Top Halloween attractions in Toronto

It’s that time of the year again and our favorite festivities are approaching. The grand opener of this exuberant season is the fun and scary Halloween. Pumpkins, rubber spiders and bats are all around your neighborhood, scary movies are watched at every household and the smell of candy is in the air. What a time to be alive! You’ve prepared your costume and put on some makeup when you realize – you’re all dressed up but have nowhere to go. Don’t fall into despair just yet! We have some ideas and suggestions regarding top Halloween attractions in Toronto. So, put on your cape and fangs, and let’s get started.

Halloween attractions in Toronto for adults and older kids

Grab your popcorn and soda

If you just got into town, ask your local Toronto movers for a nice place to spend this Halloween. We are sure that the Toronto After Dark Film Festival will come up in the conversation. It is one of the world’s leading festivals of new Horror, Sci-Fi and action movies. You can enjoy this critically acclaimed event that shows over 50 new feature and short films from around the world. You need to be over 18 to attend, and the all-access pass is $159.

A park where you won’t feed the ducks

Stop by High Park after dark and see for yourself why it’s been one of the top Halloween attractions in Toronto for decades. Chilling legends and ghostly tales will send chills down your spine. Uncover the spooky mysteries of Victorian funeral and candlelit rooms of Colborne Logde. Each haunted walk is accompanied by Doc Wuthergloom of Eldritch Theatre who presents a Victorian Seanse in an admiring fashion. Entrance fee is $32.50.

Tales for the brave

If you are looking for that true Halloween spirit, don’t skip Montgomery’s Inn and the Islington Pioneer Cemetery. After dark, of course. Hair-raising stories are guaranteed to make you shiver. Candlelit rooms of the Inn make a perfect atmosphere while spooky refreshments are included. To enter, have 25 bucks prepared.

I scream you scream

The Screemers has been a Toronto tradition for the past 25 years. It is an event held at the Exhibition Palace and it features some rather scary characters. You can get your true Halloween experience while visiting seven main haunted house attractions, a magic show, and a carnival ride.

Best Halloween attractions in Toronto for the whole family

Howling Hootenanny

Black Creek offers a great time for everyone this Halloween. You are free to enjoy exciting performances on the main stage, enter the Haunted Maze and even decorate your very own pumpkin. Trick-or-Treat around the Village is also part of the fun.

Boo at the Zoo

Why not celebrate the spirit of Halloween with your young ones in a company of wild animals? Toronto Zoo is hosting its annual event filled with fun activities that will test your animal knowledge. Your kids will love trick-or-treat stands that are all over the zoo. They will also get to enjoy Halloween themed games, as well as Halloween Photo Opportunities. Be sure to dress up, since kids under the age of 12 that are in a costume get free admission.

A fun afternoon

If the Beach Village is nearby, we suggest that you stop by for a fun afternoon at the Kew Gardens and Ivan Forrest Gardens. Halloween activities include a costume contest, inflatable fun, craft corner, Yo-Yo Dave Juggler and magician, stilt walker and so much more. Bring your kids, your pets and your spouse and enjoy this jovial atmosphere.

Best Halloween parties

  • Cabin Five is once again hosting its annual party. Get your costumes ready for this haunted event and enjoy a massive Halloween party.
  • Wakanda is for people with a specific taste. If you enjoy African culture, food and music, stop by this club for an unforgettable evening.
  • Access Ballroom guarantees a great time with games, food, drinks, and dancing. Spend this spooky event at their place and try out your new dance moves.
  • House of Horrors is a two-story venue with the goal of making this Halloween party a talk of the town. Top DJs from around the world will make an unforgettable atmosphere, so stop by and enjoy this unique haunted fun house.
  • Shipwreck in Kensington is a Halloween charity event supporting mental health research by fundraising for The Center for Addiction and Mental Health.  The party will feature lots of artists and performers as well as a nice mix of culture and cuisine. We suggest that you put an extra effort to make a good costume since the best one gets a prize.
  • Haunted Rooftop Patio is a silent disco party. You will have three stations to choose from. The Green Channel is dedicated to bringing the 80’s, 90’s and early 2k hits back. The Red Channel is all about the top dance hits of today. Lastly, the Blue Channel will play Hip-Hop and R&B hits all night long.

Fun in the town

If you are a city’s local, chances are you might have heard for some of these great events. We hope that the others have piqued your interest and that you’ll give them a go. If, however, you are about to move to the biggest city in Canada, we would suggest that you find reliable movers in Toronto, before joining the festivities. Once you do get there, fun times are guaranteed. You are bound to find some event that will suit your preferences, so scope out your neighborhood for a near-by adventure. There are plenty of Halloween attractions in Toronto, so be optimistic and open to all the possibilities.