Great Spots for a Date Night in Toronto

There are many wonderful spots in Toronto to have a romantic evening and get to know someone better. Whether you are seeking thrills and want to take your relationship to new heights, or are planning a quiet and romantic evening for two, Toronto has what you need to make a good impression. Because of our unique perspective and many years of experience in the Toronto area, High Level Movers wants to be a resource for you when you are planning your date night out. These are our suggestions for great spots for a date night, or day, in Toronto.

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping at Toronto’s Edgewalk

Image of the CN Tower, Toronto
Image via Unsplash by wflwong

For a bonding experience made for thrill-seekers, visit the CN Tower’s Edgewalk. Boasted as Toronto’s tallest attraction, Edgewalk will get your adrenaline pumping and provide you and your date the opportunity to see Toronto from a unique perspective. At the top of the CN Tower, take a stroll outside around the roof. You’ll be secured with safety equipment, but at 116 stories above the ground, this experience and perspective is only for the brave and daring. The memorable experience can help you create a lasting bond with your date and will definitely give you some quality conversation over dinner or drinks later on in the evening.

Dance Under Dinosaurs at ROM

The Royal Ontario Museum hosts an event called Friday Night Live. With live music and dancing encouraged, attendees can dance under a complete dinosaur fossil and share drinks among the exhibits. A special experience to be shared with history or art enthusiasts, events at the Royal Ontario Museum are subject to change. Be sure to check their website for updates on rules, regulations, current events, and rotating exhibits. Impress your significant other and plan a night to remember.

See the Stars on the Screen Under the Stars

For a sweet and romantic night that is economical, take advantage of movies under the stars hosted by several of the parks around Toronto including the park at Christie Pits, St. James, Sail-in Cinema on Sugar Beach, and Regent Park. They typically have screenings during summer continuing through September, but be sure to check with each venue for a list of showings to enjoy the beautiful Toronto night sky. You can snack on some popcorn, enjoy a drink, and focus on getting to know one another. Remember to take a blanket or some cozy chairs to snuggle up in comfort.

Break the Boredom for Bibliophiles

Image via Unsplash by bamin

If you have a book enthusiast on your hands, or if you are one, visit the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. Located on St. George Street, this beautiful building houses Canada’s largest collection of rare books available to the public and is a singular opportunity to peruse first editions and unique manuscripts including a handwritten draft of “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood. Their collection presents a special opportunity to appreciate the written word and to create lifelong memories.

Get Active at Pursuit OCR

Pursuit OCR is essentially a large indoor park that allows adults the opportunity to be kids again and play and run and chase to their heart’s content. Recreate the simple joys of childhood in a gender-neutral and inclusive atmosphere where you can climb, crawl, run, and roll around free of judgement. Various obstacle courses are available to meet the needs of those with differing abilities and levels of athleticism.

On their website they state that if you can climb stairs, there is a course for you. The more demanding courses provide an opportunity to change plans by letting participants let go, and fall safely into a giant ball pit. This spot is a particularly suitable date night destination for energetic, athletic, and competitive couples. You can learn about one another through sport and create a memorable experience by reliving and revisiting childhood together.

Travel Back in Time and Dine Like Royalty

To be treated like a king or queen and stroll the grounds like royalty, visit Casa Loma. Experience the history of Toronto firsthand as you explore the castle hand in hand, surrounded by pieces of history and works of art. As a historical site, Casa Loma is committed to preservation and maintains consistent art exhibits documenting and preserving Toronto’s storied history.

Ideal for a first date, you can choose to dine like royalty at the steakhouse on site, called Blueblood Steakhouse. Offering fine dining in a contemporary environment, this one-of-a-kind restaurant offers a dining experience surrounded by masterpieces created by famous masters including Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali. A wide variety of steaks, fresh seafood, and an extensive drink list are available. Seating is by reservation only, so be sure to plan ahead for a quality experience that is unforgettable.

Canada’s Wonderland

Enjoy the rush of a great theme park experience when you decide to have a date night at Canada’s Wonderland. Boasting exhilarating rides and other exciting attractions, this theme park experience offers traditional roller coasters which mimic the butterflies you feel when falling in love, an assortment of games, delicious food, as well as moments of quiet and intimate connection to keep you smiling and satisfied. Take the opportunity to people watch, have meaningful conversations, and build a relationship that is just as exciting as a roller coaster.

With over 10 years of experience serving the Toronto community with residential and business relocations near and far, Toronto Movers believes that moving should be easy for you. Contact us for a free quote so you can enjoy your time off in the company of someone special while we take care of the details of your move. Use our suggestions to plan your Toronto date, or let us know what we missed! Send us your thoughts so we can add them to our list and help our fellow Torontonians make unique and exciting memories on their date nights!


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