Hiring piano movers or DIY piano move?

If I had a nickel for every time I heard the infamous ‘I got this’ sentence… You couldn’t even begin to assume how rich I would be. Sadly, this sentence is usually followed by the ‘I shouldn’t have done this’… This can be very much true for the moving industry. People who have little to no experience in relocations usually don’t realize just how much knowledge, equipment, and expertise one needs to take on the move as a DIY project. By the time they realize just how much they are in over their head it usually is too late. One of the most famous examples is when people decide to move their pianos on their own. Our recommendation: hire piano movers.

You don’t even have to seek moving companies that are specialized specifically in pianos. Any experienced mover will do. If they are further specialized in pianos, great! A piano DIY move is far from impossible. With a little help and a few tools, everyone can do it. But not everyone can do it good and safe. You might end up saving a few bucks, this is true. But if you drop the piano down a flight of 12 stairs, was it worth it? Most likely not. Our advice is to hire piano movers and we will explain why with a few examples.

piano movers
Pianos are no simple business… We recommend hiring piano movers for such projects.

Why you should hire piano movers

Basically, just how you are very good at what you do, movers are very good at what they do. This is why, for a fee, moving companies have hundreds of thousands of customers globally. Especially now, since the moving industry has grown, more and more people rely on services of a moving company. The number of benefits of paying for this service is exponential. Still, there are heroes out there that maneuver their move all on their own. And we have nothing against that. We just do not recommend it, since the number of things that can go wrong is frightening.

In the case of moving a sofa, or a table, a do it yourself approach may seem viable. Moving a few chairs or tables is no big deal, two people can do it. In most cases, this said furniture is not heavy and doesn’t have any elements that can get damaged or fall off (unless you really drop it for a floor or two). However, when it comes to something as complex and sensitive as a pianodoing it yourself might cause more harm than good. A piano is a complex piece and it needs experienced piano movers to take care of it.

Advantages of hiring piano movers

The advantages are numerous. And they all benefit you more than enough for you to want to hire them. We have made a selection of a list of top benefits that could lead you to consider not doing the piano move yourself:

  • Piano movers will have the appropriate tools to move the piano(s). They will need special wheelchairs that can handle large weights, as well as balancing belts to distribute the piano weight equally amongst the people carrying it. This needs to be done in order to avoid making any internal damages to the piano caused by shaking and swaying.
  • Moving companies will have insurance in place which is more than useful in scenarios where accidents occur. Even when you hire professionals to take care of your move, some unpredictable accidents may happen. But, even if they do, the insurance is there to jump in and save the day. Due to this, you never have to worry about something going wrong.
  • You don’t have to tire yourself with it, at all. All you need to do is give a few directions and the piano movers will do the rest. This leaves more time to focus on logistics and other things that are also an essential part of the move. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.
  • If you are late and need to do everything in an extreme hurry, you can always rely on last-minute movers Toronto. If you do it hastily yourself, chances or error are much greater. But if professionals do it hastily, you have nothing to worry about.
Hire piano movers especially in cases where you have to travel a long distance with it.
Imagine doing a DIY long distance move with a piano… Sounds scary?

Alternatively, you can try doing it yourself

If none of this was enough to convince you to hire piano movers, then alternatively you can try doing it yourself. If your biggest concern is the cost of hiring such moving services, you can always go and get your moving quotes online.

However, if it is not the price, but rather your own sense of adventure, moving the piano (as well as the rest of the furniture) yourself is not impossible. It is just extremely risky and difficult. Especially since you most likely don’t have the appropriate equipment, as well as the right experience.

If you are still going to go at it make sure you have a bunch of your friends over to help. Don’t ever try to do it all on your own. The more pairs of hands you can get, the better. Try to measure the piano and all the doorways you will have to go through to know where you will need to bend it, and when you’ll be ok. Also, try to plan the entire move, if you are doing it on your own. The better you do the planning the safer you are.

Hiring piano movers may seem a bit costly. But grab a calculator and do the math in case of an accident.
When you do the math, you might be saving some money… But in case something goes wrong, you lose far more.

And if you reach the point where you realize you can’t do it – do not force it. This is where the accidents occur. You still don’t want to break the piano, hurt yourself or anyone else. Give it a try, and if it works – great! If not, do not hesitate to contact us! We are here for you!

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