Reasons for moving to Scarborough

Scarberia, as Scarborough is often called by Torontonians, is a neighborhood connected to so many prejudices. They feel like there is nothing to see or do in Scarborough. However, a lot of those people that hold prejudices have never even set foot in Scarborough. Which is a real shame, because this unique neighborhood has so much to offer to its residents. In case you are among those individuals who are coming into this with an open mind, this is the place for you to be. Here are all of the numerous reasons why you should consider moving to Scarborough as soon as possible!

A view of Toronto landscape at night. By moving to Scarborough, you will be close to all that is hip and trendy about Toronto.
Scarborough is an integral part of Toronto and should be treated as such!

Why make the decision of moving to Scarborough?

If you are on the fence whether or not to move to Scarborough, we hope these reasons will point you in the right direction. After reading these reasons, the first thing you will want to do is hire local movers in Scarborough to relocate you as soon as possible. Without further ado, here are some of the most common reasons why people decide to make Scarborough their home!

The rent is low

Big cities, such as Toronto, come with high rent and mortgage prices. It is just the ways things are and have to be. However, by moving and living in Scarborough, you get the best of both worlds. This suburban area in Toronto has cheap rental prices, but a reliable public transportation system, which will allow you to get to the city center in no time. This means you can easily enjoy the best nightclubs in Toronto, its landmarks, and everything else this city has to offer. And, due to its affordable prices, Scarborough is often the first choice for new immigrants. Which brings us to the second point on our list of reasons for moving to Scarborough.

Scarborough is a diverse neighborhood

Like we mentioned, new immigrants to Canada and Toronto usually choose Scarborough as the place of their future home. This means that over the course of years, Scarborough has become an ethnically diverse place, welcoming to all and everyone. Here, you do not have to worry about fitting in. The whole neighborhood is very friendly and hospitable; and, they will make you feel at home as soon as you move in. Moreover, Canada is famous in the world as one of the most diverse countries! This really shows in the unique neighborhood that Scarborough is!

Contrary to popular belief, Scarborough is pretty big

When other Torontonians talk about Scarborough, they make it seem like it is a small suburban neighborhood, where everyone knows each other. However, this is far from the truth. In reality, Scarborough is pretty large and populous for a suburban neighborhood. In fact, it has a population of 625,000 people. Not bad for a neighborhood known as Scarberia. And, even though it is big, Scarborough still provides its residents with a sense of community. We don`t know about you, but we find this reason enough for relocating to Scarborough.

A crowded street in a city.
Despite what you have heard, Scarborough is a neighborhood with a population of 625,000 people!

Fun things to do after moving to Scarborough

Regardless of the fact that Scarborough is a suburban area, there are plenty of fun things to do after moving here. Shall we start with the most beautiful one, the one that defines the whole area and gives it a unique vibe?

Pay a visit to Scarborough Bluffs

These Bluffs were the very reason why Scarborough was given the name it has today. Scarborough Bluffs are glorious to look at and can be seen from any park along Lake Ontario. However, if you are looking for the best view of the Bluffs, head to the Bluffer Park. Once there, you will get the front row seat of this miracle nature has given us!

Spend a day at the beach

One of the privileges of moving to Scarborough is the proximity to two swimmable beaches. Sure, they might not be pristine and heavenly like the Caribbean beaches, but they still offer plenty of opportunities for a fun day. Whether you want to spend your day in the ocean, or soaking up the sun on the beach, Scarborough beach is the place for you to be! Also, during the spring or autumn days when the water is too cold for swimming, you can bring a blanket, a basket containing food and have a perfect family day! What more could you possibly need?

A view of the beach and the ocean.
Nothing beats a day at the beach! Luckily, after moving to Scarborough, you will have two beaches to choose from.

Visit Scarborough museum

After you relocate to Scarborough, it is only logical to want to learn everything you can about your new neighborhood. Luckily, this will be easy. All you have to do is visit the Scarborough museum, and the doors of the past will be wide open to you. The museum has a lot of historical buildings, as well as different shows and exhibitions. All of those exhibitions will reveal a bit of Scarborough`s history you might not have been aware of. It is a beautiful tale written in the past, and it is definitely worth your time after moving to Scarborough.

Visit Toronto Zoo

Arguably, we saved the best for the end. The Toronto Zoo, which is actually located along the Rouge River, is the largest zoo in Canada. Besides this, it is the third largest zoo in the world, so you can only imagine how magnificent it is. Toronto Zoo has over 5000 animals and 450 different animal species! Reptiles, turtles, birds, and mammals – whatever type of animal you can think of, Toronto Zoo has it! A day at the zoo has always been one of the best ways to spend your day off. Therefore, if you want to enjoy looking at a truly incredible array of animals after moving to Scarborough, you know where to go!

A pink flamingo in some sort of a natural setting.
Animal lovers will be happy they have moved to Scarborough!

We think that these are reasons enough for moving to Scarborough. This neighborhood truly is a welcoming place; one that does not require you to be a millionaire to be able to afford the basic needs in life. Being experienced High Level Movers that we are, we think you could do much worse than Scarborough. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Scarborough! You will not regret it!