Step-by-step to finding a perfect self-storage

Moving to Toronto can be a piece of cake if you find your perfect movers in Toronto. They are going to conduct the move and finish this tedious task for you. Movers offer a full moving service. They can do the packing, loading, transportation and unloading of your belongings. However, your job will be to find a storage unit. You have to leave your things somewhere before your new home is ready for settling in. The best solution might be finding a perfect self-storage unit. We are going to give you some advice on how to find and choose a perfect self-storage unit.

finding a perfect self-storage
Be patient when finding a perfect self-storage

Benefits of finding a perfect self-storage unit

Among many Toronto storage units, it is important to find the right one for you. Benefits of finding a perfect self-storage are numerous. First of all, your belongings will be safe and secure. You will not have enough space to put away all of your furniture. If you rent a self-storage with a good surveillance system you have nothing to worry about. You can rest assured that your things will stay safe and intact. This is especially important for people who want to store precious and valuable antiques. You can find self-storage units that have a 24/7 surveillance system, so security is guaranteed.

Self-storage units are efficient

It is quite efficient to have a self-storage unit. Everything you need will be in one place. You can go there whenever you want and get what you need. Everything is safe and secure and available at any time.

Self-storage units are personal

Before finding a perfect self-storage unit you need to determine the size you will need. Storage units come in different sizes. So, you will have no trouble finding the perfect one for you. You can adjust the size to your needs and make the self-storage unit personal. If you have delicate and sensitive items you can find a unit with climate control. If you are worried about security you can find a unit with a surveillance system. Therefore, you can find a personalized self-storage unit just for you.

Things to consider when finding a perfect self-storage

There are some things to consider when finding a perfect self-storage. First of all, you have to consider the size of the storage you will need. There is a little trick you can do. Make the outlines of typical storage unit sizes in your own home. Try packing your belongings inside. When everything fits perfectly you will know which storage size to choose. If you choose a storage that is too big you will be wasting money. However, if you choose one that is too small you will have to rent additional space. That is also a waste of time and money. So when you decide to make a perfect moving plan consider this storage size issue.

huge storage unit
Choose the right size when finding a perfect self-storage

Consider the location of the self-storage

Location of the self-storage is another factor you should consider.

  • If you need to have access to your belongings at all times you should choose a self-storage closer to your home. Choose the one that is within a one hour drive. 
  • On the other hand, if you don’t need the storage to be close to your home try the more rural storages. They are much cheaper and they will give you a bigger discount. 

 Consider the accessibility of the self-storage

Think about how often you will need access to your self-storage. Some storage facilities don’t work on the weekends. They may have shortened working hours on weekends too. If you need to access your unit on Saturdays and Sundays than these types of facilities are not the right ones for you.

checking working hours
Check the working hours when finding the perfect self-storage

Look for great customer service

The first contact with the storage facility is very important. The customer service should be pleasant and polite. They should ask you the right questions and respect your wishes. A good customer service employee will ask you about the size of the storage you need. They should also ask about any special offers you might need. They should suggest an extra surveillance unit or climate-controlled units if necessary. Moreover, a good storage facility should have a hands-on manager. This person can give you their phone number. If something goes wrong or if you need access to the storage unit outside of working hours, they can help you.

surveillance camera
Check if the storage facility has surveillance

Your self-storage should be clean and pest free

The first impression is very important, so pay attention to the overall cleanliness of the storage. The self-storage should be clean and tidy. It should be well maintained. You should not hire low-quality movers and you should also avoid low-quality self-storage units. When finding a perfect self-storage you should make sure it is pest free. Some typical pests that could invade a self-storage unit are

  • cockroaches that can get into boxes
  • moths that can destroy carpets, clothes and other textile goods
  • rats can damage your furniture and defecate all around the self-storage

As you can see it is no joke. The storage unit should be checked for pests regularly. They should check for pests seasonally and monthly. Ask the storage facility manager how they deal with pest problems.

Check if the self-storage is pest free

Check the self-storage door

The door of the self-storage unit should be in great condition. Check if it slides well when you open and closes it. There should be no holes and they should close tight. This is very important because it will prevent water and humidity from getting inside. Another thing you should check is the parking space. You should have plenty of parking space that is close to your self-storage unit. In addition, check that the unit is well illuminated. The storage unit should have great lighting. You need to be able to see clearly and everything should be perfectly visible.

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