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How to Keep Your Kids Busy During a Move

Keeping kids occupied can be challenging even on best of days. When you add relocation to the equation, the time you can dedicate to your offspring decreases. It would be preposterous to expect that you can keep everything in check for the move while entertaining your kids. So, how does one go about this issue? In the text that follows, we will provide some ideas that will help keep your kids busy during a move. Some are fast and easy solutions, while others, with a bit of effort, are sure to pay off in the long run. Continue reading “How to Keep Your Kids Busy During a Move”

How to child-proof your move

Moving day is getting closer and naturally, you are in a rush. Your entire house is in boxes, disassembled furniture and packing supplies. It is unusual and inconvenient even for you. For our kids, your house is full of traps. There is no need for panic, we have prepared a little guide on how to child-proof your move. Safety comes first, so let’s get on it. Continue reading “How to child-proof your move”

How to prepare your office for moving day?

Let’s be honest – a relocation is one of the toughest things to plan out. You’ve got so much stuff to do, and so many things to think about! And we’re not just talking about moving your home – there are even tougher situations out there. For example, if you’ve been put in charge of your company’s office relocation, or you’re moving your own firm, we get your worries. Really, it’s a lot of responsibility to have. But don’t worry – we’re here to help you out with a few useful tips on how to prepare your office for moving day!

Planning your workflow in this period is crucial

When you’re handling a commercial relocation, it’s important to remember what exactly separates this situation from other kinds of moves. Most importantly – you’re handling all of that, plus your regular work duties. And no matter what you’re doing, if your output suffers for a while – your career can be worse off in the long term. So if you want to avoid that – planning is key.

Really, it’s crucial that you tackle this like any other big project. It all starts with some markers and a whiteboard – and a few great ideas. Sure, you’ll have to do some overtime to manage both your day-to-day job and the office relocation, and it won’t be easy. But if you plan it out thoroughly, you can pull it off without much difficulty – and then your management skills will be on display for everyone!

A phone, stickers and markers next to a laptop on a wooden table.
Make a plan to prepare your office for moving day as soon as possible!

Personnel and time management

While you’re planning to prepare your office for moving day, you’ve got to think about two crucial resources: people, and time. And while you may find plenty of coworkers willing to help and put in some extra work, time is something you’ll really be short on. So we suggest you start reaching out to your subordinates and work pals, to see who will be able to help you out. Once you do, you’ll see what tasks you can delegate, and what you’ll have to do on your own. And only then can you truly plan out your time during this commercial relocation, and move onto cutting Toronto moving costs. As you can see, everything’s connected in this process – which is why it’s important to set your priorities straight and know what to do first.

Dealing with the expenses

Once your moving plan for your office starts to take shape, you’ll be able to move onto the most crucial aspect of this task – the expenses. Remember, these aren’t your personal finances you’re dealing with – you’re doing this with the company’s dime. And if your superiors haven’t already given you a fixed budget – this is another chance to shine at the workplace. How so? Well, if you’ve planned out everything well in advance, it shouldn’t be difficult to determine the overall expenses – especially if you’re buddies with someone from accounting. Just picture it – not only did you prepare your office for moving day, but you did it without compromising your own job – and you went under budget! You’ll be the star of the show, as long as you think things through and avoid moving mistakes.

Check everything personally while you prepare your office for moving day

Of course, it’s not all about planning and talking. When you’re in the middle of a commercial relocation, there are plenty of practical, physical issues to deal with. You’ll be handling everything from hiring new cleaning services to parking issues. And before you say anything – yes, we know you’re probably not in charge of every single detail; that’s what delegating is for, after all. But if you’re the one who’s tasked with the overhead, then the buck stops with you. That’s why you want to be sure of everything yourself while you prepare your office for moving day. Because at the end of the day, you’re the one responsible for everything.

Handling the new office space

And while we’re on the topic of checking everything personally – dealing with the new office space should be at the top of that list. This is one of the things that can most easily go wrong if you don’t oversee them yourself. Which is why we recommend visiting the new offices sometimes before moving day. And sure – if your firm is just moving across town, this is a no-brainer. But if a company like High Level Movers Toronto is relocating your office to another city, or even across the country – then this will mean putting in more effort.

