Packing and Moving Collectibles, Oil paintings, Arts, Collections

Moving extraordinary value items presents the extraordinary challenge of careful preparation and planning. This is especially true when moving your collectibles.

There is a wide range of extraordinary items that people choose to collect. Consider the following advice when moving your treasured collection. Coins, stamps and sports cards are items, which can be transported quite easily. Make sure that your collection is securely packed in a suitably sized container, is sealed and labeled. If your collection is rare and of real extraordinary value, consider moving it yourself or make sure that your carrier is aware of the value and that you have insurance to cover damage or loss.

Great care should be exercised when packing and moving china, crystal and delicate porcelain. Be sure to individually wrap each item in fine tissue and place them into specially designed compartment containers. Plates should be packed standing on edge. Stemware should be placed in individual corrugated cylinders. Use Styrofoam peanuts to fill in spaces.

Collectible dolls, figurines and sculptures should be packed like other breakable items. They should be individually wrapped with tissue and placed in appropriately sized compartment containers. Use soft tissue, bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts to fill in spaces. Note: crumpled newspaper is not an ideal packing medium as it can bleed ink onto your collectibles.

Collectible knives and other delicate collectibles are best moved when packed in their original boxes. Such boxes are specifically designed for the product and offer the very best protection during shipping. If the original box is not available, pack the collectible in an appropriately sized container, cushion it with bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts and secure the box with stretch wrap.

Always remember to label boxes containing breakables with ‘fragile’. Also helpful are arrows marking ‘which way up’.

Be sure that Toronto movers is aware of the value of your collectibles. You will want to have pictures of your collectibles in case you need to make a claim over damage or loss as a result of moving.

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Packing and moving art, fine art, oil paintings

Whether your art collection has real or sentimental value, you will want to do a good job of protecting your investment during a move. For pieces of significant value you will want to make sure that they are insured for loss or damage during the move. As part of this insurance you should have on file pictures of your art collection. These pictures should show each piece of art individually and detail its condition.

When moving a significant art collection it is important to consider using professional movers with experience to pack and move your art, fine art and or oil paintings. Professionals will crate your significant art pieces in wooden crates, which are custom made.

These crates will offer maximum protection for your valuable art pieces. Oil paintings can be removed from their frames and be moved in a protective art portfolio cases, while the frames can be crated or bubble wrapped in preparation for shipping.

Moving Documents

Packing and Moving Documents, Legal Documents

Here are some planning and moving tips concerning document management and the moving of your various important documents and legal documents.

First of all before you move you should go through all of your files and clean them up. There is little sense in moving things that you no longer need. Be sure to carefully discard or shred any documents that you no longer need in order to protect yourself from identity theft.

Once your files have been cleaned out to a bare minimum, you should make sure that they are all properly labeled and then box them together in an orderly fashion. Once boxed it is wise to seal the box containing your documents and legal documents with stretch wrap and then label it.

It is recommended that you personally take responsibility for the moving of your important documents and legal documents. There are some documents for which you will want easy access during your move. Depending on your destination that could include such items as your passport, I.D., airline tickets. It is also wise to have on hand your moving contract and the name and phone number of High Level Movers Toronto moving company or agent. It would serve you well to keep all documents pertaining to your move accessible to you at all times during the move.