How to recognize fraudulent movers?

Unfortunately, a lot of fraudulent movers have resurfaced lately. They are becoming more experienced with their scams, so it is getting harder and harder to recognize them. However, you should not exasperate just yet! There are a lot of reputable Toronto movers, and it is just a matter of finding them. On that note, we are about to give you some clues and show you what to steer clear of when choosing your movers. Following are the proven ways of how to recognize fraudulent movers and not let yourself fall victim to their scams.

A thorough research is the first step to avoiding fraudulent movers

Let`s say you have spotted a moving company and are interested in hiring them for your upcoming relocation. How do you make sure they are not one of the infamous fraudulent Canadian movers? Well, good news! In a lot of cases, a thorough research is enough to open your eyes and show you that the movers you are dealing with are fraudulent. Here is how to conduct your own research like a pro!

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The ugly truth is that there are a lot of fraudulent movers in Toronto. Educate yourself and learn how to spot them

Do an online research

The biggest advantage of the age we are living in is that everything is just a click away. A website is an easy way of checking the credibility of any given company. More precisely, customer testimonials are the section you should pay attention to when searching for fraudulent local movers in Toronto. If a company has good reviews, as well as a good overall score, you should be in the safe zone. If not, think twice about doing business with them, as they might be fraudulent.

Ask for recommendations

There is no need to solely rely on the Internet to answer your questions. People around you are also a good way of checking the legal status of a moving company. Since relocation is a common occurrence, and a lot of people have experience with Toronto moving professionals for small moves, people that are close to you should be able to give you some information on a couple of companies. Trust their estimates and know that you are in good hands when asking for their help. Your loved ones are the first ones that will want to keep you safe from moving scams.

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Join forces with the people around you and ask for their feedback. Sometimes more than one person is necessary for a fight against fraudulent movers.

Fraudulent movers ask for a large cash deposit

If such an occurrence happens to you, it should be a major red flag that should momentarily steer you in the other direction. Fraudulent moving companies want to tie you to themselves so that you cannot back out in any moment of the process. Of course, they are being guided by the thought that you will not be willing to lose your deposit. And they are right. Because even if you get cold feet somewhere down the line, you will still stay with them and hope for the best. Therefore, if your potential movers ask for a large cash deposit, head for the hills. You are dealing with fraudulent movers. 

Fraudulent movers don`t make in-house inspections

Any reputable moving company wants you to feel like your wishes are respected, and your needs are met by their capable hands. Therefore, they will be more than willing to make an in-house inspection and give you a precise moving quote. Moreover, they will want to discuss their Toronto moving services with you, as well as any extra fees they might entail. On the other hand, fraudulent moving professionals will do anything to avoid making a house visit. It is in their interest to keep you uninformed so that they can take advantage of you when the moving day comes. On that day, they could come up with a lot of extra fees, which you did not agree to in the contract. Which brings us to another way of spotting fraudulent movers.

Shady contracts are a sign you are dealing with fraudulent movers

A well-written and clear contract is what you should be aiming for when sealing the deal with a moving company. You have to make sure that all of the costs and extra fees for the services are clearly listed. If not, you might suffer the consequences of your carelessness on the moving date. This carelessness usually happens when you are dealing with last-minute moves. It is the time when you are struggling to finish everything on your moving list, so you are less prone to pay attention to details like this one. Therefore, keep your eyes open and read carefully any contract before signing it. It will save you from a lot of trouble down the road.

research via phone
Fraudulent moving companies do not sound professional on the phone

Other ways of spotting fraudulent moving companies

Along with the ways we have mentioned, there are a couple of other things to pay attention to when hiring movers. Here are some of them:

  • Fraudulent movers offer cheaper prices than the competition.
  • Check their US DOT number by visiting United States Department of Transportation`s website. Each reputable moving company must have one.
  • They do not speak professionally over the phone but use generic greetings.

A good thing is that you have more than one way of spotting fraudulent movers. Use your new-found knowledge when searching for movers in the future.

There is no need for your Toronto moving adventure to turn into a bad experience. After all, moving to Toronto should be a good thing for you, and it will be a positive experience if you successfully avoid fraudulent movers. Which, if you read our article, you should be able to do with your eyes closed. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

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