On the other hand, imagine not doing it, and finding out there are faults with the office space later on. And trust us – there are a hundred things that can go wrong there. If the floor plan turns out to be outdated, for example. You want to find out about that as soon as you can, and make adjustments. Or there may be issues with some of the utilities! All of these are things that can be corrected, but mistakes will be more costly after a while.

An empty office with a table and a whiteboard, representing space to check out while you prepare your office for moving day.
Check out the new office space by yourself before the move!

Finding trustworthy movers

You should face the facts on time. Simply, a commercial relocation isn’t something you’ll be able to do without professional help. After all, you aren’t moving an old couch into a new apartment – this is large-scale, business moving we’re talking about. That’s why finding trustworthy commercial movers Toronto is extremely important, as you prepare your office for moving day. Just as you’d only like to work with professionals – you wouldn’t also want anyone else handling the contents of your offices.

Two people shaking hands during a business meeting.
Finding commercial movers you can truly trust is crucial!

How to avoid moving day theft?

Do you know what moving day and wedding day have in common? Both of them can be crashed by uninvited guests. Picture this, all doors wide opened, a bunch of people walking through your new home, moving boxes everywhere. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a burglar to take advantage of these circumstances? Unfortunately, it is. Therefore, let’s do our best to avoid moving day theft. Continue reading “How to avoid moving day theft?”

How to prevent injuries on a moving day?

Relocating to another place with your family is a long process and you should plan it properly. Some people move because of a job, other just want to change their environment or simply, they found a better place to settle down with their family. Except thinking of moving process itself and making checklists, how and when to move, who to hire, you should also think of how to prevent injuries on a moving day? Continue reading “How to prevent injuries on a moving day?”

What is the cost of living in Toronto?

If you plan on moving to Toronto you should know to get it better before you move. It’s by far the largest city in Canda. Also its one of the most diverse cities in the whole world, with half of its resident born outside of Canada. The city sits on Lake Ontario, and it has a  lot to offer to its residents. Hence, if you need help moving to Toronto you can hire a reliable moving company to help you move. Furthermore, you will want to get to know what are the prices and cost of living in Toronto. Continue reading “What is the cost of living in Toronto?”

How to find a decent suburban home?

If you want to move and settle down with your family, maybe the suburban home is something that you are looking for. Difference between suburban and the city is huge. If you like peace and a nice house with a yard, good neighborhood, away from city noises and a lot of traffic, suburban home is a place for you. Also, not really far away from the city so you are still close to your job, a suburban home has a lot of benefits. But, what are the things you should know and how to find a decent suburban home? Do not worry, we will try to explain and help ya on your journey to find a place just for you! Continue reading “How to find a decent suburban home?”

Should you help your movers?

This a question that goes through the mind of everyone who has ever employed services of professional movers. And it’s quite a reasonable one, to be frank. Let’s be honest, you decided to employ someone to do moving instead of you, so should you help your movers then? And if so, how can you possibly help professionals who are coming to help you? Continue reading “Should you help your movers?”

How to save space when packing

So it is that time of the year. Vacation season has finally started, oh the joy! Or maybe not, maybe it is a relocation. Maybe a tad less exciting than a vacation, but then again – it’s a tough thing to compare. Many of my friends and relatives dread the thought of packing, and I was never really sure why. I find it overly entertaining. Rarely, or never, do I ever pack for an event of my disliking. Usually, if I’m packing it’s about something fun. Be it a vacation, or a relocation, I always look forward to these. They are exciting and they are refreshing. Still, minds of other people are set and we can’t change them. We can, however, help with some of the problems that come with packing – limited amount of space. There are ways to save space when packing, and this is what we will discuss. Continue reading “How to save space when packing”

What is it like living in Pickering

Are you about to embrace all the lovely aspects of living in Pickering? Pickering… It does not sound all that flashy, does it? Even though it does not sound like Hollywood, Pickering has plenty more behind its bland name. Well, people who usually had nothing to do with Pickering would refer to it as ‘some pickles’… Again, don’t get thrown off by the name. There’s much more to living in Pickering than meets the eye. This is a High Level Movers guide to living in Pickering. Continue reading “What is it like living in Pickering”



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