Checklist for Day before Moving in Canada

Moving is an arduous task and brings with it a sense of nervousness, anxiety, and feelings of stress. Hiring a moving company is a good idea to eliminate tension and ensure a hassle-free move, but at the same time, a self-made checklist is really beneficial in dividing the important tasks and ensuring all the things are done at the proper time and in an efficient manner. If you are seeking out for a moving company in Toronto, then connect with High Level Movers. We have the cutting-edge moving equipment and a well-trained team.

A checklist generally includes items to pack, items not to pack, what to do 12 weeks before you move etc. The checklist prior to the moving day is really important. It reduces all the panic one suffers on a moving day. With a proper notepad full of check marks, you will move out of bed happily to take your move ahead.

Prepare your day before moving day checklist based on your move’s specifics and include everything that is necessary. But some additions are required in a checklist as follows:

1. Wall Hangings

Remove mirrors, pictures, fragile antiques and wall hanging from the walls. Just make your favorite family pictures are not left behind.

2. Clear Water

Drain hoses and everything that is filled with water as the standing water is dangerous for the house as well as cause potential health hazards.

3. Electric Items

Remove all the light bulbs, tube lights, and night lamps that will be packed and moved around.

4. Kitchen

Food gets easily spoilt in summers and easily spoilt food should be disposed of. Opened containers or anything that could leak. Put all the garbage bags outside to be picked up and ask a neighbor to retrieve the cans.

5. Computer Devices

Have a proper backup of the computer. Charge all your phones, laptops, and other devices in advance. Do not pack the chargers and power banks and keep them in the handbags with you.
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6. Children

Talk with the person who is taking care of your children and pets during the move. Check in with them and make sure all the details are set.

7. Borrowed Items

Return any borrowed items including the library books and if anything from a neighbor and pick up if anything is left from the shops like dry cleaning and ironing. We all have unwanted items at home that we no longer use but are still there. Get rid of those undesirable items while moving either by throwing them or donating them to the charity.

8. Banking and ATM

Pack all your credit and debit cards safely. Do the last minute banking and any other cash transactions for emergency needs.

9. Items to Return

Return any cable boxes, modems, or other leased electronics equipment.

10. High-Value Items

Secure all the jewelry, cash, and valuables and pack it safely with the belongings you will be taking with you.

11. Connect with Moving Company

Connect with your moving company to check and double check that everything is as per the schedule.

12. Important Folder

Create a folder or binder to keep your household inventory, all checklists (including this one), and any important documents.

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