Residential Moving – Choosing A Reputable Moving Company

Planning a move from your current home to a new location anywhere in Toronto? What you need is a residential moving service from a good moving company. As there are short and long-distance categories of moving, a residential move can as well be either short distance residential move or a long distance residential move. There can also be local residential moving and inter-provincial residential moving. This is basically dependent on the distance you are moving.

Just as it is with everyone who wants to move, you want a capable moving company to handle the job. But how do you find a good and capable residential moving company that can deliver a top-notch service? One simple way to do this is to choose a reputable moving company in Toronto. You may wonder why; well, here’s why choosing a reputable moving company should give you enough confidence for a quality service delivery:

• A good reputation is built, not given

• Moving companies with a good reputation are trustworthy

• A good moving company always try to build on their reputation by delivering satisfactory service always

• Reputable moving companies are highly recommended

• Experience is always a reason to choose a moving company, and that is what reputable movers often have 

So, now, the question is, how do you go about choosing reputable movers in Toronto? 

How to Find a Reputable Residential Moving Company

1. Hire a local moving company

Hiring local movers is often more beneficial than hiring movers from far away. One of the advantages of hiring local movers is reliability. How reputable is that company in the area they service? What do residents in the area have to say about that company? You should be able to get enough information about a moving company based in Toronto and consider if they have the right reputation that should make you hire them. Unless the moving company is new in the area, they must have acquired some reputation, good or bad.

2. Don’t rely on the internet alone

Yes, the internet is a good place to go if you need a moving company, but it shouldn’t end there. There’s a lot more to be done beyond what you can do on the internet. The truth is a lot of people who have fallen victim to frauds encountered their “movers” on the internet. Apart from the reputation any moving company may claim to have on their website, that reputation must be noticeable in the real world. This further proves the importance of hiring local movers, as you can easily verify in person whether the reputation they claim to have is real or made up. The internet should only help you find available moving companies, every other thing involved in the process of a move should be done traditionally.

3. Ask people you trust

Recommendations made by people you trust can also help greatly. The one good thing about delivering quality service in one’s industry is that it makes it easier to get recommended. And the moving industry is no exclusion. When movers do a good job, it becomes very easy for their customers to recommend them to others who may need their service in the future. In this case, you just might be the lucky one to get referred. Also, since it’s a residential move, if you know one or two residents in the neighbourhood who recently moved in, asking them about the moving company that handled their move is a good thing to do.

4. Talk to people who know better about the field

If you know nothing about the moving industry, one thing you may also want to do is talk to people who know more about the field than you do. People whose line of work is similar or those whose line of work must have made them known quite a few movers can be very helpful in choosing a reputable moving company. A local real estate agent is one of those who can be helpful in this aspect.

What should You Expect from a Reputable Residential Moving Company?

So, now that you know how to find a reputable moving company, how do you know from your personal dealing with the company that they are actually a good one? It is one thing to have a reputation as good residential movers, it is another to live up to that expectation and convince you of how they earned that reputation. We’ve also mentioned some of the things you should expect from a moving company that will prove that they are indeed good and reliable.

1. On-time arrival

The ability to keep to time is a good indication of how professional a moving company is. A reputable company should value time and keep to it.

2. They should arrive in their truck

A reputable company should have their truck with their company name bold and visible on it. A reputable company, so to say, without its truck cannot be trusted. It is always better to work with moving companies who are independent and have the necessary facilities for the job.

3. License and Insurance

When moving anywhere in Toronto, a reputable company is expected to be licensed for a residential move in the area, as well as insured. Any moving company without a permit in Toronto cannot be reputable in the area, and if they claim to be, then take it as a red flag.

4. In-home survey of your belongings

While there are estimator tools that can make the survey easier and without the physical presence of a moving company’s representative, an in-home survey remains the most reliable method of survey for cost estimation. Be sure to choose the best option for your move and get to know about everything involved.


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