What special moving services can you expect?

When it comes to moving, we all know, nobody likes it. It just gives us a lot of stress. Moving process can be very long, so if you are planning to move, think about hiring a professional moving service. Also, you have to prepare for the moving, find out as much as you can about it. Hiring a good moving company is also very important so you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting to your new location safely. As well, they will offer you special moving services if you need them. Services vary from place to place so Toronto moving services may not be the same, or cost the same as Aurora moving services.

Special moving services

As we already know, moving takes a lot of time and preparation. Hiring a professional moving company is a really good solution for all your troubles. Every moving company offer you a lot of additional moving services for moving your stuff to other location. Call them is your first step. Good communication will make their job easier and you will be stress-free. After they find out what exactly do you need, they will offer you services they can provide and tell you the costs of the moving process. Every moving company will offer you special moving services for your valuable stuff. Everyone has something that needs special care, like :

  • Fine arts
  • Antiques
  • Wine collection
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Electronics
  • Motorcycles
  • Auto transport

Fine art and antiques

When the professional movers arrive you should let them do their job. They will for sure take good care of your stuff. Fine art and antiques require special care and packing so you should let professional packers do that for you. High-value artwork such as paintings, sculptures, and statues should go in wooden crates. Professional packers will know how to pack artwork like that properly so it won’t suffer any damage during the transport.

Also, workers will warn you about oil paintings. That kind of art you should move during the fall or winter because heat can cause melting and that’s not what you actually want. Even though you do want them moved during the summer, moving company is not the one to be blamed if that art gets ruined during the transport. They will tell you that it’s better to store that kind of art in the climate controlled storage units until the fall. However, if you like you can always ask for climate controlled vehicles/vans to safely transport artwork like that during the summer.

Antiques are some of the items that benefit greatly from special moving services. You want each one to be as safe as possible during transport.
Your antiques need to be safe, first and foremost. You should take special care on how you want to transport them.

Wine collection

Packing and moving wine collections is a difficult process for you to handle it yourself. Of course, if people like doing the packing of their valuable things themselves, it is ok, but they have to be sure to get proper packing supplies first. Professional packing service will provide you special boxes, either way, you are packing the wine collection alone or using professional packers service.

Bottles are fragile and you should prepare and pack them properly. Also, too high or too cold temperature can ruin the taste of wine. Because of that, you should really move your wine collection in the early spring or late fall, if possible. Moving companies can provide you with climate controlled vans if you have a big wine collection to move. Again, you should check out the availability of these vans as long distance moving assistance in Toronto might be easier to get than for some remote area.

When transporting your wine collection, it is not only important that it arrived safely. It is also important that it retained its distinctive taste.
A bottle of wine is fragile and should be treated accordingly. The wine collection is something even greater and deserves even more care.

Oriental Rugs

Another thing that you and packers will take good care of are Oriental Rugs. They can be very expensive and experienced packers will take care of them. Before packing rugs, you should hire professional cleaners to clean them. Now, after the cleaning process, there comes the packing. Fine Rugs. made of wool, silk, knotted ones or antique ones, should always be rolled in and not folded. After that, professional packers will wrap them in a special paper so they won’t be damaged in the process of transport.

Oriental Rugs can be sensitive to climate so if you are planning to move them. Also, if you are planning to store them for a while, be sure the storage unit has good ventilation and is free of dirt and bugs. If you possess a lot of oriental rugs, the best way to transport them is with a big truck.


Packing and moving electronics is also one of the special moving services your moving company can provide for you. If you want to pack your electronics yourself, the best way is to pack them in original boxes. In case you don’t have them anymore plastic bubble wrap and padded blankets will be good to pack your electronics properly. However, professional packers have great training and experience and will pack your electronics quickly and efficiently.

When moving electronics, it is really important to pack them properly, as they can just stop working if transported in inadequate conditions. Make sure you use a lot of bubble wrap!
Electronic boards are really sensitive. It can be a real annoyance if, after the move, some of the devices just refuse to function!

Motorcycles and Auto transport

Another one of special moving services includes transporting your car, motorcycles or classic car. There are few things you should know before contacting moving company to come and take care of your car. First of all, you should drive your car to the service and be sure it is fully functional and in good condition. If your car has a fluid leakage you should fix it before transporting or if you can’t, you have to tell that to the moving company so they would be aware.

Next thing you should know before moving your car is, removing everything from your car, like cell phones, GPS systems etc. Also, you will have to remove or tie down all bolted on accessories such as roof racks, spoilers, mirrors etc. Another thing you should do is, disable car alarm so moving company workers won’t have troubles during the transport.

After that, your car will be packed into the shipping container, which is closed and secured. Your car will be tied down using truck’s side logistics. From the other side, if you are transporting your car on an open carrier, your car will be tied down to the truck directly.

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