How to save space when packing

So it is that time of the year. Vacation season has finally started, oh the joy! Or maybe not, maybe it is a relocation. Maybe a tad less exciting than a vacation, but then again – it’s a tough thing to compare. Many of my friends and relatives dread the thought of packing, and I was never really sure why. I find it overly entertaining. Rarely, or never, do I ever pack for an event of my disliking. Usually, if I’m packing it’s about something fun. Be it a vacation, or a relocation, I always look forward to these. They are exciting and they are refreshing. Still, minds of other people are set and we can’t change them. We can, however, help with some of the problems that come with packing – limited amount of space. There are ways to save space when packing, and this is what we will discuss.

If you want to save space when packing you need to plan and organize. And you need to do it before the trucks come rolling in!
Make sure to pack properly before the trucks come for the boxes.

Given that the sizes of your suitcases and boxes are limited, we need to figure out how to utilize it completely. Every single bit of space is precious and should be used completely. There are certain hacks you can use when packing in order to save space when packing. These are the ones we will be discussing. So, buckle up and get ready for this!

Make a packing list

One of the first steps to being able to save space when packing is staying organized. Sprinkle the entire process with a drop of chaos and you might soon learn just how little space you had to begin with. Make sure to take your time and stay as organized as you can.

Planning is everything. The better you plan the whole thing the more you will get out of the moving process. And the fewer surprises you will be facing. How do you stay organized? Create a moving checklist and a packing list. This will help you keep tabs on what goes where, when and why. Also what with. This is possibly the essential advice we can give you.

All the other ones, sure, they are helpful. Sure, they will make your life easier. But it is still all doable without them. However, without the moving checklist? We strongly believe that the move is destined for chaos without one.

All the Toronto movers and packers will tell you the same thing. Also, if you look at them while they work you will soon realize that they own one as well. It’s just that important.

Save space when packing – get the right boxes

Or the suitcases. Depending on the move. The trick is to get different sized and shaped boxes, and not get 50 of the same type. The bigger the diversity the more options you will have when packing. For some robust things, you might need larger boxes. However, there are certain things you will be packing that will need small boxes and more than a few of them.

If you own 10.000 books you might need plenty of boxes.
Save space while you pack

This brings us back to the organization bit. The fact of the matter is – the better the job you do with packing, the easier your unpacking adventure will be. So keep that in mind. You can, basically, grab everything, shove into boxes and pack a truck. In this scenario, you need to understand that unpacking all that will turn into an absolute nightmare.

If you are packing for a vacation, the fact of the matter is simple – pack only your necessities. You are going on a vacation, you are not relocating. Hence, you don’t need everything you own with you, you need one item of clothing/day. This means – 10 days = 10 pieces of clothing. Possibly one back up one. And bring a little detergent, just in case.

Know your limits

Sometimes you might own too many things. This means having a wife, 3 kids and 2 dogs and all of the corresponding belongings. Add furniture to that you have quite a handful. You need to know your limit. Sometimes, in cases like this, there is a good chance that you will not be able to relocate everything at once. This is not something that should immediately cause a panic attack. Not being able to finish everything in one go is quite a normal thing.

Fortunately, this is so normal that many moving companies are quite aware of this. More importantly, they are quite ready for this. How do you bypass this? You achieve this thanks to storage services Toronto, of course!

How do storage services help with packing?

Storage services offer you a little bit of help. You can pack stuff for the truck, and on the other hand, you can pack stuff for the storage unit. This means that you will have to make kind of a decision – what is most relevant and what can wait a few days. The most relevant belongings hit the truck whilst the rest hits the storage unit.

Picking the right storage unit might save tons of nerves, time and money.
Storage units are life savers.

These storage units are safe spots to keep your belongings until you figure stuff out. So, since you can’t transfer 20 trucks worth of belongings in one day, you store them elsewhere and tackle them piece by piece. It takes a lot of pressure out of the equation and it helps you organize even better. This brings your packing game to a whole new level. A comfortable level and an enjoyable one. So basically, grab the things that you need first and pack everything else on a separate pile. Once you settle in with your necessities you can start bringing over the rest of the stuff piece by piece.

This may not be a direct way to save space when packing, but in the long run, it makes it much easier to plan. And the better you plan, the more space you will have!

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