Benefits of Moving from Toronto to Kitchener

If you’re thinking of relocating from Toronto to Kitchener, you have a lot to look forward to. Kitchener is only about an hour away from Toronto, so you’ll still enjoy easy access to the big city amenities you’ve come to love while enjoying all the perks of relocating to a destination with a cozy, smaller town feel.

Compared to Toronto’s population of 2.93 million, the entire Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo region has a population of just 523,894. 

Kitchener offers plenty of green space while still keeping you close to major conveniences like shopping and dining. This is a rare destination where you can enjoy the best of everything.

Guide moving from Toronto to Kitchener

There are many benefits to enjoy as you relocate from Toronto to Kitchener. Consider some of these great perks that will come with your relocation.

Affordable Cost of Living

One of the top perks of moving from Toronto to Kitchener is the lower cost of living. Living in Toronto is 41% more expensive than living in Kitchener. While a one-bedroom apartment in the city center in Toronto averages around $1,882, the same type of accommodations are only around $942 in Kitchener. Groceries, gasoline, entertainment, childcare, and even clothing comes at a lower price in Kitchener. 

Though the average salary is slightly lower in Kitchener as well, the difference still doesn’t outweigh the cost savings that you can expect to enjoy here. In Toronto, the average monthly salary is $3,116, which doesn’t even cover the average cost of living at $3,167 a month. In Kitchener, the average salary is $2,536 and the cost of living is just $1,863 which leaves $673 to spare.

Outdoor Amenities

Kitchener has dozens of small parks and nature areas for residents to enjoy. You’ll find yourself surrounded by green spaces here with no shortage of options when you want to head outside and enjoy the fresh air. The climate in Kitchener is very comparable to Toronto with average temperatures that are just a few degrees cooler in most seasons.

McLennan Park is one of the most popular destinations for outdoor fun, equipped with a splash pad, beach volleyball courts, basketball courts, a skate park, mountain bike trails, walking trails, a leash-free dog park, and a toboggan hill. Victoria Park is another prime choice for outdoor recreation, home to Kitchener’s resident swans, Otis and Ophelia. In summer, residents flock to Kiwanis Park and Pool which features a leash-free dog park, canoe launch, and lake-like pool. 

Culture and Entertainment

Kitchener is home to several theaters and performance spaces that host dance recitals, concerts, comedians, symphony performances, and more. The Centre in the Square is the largest performing arts center in the region with over 2,000 seats. The Conrad Center for the Performing Arts hosts performances by the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, while the Registry Theatre focuses on music, theater, and dance performances by community organizations around the Waterloo Region.

Kitchener offers a wealth of other destinations for entertainment as well, such as THEMUSEUM with five floors of family-friendly science and technology exhibits. Experience living history at the Joseph Schneider Haus Museum and Don Heritage Village. You can dive further into local history through the Waterloo Region Museum and Woodside National Historic Site.

Special Events and Festivals

Kitchener is a regional hub for special events and annual festivals. Each September, the annual Ribfest & Craft Beer Show serves up three delicious days of live entertainment, craft-brewed beer, and barbecued chicken and ribs. In late November, Belmont Village hosts Christmas in The Village with horse rides, visits with Santa, a pet parade, and a silent wreath auction. In December, the annual Christkindl Market highlights local shops and artisans, offering the perfect opportunity for holiday shopping. 

Outstanding Education

Students have a wealth of educational opportunities in Kitchener. The Waterloo Region District School Board oversees the public schools in the region while the Waterloo Catholic District School Board maintains the region’s public Catholic school system. There is also a public French-language-based school in the region. Those interested in private school have access to 16 private educational establishments including several Montessori schools and Christian schools. 

Conestoga College maintains two campuses in Kitchener and boasts an impressive 94.2% job placement rate within six months of graduation. The Liaison College of Culinary Arts and triOS College have campuses in Kitchener as well.

Cost of Moving from Toronto to Kitchener

Though your living expenses will decline dramatically when you settle in Kitchener, you’ll still have to contend with the cost of moving before you get there. It’s important to budget for your transition thoughtfully so you can enjoy an easy and comfortable move. Factors such as the size of your home, the number of belongings that you’re moving, and the services that you need will impact your total cost.

While you can take a DIY approach to your move, investing in extra help is often worth the expense as it will save you time and effort throughout the moving process.

How to Move From Toronto to Kitchener

Moving from one city to another is no small task. That’s why it’s best to enlist the help of experienced professionals who can streamline your relocation. Our team at High Level Movers can help you with every part of the moving process. We provide you with packing supplies, pack up your belongings, do the heavy lifting on moving day, assist with garbage removal, and provide professional cleaning services once you’re out. If you’re staying in temporary accommodations while you find your next home, we offer storage services as well.

Our team members are excited to help you experience the joy of relocation. With so many exciting things to look forward to in Kitchener, it’s no wonder you’re ready to get on with your move. We offer a budget calculator to get you started and will provide you with a binding quote when you’re ready to start pricing moving services. Get ready to enjoy all the highlights of life in Kitchener. Contact High Level Movers to get started now.

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