding a perfect house, it’s a bit more challenging for the rest of us. Thankfully, not only is there a project to develop affordable housing, but both federal and provincial governments are investing heavily in its development. Currently, it is estimated that around 44$ million is invested in affordable housing development. Housing strategy for the city of Brampton is used to support the investments put into development. So as you can see, Brampton is under heavy development, with its housing market expanding and creating the opportunity for newcomers.

And it’s not something that is going to happen in near future, it’s happening now, with six housing units already under development. So if you beg the question whether you should invest in real estate, this info should possibly help out.

It’s a matter of finding a perfect, and everyone has different tastes so it’s up to you to find it. But it’s best to know that the opportunity is there. Hopefully, it shouldn’t take you long to find the house of your dreams. And if you need help to move to Brampton, Brampton movers can help you move your furniture to your new home.

For all of these reasons, a lot of young families decided to move to Brampton, and make it their new home. Still, there is a lot of things you should know before buying a house.

What kind of fun activities do you enjoy the most?

If you found that move to Brampton offers you what you need to work, get an education and situated, then you will want to know what you can do for fun. Brampton offers a lot of fun content, both indoors and outdoors.


The main body for cultural activities in Brampton is the Brampton Arts Council. Two of the largest cultural institutions are the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives, and The Rose Theatre. The Peel Art Gallery, Musem and Archives (PAMA) hosts permanent and changing exhibitions that for all ages. The Rose Theatre is the host to numerous events, concerts, and live action shows that happen during the year in Brampton. Families gather and watch open air film projections which are played in front of the Rose Theatre.

Sports and recreation

It doesn’t matter if you like to participate in sports or you want to watch sports for entertainment, you can certainly do both in Brampton. The city is the home to one professional sports franchise, the Brampton Beasts hockey team. Their home is the Powerade Centre. Team owners organized a contest was organized that gave fans a chance to choose the name for the team. The fans came up with the name. This is one of the reasons for its popularity.

Brampton Beasts are the biggest professional sports franchise in the city
Do you like to go to hockey games?

And if you like to participate in sport there are numerous sporting venues where you can play. Gage Park has an outdoor ice path that you can use for skating. Chinguacousy Park has a Tennis Centre that is used around the year, with a Curling club and a ski lift. People in Brampton don’t play hockey only professionally. Since 1967 Brampton has been host to Brampton Canadettes Easter Tournament in hockey. It’s a three and a half days long competition for women’s and girls’ hockey team. Participants are of all ages, hailing from all around the world. Teams from Canada, United States, England, Switzerland, Japan, Russia and others come to join this international tournament.


The City of Brampton plays a host to a number of events that go on throughout the year, that draw both residents and tourists.

The biggest local summer event is CeleBRAMPTON, which draws residents to downtown Brampton for a couple of days of festivities. During the festivities, you can familiarize with the community living in Brampton, eat ethnic food, and get to enjoy concerts and shows with your family. On 1st of July, the City of Brampton joins in the celebration of Canada Day, joining the rest of the country celebrating this national holiday.

The annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony kicks off the Winter season, in downtown Brampton. This winter wonderland brings the residents and visitors to enjoy the spirit of Christmas. At the same time, you can enjoy the Chrismas market, that offers a host of entertaining live events, and with special appearances of Santa and Mrs. Clause. The finale of the wintertime is the New Year’s Eve Celebration in city’s organization. You can enjoy all the live performances, while you wait for the countdown.

Christmas festivities are organized for the enjoyment of the whole family
Jingle bells, Jingle bells…

It’s a winter wonderland that you can enjoy with your whole family.

When do you plan to move to Brampton?

You have seen just the tip of the iceberg of what Brampton has to offer. There are opportunities for every family member be it education, work or having fun. And this list is never-ending because the City of Brampton keeps developing. If you want to go and dig deeper there is much more information that you can find online. It might take you a bit of time to take all the information in, but in the end, if you decide to make a move to Brampton you won’t regret it. Before you get the show on the road, you need to prepare for the move and pack your things. Luckily for you, there are some great professional Brampton movers that can help move your things quickly and safely.

For all your needs, there is an abundance of extra services you can expect from your movers.

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