Move Family Home from Toronto to Calgary

The summer time is the optimal time for long distance moving. FIrst off, the weather is great and this makes for a smoother trip with less chance for delays or unforeseen circumstances. Also, during the summer people have more time off and children are not in school, making it more convenient for families.

This summer, our clients, David and Patricia Max, decided to move their family home from Toronto to Calgary. When they called in they had a lot of questions, and told us that they have never moved long distances before. One of our customer service representatives, Christina, took them through the entire process. She took down a detailed list of their items, and got an idea of their major needs, including their timeline and budget.

The Max family had a very large list of items that would likely require two trucks. They did not want to go over budget so we recommended they try downsizing so they could fit their items within one truck. They took our advice and were able to stay within their budget. They were also very concerned about the safety of their belongings and were provided with a copy of our insurance policy. They also opted to purchase bubble and krubble wrap, two types of packing materials that offer more protection than general shrink wrap. They purchased additional TV boxes, which offered more protection for their TV’s. They also purchased mattress bags and art boxes.

On moving day our movers in Calgary made sure to thoroughly wrap every single item, taking extra precautions to keep their belongings safe. The items were packed securely onto the truck utilizing straps, harnesses, and making efficient use of space. The movers arrived in Calgary in about three days and unloaded all the items into the client’s new home. It was a successful trip because our clients were able to stay within budget and all their belongings arrived in the same condition they left Toronto in.

Long distance moves require a lot of care and attention. Moving an entire home across the country is a huge responsibility and can cost a fair amount of money. We are happy that the move was accomplished in a successful way!

We hired High Level Movers for a long distance moving service, moving from Toronto to Calgary. This was our first time moving across Canada, and we had no idea what to expect or how much this was going to cost us. The call representative who helped me was very friendly, I think her name was Christina. She was helpful and communicated to me everything that I should expect. She provided a concise moving quote that clearly showed all the costs. I was concerned at first if my stuff would move safely from Toronto to Calgary, since it is a very long trip. But when the movers came they were very professional and you could see they knew what they were doing. My furniture is very expensive and I had to move many valuable items including art and antique pieces. They were careful with my things, and wrapped everything. I was very impressed with how they packed the truck securely. They were efficient and quick. Everything arrived to Calgary safely without scratches or damages. This long distance move was worth every dollar. I recommend these movers if you have long distance move across Canada.
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