New moving companies – how to find the best?

Do you have to deal with the problem of moving? Is it time to change your place of residence? Or you need an office move? Or maybe you need to transport things to the other country? Without the services of the moving companies in these cases, it is indispensable. What are the moving services and what is the difference between a moving company and a simple group of not so sober movers? We will try to explain to you what all new moving companies should have and how to choose the best one.

Let’s try to list the main distinctive qualities of professionals. It’s no secret that in our time any loader confidently calls himself a mover. And having rallied in one group of a couple of loaders, they are advertising on the Internet, like a full-fledged moving company. So, let’s consider the main features of a reliable moving company.

By hiring new moving companies you will avoid all the fuss about moving

What do new moving companies have

When new moving companies want to advertise themselves, they usually start with the Internet. It is not so expensive advertisement and it is easy to make. What are the ways new movers can make people hear about them?

Social media – a must for all new moving companies

New moving companies on the social media
Social media are not just for fun

The presence of the company in various social networks will be quite superfluous. Usually, “amateur companies” are not represented in the networks. The networks new moving companies most often use are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The reliable moving company should have a page at least in one of them. Recently, they also use media like Instagram and Pinterest. Check the page of the organization, find out when it is found, see the photo, video, news of the company. Very quickly you can determine whether the page is working, whether the other customers respond. There is an opportunity to communicate with customers of the company, to ask their opinion about it.

Of course, new companies for moving will not have many reviews. But, even if you find a couple of them, contact those people. They may have something useful to tell you.


Many new relocating companies try to attract their customers with posting interesting and useful videos on YouTube. They usually leave a link to their channel on their Facebook page, so you can check it. Take some time and watch their videos, you will see if they know what they are doing. And maybe you can find some helpful advice!


On Yelp you can find reviews for practically every company. If it is a real company, of course. Check them, see what people are saying about your new mover. Even the fact that you can leave a review for them is a sign they are not frauds.


The Earth
Good moving companies know that the presence on the Internet can be crucial for their business

Every reliable moving company should have its own website. Social media are simply not enough. If they want to expand their business, they will make a good and representative website. That means they are willing to invest in order to gain profit, which will show you how serious they are. Therefore, look for them on the Internet. Usually, you can find their website address on their social media pages. You just need to find that information.

Observe the look of the website. If it contains simple images from the Internet and some custom text, then be careful. A real moving company will pay experts to make them the best possible website. Also, they will include their own pictures, not just the ones they found on the Internet.

Pay attention to the reviews of customers. It is possible to find out what representatives of the moving company have transported recently. But there must be clear evidence of the work done, such as a copy of the letter of thanks. And do not be lazy to dial the number of the person who worked with the company earlier and ask him about everything in more detail. If the relocation of the office in reality happened, then they will not deny and you will get full information.

After that, look at the cost of transportation. Good services cannot be very cheap. The best moving companies have specialization in a complex rendering of services. Reduced price should cause doubt. Behind this can be hidden the lack of responsibility of the employees, working for personnel without work permits and so on.


Every responsible new moving company will want to help you with your moving by posting useful tips on their blog. A good thing would be to check it, to see if they know what they are talking about. See if there are some helpful advice and that way you can check how much employees of the company know about their job.

What to do next

After you check the company’s presence on the Internet, start asking questions. Call the representatives of the new movers and find out everything you need. Your questions will depend on the service you need. You may be interested in local moving or long distance moving.

Also, they are new moving companies, but that doesn’t mean that their only job is to move your stuff. In a good moving company they will offer you a wide range of services:

  • free assessment of the costs;
  • disassembling and assembling the furniture;
  • packing supplies and packing services;
  • providing insurance – all new moving companies should take responsibility for keeping your stuff safe;
  • cleaning;
  • garbage removal.

There are more factors you need to consider when choosing new moving companies. But, if you check everything we talked about in this article, you can find all the information you need. That way, you will be sure which new movers are the right for you. And after that, you can also leave a review in order to help some other people who will face the trouble of move.