Benefits of moving to Woodbridge

The endless rivers of life have brought you to one very peculiar point – moving to Woodbridge. Interestingly enough, not many destinies bring people to Woodbridge. Not because Woodbridge is bad for any reason, but more because it doesn’t sound as ‘loud’ as let’s say, Toronto. Usually, when people plan their moves, and when their careers bring them to new horizons it is about cities that are big, and famous. Woodbridge is not one of them. Hence people don’t consider moving to Woodbridge to be a glorious adventure. But this is where most of them are wrong. Depending on your status in life, moving to Woodbridge can prove to be quite an awesome moment in your life. For any everything else, movers in Woodbridge will be more than happy to help you relocate.

Moving to woodbridge is just a truck away!
Pack up and move out!

Rarely do people get excited about moving to Woodbridge, but more often than not they get a positive surprise. Maybe it is because people usually have very low expectations, and then anything that happens is quite a pleasant surprise. Furthermore, there are not that many articles out there that can open the eyes of the population about this place. Woodbridge is a unique place, and can easily become your favorite place in the world. We will not try to convince you to move here. Just remember, you need to make a perfect moving plan! We are here to convince you that, once you’ve already decided, like the decision you have made.

Moving to Woodbridge – pros

There are countless benefits to moving to Woodbridge. We will name a few, but sadly, we do not have enough space to mention all of them. To kick it off, for those of you who are uncertain if you are looking at the right Woodbridge, we are talking about Woodbridge, Ontario. People can more often than not mistake this Woodbridge for another, with a total of three that I know of.

So, if you are not looking at the Canadian version, you’re on the wrong page. But, in spite of this, I am pretty sure that the other Woodbridge across the world is equally great!

Pack up yourself and your family, and be on your way!
Woodbridge is very friendly when it comes to family life.

We will cover several aspects that are relevant for your relocation to Woodbridge. We will talk about the history of the place and address its cultural value. This will show you that this isn’t just some makeshift place built up to accommodate people, but rather a place with a soul and an extensive history. We will talk a bit about the climate and help you decide what kind of wardrobe you will need in order to make it through the year. Also, we will mention the pricing and the cost of accommodation, speaking about whether you should rent or buy.

  • The value of moving here with your family
  • The proximity to the city of Toronto and the value in that
  • The potential problems with traffic and commuting

Overall, the benefits of moving to Woodbridge are quite extensive. There is plenty to do, plenty to see and the quality of life overall is superb. People usually don’t know anything about the place and hence they will sometimes avoid moving there.


Back on the topic. Woodbridge is a small suburban community in the City of Vaughan, north of Toronto in the Southern Ontario region. The community itself originates way from the Britsh crown. Yeah, that old. Which means that it has a very deep and powerful culture behind it. Today, located near the Humber River Valley, the historic Woodbridge is a sight to behold. The more you explore it, the more you will fall in love with the deep roots that reside beneath the city.


Woodbridge prides itself with a humid continental climate, with warm and humid summer as well as cold and snowy winters. What this means is that you will have a chance to enjoy the warm summers at the lake. Furthermore, in the winter you will have a chance to indulge in your favorite winter sports. Best of both worlds! Some people despise the cold weather, and to them, winter will be all about survival. On the other side, some people dread summer and heat, hence they will live for the winter time. In this case, there will be something for everyone. Nobody will remain without their favorite part of the year.

When moving to Woodbridge, you need to prepare for hot summers and cold winters.
You’ll need winter and summer clothing when moving to Woodbridge.

However, most place in the world will accommodate the same type of a climate. This should not be a factor in making a decision whether or not to move to Woodbridge. Simply accept that you will witness both types of climates, the hot summers, and the snowy winters. If you have a bad taste in your mouth for either of these, give yourself to embrace it once more. There are plenty of fun things to do in the summer as well in the winter. Given that Woodbridge has this type of a climate it also has activities to accommodate both of them.


Woodbridge belongs to a large area of Vaughan. Most of the population is of the Italian-Canadian heritage, however, there have been increases in population from all over the world. Woodbridge is also known to have many law enforcement agencies making it an extremely safe place to be in.

Woodbridge has one interesting fact and that is the fact that it is considered to be a mecca for street racing. Yeah, you’ve heard it right. So if you wish to live on the edge and try it out for yourself, understand that we absolutely advise you against it. It is illegal and more importantly, it is extremely unsafe. However, given that the mentality and peers encourage, you are bound to witness one such event sooner or later.


