Local move in Toronto one bedroom condo

We were hired by our client, Miss Kim, for a local move in Toronto to move her one bedroom condo. After booking her in, and just a few days prior to her move, she called us with a request to postpone her move to the next possible date. At High Level Movers we care about our clients and want to do the best to accommodate their needs. We understand that unanticipated events can happen in life, and that it is important for businesses to be flexible and considerate of their clients. We believe in treating clients like individuals, rather than just another job. We were able to find a date that worked well for Miss Kim.

On the day of her move we sent our senior professional movers, Eugene and Marco, along with a large moving truck. Our men arrived a bit early, and this gave them ample time to organize the contract, their tools, and park the truck. They were at Miss Kim’s door on time and prepared. They proceeded to disassemble necessary furniture, and then thoroughly wrapped the mattress, sofas, the TV and furniture. They were able to get everything loaded into the truck in a couple trips. They secured the furniture onto the truck and headed for the drop off, which was nearby. The move went smoothly and was completed within the two hour expected time frame.

Our client was pleased with the customer service we provided, and the way her movers worked. Part of getting the job done has a lot to do with the right attitude, being polite and patient. In a positive atmosphere clients feel relaxed, and the movers feel motivated. A successful move makes everyone a winner!

I was super satisfied with their service. I needed to reschedule my move just two days before my original moving day. They were really considerate and allowed me to postpone the moving date to the next possible date. On the moving day, Eugene and Marco came on time and they were professional, patient, kind, and respectful. Every thing was done within two hours, and I did not have any complaints to them. Highly recommend! They were indeed "High Level" movers.