Unique to High Level Movers is the Client Satisfaction Employee Incentive Program. When clients are satisfied with their move and leave a positive review for their movers, our office gives a financial reward to the movers for that job. Essentially the movers receive a tip from the head office for a job well done- because we appreciate their hard work! Using positive reinforcement we boost our employee motivation and overall company spirit. This has been a successful system for us and has reinforced the positive atmosphere we strive to achieve!

Nearly 95% of our clients are return customers, and around 70% of clients have come to us by referral.  Our quality assurance focuses on meeting our clients needs. We take all feedback seriously and are quick to adapt and improve. We also continue to recreate business, thinking of new ways to service clients, and new things we can offer them.


googleRecently we have begun to sell specialized TV boxes to help protect expensive TV’s during their moves. Televisions can cost upward thousands of dollars, sometimes even more than the cost of the move. Our specialized TV boxes are available in various sizes, so we can even protect the largest of TV’s. These small innovations are ways that we continue to put our clients needs first, and consider all aspects of their move. We want our clients to be satisfied and for their belongings to be safe!

Check out what some of our clients had to say about us this month:

They work great together, extremely professional. This moving company really introduced themselves as High Level!
I am very much impressed with them from packing and loading and to the cool movers who kept on positive while doing the move. A very nice attitude while working. Thanks a lot!
Thank you to both of them. Would encourage ANYONE moving to use High Level Movers.

Long-distance moving with HIGH LEVEL MOVERS

Life is full of unexpected surprises and can change without any notice. Sometimes these changes may involve you packing all your belongings and moving to a new city, province, or even country. Grande changes that involve long distance relocation can be stressful and scary. Our professional movers is equipped with the knowledge, experience, resources and staff to move you long distances across Canada. We are professional residential movers that will move you long distances with safety and ease. Our goal is to eliminate the stress for you, so that everything is organized, coordinated, and  executed in a seamless manner.

We specialize in long distance moving services and when you hire us you will receive a dedicated moving team that will handle every step of your move. More so, our long distance moves are calculated by a list of items, so you receive flat rate pricing with no hidden fees. You will know what you are paying for, and receive exceptional services along the way.  All of your belongings are handled by us at all times, and we never use third parties to complete your move. You will receive a clear time frame for delivery, and we GPS monitor our moving trucks on their trips. Your belongings are in good hands as we track their every step. Also your items are covered by insurance, so we take responsibility at every point.

Take a look at moving services and contact us to find what will work best for you.

HIGH LEVEL MOVERS® services all major cities and provinces in Canada. We offer local moving, as well as interprovincial and long distance moving throughout Canada. “You make the call, we move it all!” TM For helpful moving tips and more information on our Facebook page.


HOW TO DOWNSIZE EFFECTIVELY 4 Options For Effective Downsizing

Downsizing is an effective way to prepare for moving your house. It is wise to downsize regularly throughout the year, usually with the change of seasons. When downsizing your home you have several options to choose from.

1. Dispose

One option is to dispose of unwanted or unnecessary items. This is a fast and straightforward option, but may require additional costs if you have large furniture or heavy items to dispose of. These may require disposal in a disposal yard, and posible two movers and a truck to lift and transport the large and heavy items.  Disposal yards, or recycling yards, set their own fees based on the size or weight of the items you are disposing of. Moving companies offer disposal services, so you may consider disposing of these items during your actual move. This way you will not have to pay twice for hiring movers or disposal services.

2. Donate

Another option is to pay it forward by donating your belongings. Donating is a great way to downsize, while helping others. Your unwanted belongings may be very useful for someone else. An old sofa, great condition clothing that has been sitting in your closet for years, old dishware, all of these are great things to donate. Some donation services will even arrange for the pick up of your items. As well, giving away unwanted items to friends or families is another form of donating that we encourage.

You can make use of social media platforms and post ads for free pickup of your goods. This option can also be useful since people interested will often arrange their own transportation for the delivery of furniture.  If you are donating heavy items or large furniture that cannot be picked up then consider arranging the donation delivery at the end of your move. It will cost you a bit extra, but will still be more economical than hiring movers as specially for that.

3. Sell

During the downsizing process, you may consider selling some of your belongings. Furniture, electronics, clothing, appliances, and virtually anything you have can be put for sale. There are many online forums where you can sell your used things. Social media often has groups dedicated to furniture/ clothing/ or miscellaneous resale. Also, there are applications geared specifically for the purpose of selling your things. This is a great way to make extra cash and downsize at the same time.

4. Store

Storage services are a convenient way to downsize without getting rid of your valuables. We often have clients who use storage services for their seasonal goods such as winter sport equipment, seasonal clothes, and patio furniture. Some people use storage to keep their baby furniture and clothes as they plan to have more kids. Storage can also be used temporarily while you try to sell expensive items like furniture, gym equipment, and appliances. Whatever your reason for using storage, it is an effective way to create space in your new home.

Our company offers moving and storage units services, which means that everything can be done on moving day. We can move you into your new home, and take your extra items to hold in our storage until you require them. Our flexible storage sizes mean that you can store as much or as little as you want. We also don’t have flexible storage rental time periods, so you can hold you belongings as long as you need, without long term commitment.

If your move requires you to downsize then we can assist you with that. We offer packing services, delivery of your belongings, disposal services, and even secure storage.


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