What additional moving services to expect from movers?

The most common misconception when hiring professional moving services is that those services include just the relocation. More often than not, people fail to realize the actual value of hiring a moving company. Of course, the biggest value is the fact that they will do everything for you, making it a seamless transition. However, people often fail to understand the value of the additional moving services that you can expect from your professional movers.

Moving companies will offer additional moving services that you most likely did not know about.
The extra mile.

In most cases, these moving services are not specifically advertised, but they far from absent. If you are hanging by a thread, trying to figure out whether you should hire a moving company, or do the move yourself – this might make all the difference. These additional moving services that most moving companies offer to their clients are of extraordinary value. And this is something you must consider. Why? Because there is always a fine line between good service and exceptional service. It is the additional services that make all the difference. Of course, there are other factors, but in our eyes, these will be the game-changing ones.

Additional moving services – what are they?

So, when we mention additional moving services in Toronto, what exactly do we mean? These additional services are, first of all, not always going to be charged. They might be the small things that will either help you make a decision, or figure out what it is that you actually need. The services can range from a small advice to additional support you never figured you would need. We will mention all of them, big and small. Because regardless of the impact they have, they are all very relevant. Most importantly, they are the services you are going to be happy to have and take.


This is a huge one. This additional service that most reputable long distance movers from Toronto will offer can make all the difference. Storage services basically mean that the mover offers a secured location where you can store your belongings during the move. Why would you need this? There are several scenarios to consider:

  • You are about to relocate to a new home, but the new home is not yet available.
  • You are going on a long distance move, and you need temporary storage solutions during the trip.
  • There is not enough room for everything yet, or your new home is being renovated.
These additional moving services will differentiate one moving team from all the others.
The additional moving services make all the difference.

These, and many more, scenarios are very realistic and quite often. It is in these scenarios that you will love to have this additional moving service. Especially if you can receive it from the same moving company that is doing the move itself. This means that you will not have to communicate with a bunch of people, but rather with only one team supporting all your needs.


This one is just as big as storage. And it complements the storage as well as every other stage of the move. Why is insurance so important? The answer is simple. Accidents happen. And they always will. Regardless of how professional and experienced someone is, there are some unpredictable circumstances that might have a dire impact on the entire move.

Insurance is something that beats all of these unforeseen unfortunate events. Because insurance makes sure that, no matter what happens, you and your belongings are safe. Even if something gets ruined, you get a very hefty compensation to mitigate all the losses. Insurance will help you sleep at night without a worry on your mind.

Sure, you might save a few coins if you don’t purchase insurance. But just imagine the amount of money you could lose if something happens, and you end up not having insurance. It is a regret you do not wish to make. Fortunately, High Level Movers Toronto offer all of these additional moving services. And you will be able to find everything in one spot.

Consulting services

These maybe cannot get categorized as the previous two, but they are nothing short of important. So what do consulting services help you achieve? A number of things actually. But the best part of these additional moving services is the fact that they are, in most cases, free of charge. But to someone who has little to no relocating experience, these consulting services might make all the difference. We will cover two scenarios where this type of a service can be of much help.

Additional moving services purpose it to help you save money and not endure stress.
These additional services might even end up saving you money.

First off, you might not know what type of a moving service you need to begin with. Ok, you know you have to relocate, but you have no idea how many moving agents you need, how many trucks (and what type of a truck), how long the move will take, will you need storage, and so forth. In order to help you answer all of these questions, moving companies will usually provide free consulting service. They would come to the move site and inspect everything that needs to be relocated. Once they do so, they would give you a vague idea as to what you can expect, and what you might need.

Second, you might need some consultation in regards to packing and preparing for the move. Also, you might need some ideas about the aftermath of the move, as well as the unpacking. Even though they offer the service itself, they might give you an insight as to how you can do it yourself. Also, if you have kids or pets that partake in the move, they might consult you as to how you can handle them in order to make it seamless and easy for them.