How Long Does It Take To Move? Everything Involved In A Fast Moving Service

For a guess, you probably signed an agreement with a moving company already or you are probably in your new home/ office waiting for your stuff to arrive. It is also possible that you are yet to do neither of the two events we guessed but would like to know how long it takes to move, ahead of your planned relocation. Whichever it is, we’ve provided answers to one of the most commonly asked questions anyone moving would have on their lips “how long does it take to move”? 

Estimating how long a move will take is more doable than you probably think. While it is not so possible to say for certain how long it would take to complete a particular move, if you hire a fast-moving company, you can predict the time bracket for a local move. Some unpredictable factors may however cause a longer delay. 

Moving companies are sometimes faster than one another. If you want faster moving of your belongings, be sure to hire a fast-moving company like High-Level Movers. Now, let’s get to it in detail. Everything you need to know about the duration of your move and what can cause a delay has been covered in this article. 

Factors that Contribute to the Duration of a move

A professional moving company committed to providing excellent service and with a good customer satisfaction policy will be very much concerned about fas. For this reason, it is important to ensure you are hiring a company that takes fast-moving as a priority. Already, you may consider that the first factor, but here are more things that may/will contribute to the duration of your move:

Your type of move

Of course, your type of move is an important factor in the calculation of the time your move will take, from the period the movers arrive for packing and loading to the time they successfully arrange your stuff in your new home.
A move is either short distance or long distance. A local move in Toronto is a move across all Grand Toronto Area, so the duration partly depends on the number of miles you are moving. A long-distance moving service, as the name suggests, is offered across longer miles and should take a longer period.

Weather condition

No matter how fast you want a move to be, no professional moving company will be willing to risk transporting your belongings when the weather is not suitable. For safety reasons, it is best to wait, even if that will mean some extra days. While a local move may not be heavily affected by this factor, a long-distance or international move will mostly feel the impact.

Delay with furniture disassembly

Disassembling furniture is neither an easy task nor one that can be done in a hurry. It takes time, depending on the number of items that will require the procedure. Items like bed frames will have to be disassembled before being packed.

Time of the year

The time of the year you choose to move can also affect how long you have to wait. Moving companies are always busier during the spring or summer, which is one of the reasons it is always better to plan a move early.

The unpredictable situations

As it is in every area of life, unpredictable situations are difficult to pinpoint. They may cause a much longer delay than the predictable ones both you and the moving company might have prepared for. Traffic conditions, mechanical challenges, and even weather conditions are some factors that cannot be particularly predicted, as all or any of these can arise at any time.
Factors like elevator and security delay, extra packaging for certain items, and unready house conditions may also add to the length of your move.

How to Determine How Long Your Move will take

Let’s also discover some ways through which you can determine how long your move will take.

The time given by the moving company

When you contact a moving company, you will be given an estimated moving time. While this is just an estimate, the duration of your move might still be affected by most of the factors given above. However, if it is a reliable and fast-moving company, the time bracket given should be realistic enough after all items to be moved have been inspected. Fast movers will put in their best not to disappoint.

How much stuff do you have?

Three stages constitute a move:

– Pre-move planning
– Transportation of your belongings
– Post-move stage/ unpacking and arrangement

Your belongings will determine how much time will be spent on each stage. Some items require special packing and may not be transported in the same truck as the rest of your items, to avoid damage or just to be extra careful. Consider it an effort for satisfactory service.

Again, your type of move

A local move may take just hours, from the pre-move to the post-move stage. It may as well take a full day; this will be determined by the items to be moved. A long-distance move can take about 7 to 20 days, or maybe more. While these are only figures, hearing from your moving company is the best way to determine the duration of your move. A moving company may also find it difficult to move your belongings as early as promised due to the given factors, but if they’ve carried out the inspection, they can say best.

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