How to renovate your Toronto apartment on a budget?

You want a little change in your living space, but you are limited in your budget? Don’t be down. You are going to be able to renovate your Toronto apartment on a budget. Here’s how – creativity! We are going to give you a few pointers, not exactly what to do, but how to plan. There are countless little hacks you can do for no money even. These hacks can change the look and feel of your place by a large margin. So, if you feel that your limited budget is holding you back – don’t! Compensate for the lack of budget with more time and you will be right where you want to be. And your apartment will get a huge refreshment. And most of all, you’ll be extremely happy with what you can do with practically no money, a bit of time as well as creativity. After all, sometimes you can simply redecorate your home on a budget and be one step closer to having a full renovation done!

Renovate your Toronto apartment on a budget – Bucket full of ideas

So, you’re looking at your bank account and investigating how much you can set aside for a renovation. It looks discouraging, but it shouldn’t be. People usually think that renovating an apartment means replacing everything. If this was indeed the definition of renovating an apartment, yes, you would be right to think that it is too expensive. Replacing everything in the apartment, usually for new things, can be a very costly adventure. Fortunately for all, this is not the definition of what a renovation is.

First off, a renovation can be divided into countless stages which would, in turn, give you a lot of time to plan your budget around it. Usually, you shouldn’t pressure yourself with time constraints. So, advice number one is: take your time. There is no need for a rush. Once you remove the time pressure from the equation you will learn just how enjoyable this process can be. Here are a few pieces of advice as to how you can approach this task.

#1 Invite your friends

Don’t look at this as a task you have to do. Look at it as something you want to do. This way it might become far more fun. And what better way to have fun than with your friends. Order a few pizzas and stock up on a few beers and have the guys over. You’ll soon realize just how fun renovating your apartment can be when there are more than a few people involved. It becomes easier, more fun plus you can have a lot more ideas. Two heads are smarter than one!

If you want to renovate your Toronto apartment on a budget, having a group of friends over can help quite a bit.
Nothing can stop you guys!

#2 Plan ahead

So, you should wing the renovation when it begins. But before the beginning, you need to plan out everything. If you want to renovate your Toronto apartment on a budget, you can do it! However, if you do it without a solid plan you will most likely end up wasting a lot of time. This plan does not need to be something super elaborate. But, you do, however, need to draw out the rooms you wish to work on. Or is it the entire apartment? Write it down.

Create a timeline. For instance, the first 25 days of the renovation are set for the living room. This way you can easily keep track of what takes how long, and you won’t get overwhelmed by working on multiple rooms at the same time. Lastly, draw out your budget, no matter how big or small it is. You need to keep in mind. If there are any costs along the ride, write them down. Take it off of the budget. It’ll be instrumental in keeping track of everything.

Renovate your Toronto apartment on a budget – the renovation

You’ve organized a bunch of friends, got some food and drew out a plan. You have everything you need to begin. So, just to kick off your renovation we will offer a few ideas of our own that can get your thoughts going. Some of these ideas cost very little, some cost nothing at all. They are universal and can be applied in both houses and apartments, big or small. They are limited only by what you would like to see and feel in your place. You can always contact your residential movers for any further ideas!

#1 Paint

There are not enough words in our vocabulary to explain just how often a little bit of paint makes all the difference. This is not a free renovating trick, but it can be a very cheap one. The simpler the color – the cheaper it will get. Plus, the new trends dictate something that can do wonders for your budget. You no longer need to pain the entire room, all five walls (or four). The best part about this new trend is that you paint only one wall. This means you need 4 times less paint to do it! Go crazy with the color, but make sure it is a darker variant. The reason why most people go with darker colors is that it gives the room incredible depth (that one wall).

The new trend is to paint only one wall. It's cool and it saves money.
Paint only one wall. It’s cheaper and hip!

#2 DIY woodworks

If you have access to some tools and a garage you will be able to renovate your Toronto apartment on a budget easily! All it takes is a bit of practice, some youtube, and some skill. If you have all the tools needed for the job, as well as a place to do your magic in, this can be entirely free. You would have to drive around and find some wood that people intend to throw away, grab it and bring it in! There are certain things you can make out of wood without any special effort. For instance, you could make a nice chair or bench. You could cut out wood into a simple bookshelf that can change the appearance of your room entirely. Stick some paint to it and there is no limit as to what you can do!

Simply get your hands dirty and create some furniture, such as this wooden bench!
You’ll be amazed at what you can make on your own.

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