What should you know before relocating to Canada?

Canada is definitely the country of opportunity and prosperity. It is a country known for welcoming immigrant from all over the world. So, if you are relocating to Canada you will definitely feel welcomed and accepted. This large country is full of natural beauties and modern, urban cities as well. There is something for everyone. So, be sure to hire your reliable long distance movers in Canada as soon as possible, so you can be on your way. There are some important things you should know before Canada becomes your new home. We are here to give you some useful information and tips.

Important things to know before relocating to Canada

So the first thing you should do before relocating to Canada is finding affordable and reliable movers. When that is out of the way you can start thinking about other important things. First things first, you should know something about the Canadian weather. Here you can have the snow and the shine. You can expect very cold and harsh winters. Summers are hot and pleasant. If you come from a warm country prepare for the Canadian winters. Pack a lot of hot clothes since temperatures can drop up to freezing -25C. So, our first advice is to pack heavy for the winter time.

Canada is the country of diversity

You should know that Canada has a long history of accepting immigrants and treating them well. You will definitely adjust quickly. Moreover, you will feel accepted. Canada is known for multiculturalism and diversity. Multiculturalism and acceptance are crucial to the national policy. A good example of this are the Members of Parliament. More than 40 of them were not born in Canada. In big cities as well as in rural parts of Canada you will find many different languages and cultures. The only thing you need if you want to prosper in this multicultural haven is an open mind.

Don’t forget to tip

In some countries and cultures, it is uncommon to give tips. However, this is not the case in Canada. Workers in the service industry in Canada work for a minimum wage. They earn between 8 and 10 dollars. So, tipping is very important to them. It is a crucial additional income. If you don’t know how much to tip here is some good advice

  • You should usually tip 15% of the bill. If the service was extraordinary you might even tip 20%
  • If you are in a bar a tip can be a dollar per drink or a couple of dollars for a round of drinks

Looking for a job in Canada

If you want to become a permanent resident of Canada you need to find a job. First of all, remember that you need to arm yourself with patience. Finding a job in Canada usually takes a lot of time. You might wait for months until you land the job of your dreams. So you need to :

  • Bring enough money. You will need it until you find a job
  • Accept a short-term job that is not related to your career to earn money and support yourself
  • Adjust your CV to the Canadian job market, be proactive and start networking. A CV in Canada needs to include contact information, a summary of your career, prior work experience and education.

The cost of living is pretty high

It is not cheap living in Canada. The prices of rent, as well as transportation prices, are pretty high. Inform yourself about the cost of living in big cities like Toronto. Do not come financially unprepared. Toronto and Vancouver are the most expensive cities. Montreal is cheaper when it comes to renting prices. However, the salary is lower as well. If you are a smoker pay attention because it is not allowed to smoke in public places. Forget about smoking in a restaurant. That is just not allowed. However, you can smoke in your own home, in the outdoors and in your own car. Either case, if you need help finding an affordable property to rent or buy, consider hiring High Level Movers who will be more than happy to offer their assistance.

Healthcare is excellent after moving to Canada

The health system in Canada is one of the best ones in the world. It truly is excellent. Every immigrant and new Canadian can feel its benefits. The health system has a public funding and is mostly free. The healthcare functions on province level and you can apply at the Provincial Ministry of Health to get your health card. You can only get the health card as a permanent resident. Temporary residents need to get private health insurance.

Driving licenses and taxation after relocating to Canada

After relocating to Canada you might have to take some driving tests and examinations. Some of the tests from your country might not be valid here so you might have to take them again. You will have to fill out some documents to convert your existing driving license. You get a driving license in your province. The federal government doesn’t have authority here. The rules might differ from province to province. Check the province website for international license holders and you will know which papers you should prepare. When it comes to the taxation system both provincial and federal governments will collect income taxes. Sales taxes vary from province to province as well. In Quebec they are14,975%. However, in Alberta, they are 5%.

Fun facts to know after migrating to Canada

  • Canada is the second largest country in the world, right after Russia
  • The country has two official languages – English and French
  • There are many expats living in Toronto. However, it is not the capital of Canada. It is Ottawa
  • Canada possesses 20% of all the freshwater in the world
  • The name of the country means ‘village’ and Canada is the 11th most liberal country in the world
  • 80% of all the maple syrup in the world is produced in Canada and most of it in Quebec
  • It is very important to be polite and tolerant in Canada
  • You can meet wild animals like polar bears and mooses in the great outdoors
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