What is it like living in Pickering

Are you about to embrace all the lovely aspects of living in Pickering? Pickering… It does not sound all that flashy, does it? Even though it does not sound like Hollywood, Pickering has plenty more behind its bland name. Well, people who usually had nothing to do with Pickering would refer to it as ‘some pickles’… Again, don’t get thrown off by the name. There’s much more to living in Pickering than meets the eye. Hire professional Pickering Movers

Life in Pickering will offer easy access to Toronto.
Just a train ride away from Toronto…

A quick guide to living in Pickering

To kick it all of you need to understand what makes Pickering the way it is. Located on the eastern border of Toronto, Pickering homes about 90 thousand people. Being the crown jewel of the Durham Region, Pickering is one of the most multicultural communities you can find around.

Ontario Power Generation is one of the several larger organizations and companies that have been lured to Pickering. Aside from that, the affordable real estate is bringing people from all over to come and settle down.

On top of it all, one of the best parts of Pickering is the waterfront that has been returned to its former glory by the completion of the Pickering Millennium Waterfront Trail. This beauty overlooks Frenchman’s Bay, having the ideal picnic beaches. However, if this is not really your forte there are over 2000 acres of park surface. Yes, we’re talking about the Rouge Park Valley, located on the western border of Pickering. Make no mistake, this is one of the largest urban parks in North America. So… You can’t say that you don’t have a little Central Park of your own.

Pickering lifestyle

First of all, even though it sounds small and not really “city like”, Pickering will offer anything a large city will. In the city center, you will find over 200 shops, including Sears, The Bay, etc. So if you want to spend your afternoon of shopping about, you will not have to leave Pickering. Just drive up to the center. This basically means that you get the best of both worlds. You get a quiet, suburban community to live in. This means safety for your kids (if you have any). No ridiculous commuting time spent to get anywhere. And yet, you get to do any of the activities you love doing when living in a city.

Additionally, at your disposal, you have the Pickering Home and Leisure Centre just off the Brock Road. Furthermore, you have very renowned retailers such as A Special Place, Bath n Bedtime, De Boers, Ethan Allen, etc.

However, if none of this is good enough for you, you did want to settle for a suburban place. Also, Pickering’s highest selling point is the fact that it is super cheap when it comes to real-estate. Hence, this is what you were looking for. And this is what you found.


And this should be an important factor in your Pickering lifestyle. Recreation started lacking in people’s lives more and more. Fortunately, Pickering can facilitate lots of it. To begin with, the best part is the natural areas where you can have infinite recreations. There are numerous pamphlets that speak volumes about the recreation opportunities out in the wilderness.

Life in Pickering involves a lot of outside activities.
Outdoor is fun!

Additionally, the weather is so nice that it can facilitate all sorts of outside activities. There are countless recreation trails and natural areas for you to explore. The crown jewel of outside recreation is the Rouge Park formed on the western border of the city. The park hosts some undisturbed wetlands, valleys, and meadows that are both an excellent opportunity to spend a gorgeous day outside as well as do some sports.

However, if you are not that into nature and stuff, there still is the Pickering Recreation Complex, located at Valley Farm Road. This huge complex houses a swimming pool, an ice arena, tennis squash and racquetball courts, and much more. You will have an abundance of fitness classes, exercising equipment and so forth. Basically, any specific taste can be satisfied here.


Living in Pickering is like living in any other city. Transport exists and it is unavoidable. However, long distance movers praise the transport and traffic in Pickering. Compared to Toronto it is a blessing. Busses and Go Trains accommodate any commuting that you might need. The only special move they do is, when rush hour occurs, the busses will relocate to the Go Train Station and proceed from there. A very clever move with which they allow travelers to avoid rush hours as well as reduce the traffic within them.

Living in Pickering means that you will deal with light commuting thanks to the Go Trains.
Transportation? No problem.

Thanks to the Go Train you might be able to reach Toronto in 45 minutes! So if you needed to visit one of the music venues in Toronto, you’ll have no problem doing so.


If you are looking at relocating with your family, the schools in the area will be a huge factor. Fortunately, Pickering falls nothing short of providing the best schools you might need. From Catholic to public and private, Pickering and the surrounding area will have it all.

Within Pickering itself, you will have the Pickering Christian School as a private school as well as Wasdell Academy for innovative learning. Both of these schools are nothing short of amazing. Public schools are in strong abundance, having almost every neighborhood have one of its own.

Additionally, who doesn’t like being just one commute away from the University of Toronto? I mean it’s right there in your neighborhood. Your kids would have an amazing shot at high-level education, all the while living in a nice and peaceful community.

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