The price of purchasing a home in Woodbridge is immense. As of 2017, condos that are in the downtown center are priced around 800$ per square foot. This is a hella lot of money. This basically translates to a very dangerous price. For a 1000 square foot condo, you will have to set out around 800.000 to one million dollars. Add to this the prices of maintenance and bills, and you get astronomical prices. Still, there are a lot of things you should know before buying a house.

Prices in Woodbridge are high when it comes to housing. So plan your steps carefully.
Buying a home may be a pricey adventure.

But then again, this price varies. If you will be moving for a good job, in some cases, the company will provide you with a place to stay. Or, pay enough for you to be able to afford a nice place to stay in. Our humble advice is not to purchase a home immediately. Find a very nice condo to rent, as you will be able to. This will allow you some time to settle in and figure out the ins and outs. Maybe you will discover a brand new neighborhood that you would like to live in, and then decide to purchase a home.


Because, given that you don’t know the place that well, you might end up buying a home in a neighborhood you do not really like. So, give yourself some time to explore and become one with the environment, so to speak. After that, start scouting for a place to live in. If you don’t know how, consider talking to decent real estate agents in Toronto.

Afterall, you will only want to purchase a home if this is a place you are definitely going to settle in. If you have moved here for work, and plan on staying for a couple of years, buying a home is a waste of money and time given that you will most likely have to sell it upon leaving. So, play it safe and rent. This gives you a lot of flexibility since you can always change the place you are living in without any additional hustle aside from moving.

Family friendly

On the other hand, this place is a haven for people wanting to indulge in family life. The suburbs are always a number one choice for young families. There is an abundance of schools nearby, as well as an endless amount of green surfaces for your little ones to play in. Nobody really wants their young ones to play in the street, now do they?

Most importantly, however, is that we emphasize the fact that this is a very safe place for your children to grow up in. There is an abundance of things that they can do individually. On the other side, there is a ton of things you guys can do as a family within the community itself. This can refer to sports, conservation, spending time with animals or just discovering the local Lego Discovery Centre. The place also takes pride in the fact that there more than a few great schools nearby. This refers to secondary and post-secondary levels of education, as well as French immersion and schools that are more turned towards religion and faith.

Bottom line is that this place has a very active community. Weekly and monthly events good enough to get you out of your home are present all year round. It’s fun for the whole family!


One of the glorious parts of the overall Vaughan area is the low commute times. You are able to get downtown from your little suburb in less than 30 minutes. The subway is incredibly well connected, and on top of that, you have the GO train stations that you can look for. The commuting itself is very comfortable, so grab a cup of coffee and finish some work that you have whilst you travel. Or, take a nap. Both are very viable choices since the ride is so comfortable that you might end up dozing off more often than not.

Moving to Woodbridge means moving very close to Toronto.
Toronto is just down the road…

Given that it is very close to Toronto, it is normal to expect that the place will be busy. Also, if you need additional help, consider contacting long distance movers.  One of the most heavily used highways, the 400, runs very close and will provide a very good connection to whichever direction you wish to go to.  This is the main road leading in and out of the city. Other than that, there is the Rutherford Road that will be taking care of all the traffic from Canada’s Wonderland.

This means that, sometimes, moving to Woodbridge could end result in traffic is almost as busy as Toronto since you will have a lot of people who commute to Toronto for their job. After their shift is over, there will be a lot of people who will be returning home, and rush hour may occur. But this is a small price to pay for the comfort of living close to a very large city, whilst remaining in a peaceful and quiet community.


Overall, Woodbridge has its up and downs. There are some great aspects to it and others that are maybe not as flawless as you’d expect. But then again, there are a few places in the world that are ‘perfect’. You will always miss something. In our opinion, Woodbridge offers much more on the positive side than on the negative. And the negative aspects… You might get used to them, or even grow to like them! I never liked the winter, but after living through two of them I became to realize the positive sides of it. I never slept as well as I did during the winter in Woodbridge.

We hope that Woodbridge amounts to everything you wanted it to amount to. We assure you, give it a chance and you will most likely not regret it. Considering that your move will go flawlessly with our expert moving services, you will have more time to enjoy exploring the place.

Best of luck with moving to Woodbridge! Our professional moving services in Toronto are at your disposal!

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