Moving to Thornhill – pros and cons

If you’re deciding on where to move next, you might find some interesting places near Toronto. Thornhill is one of those places. Located on the northern border of Toronto, this community is split between the cities of Vaughan and Markham. Thornhill once started as a police village but, with around hundred thousand inhabitants it is now town in its own right. However, before you call the local Thornhill movers, be sure to check out our list of pros and cons for moving to Thornhill.


There are a lot of pros for relocating to Thornhill but not everyone likes the same things. Thus, one person might enjoy something which would break the deal for others. We tried to stick to the factors which are objectively an advantage in Thornhill. However, we’ll also mention the ones which can be both good and bad.

  • Good average income is a pro for moving to Thornhill – This city has a good average income and relatively low property costs and taxes. Apart from this, the market value of property started to rise after a year of decline. Even though this is not exactly a reason to consider moving to Thornhill, you might want to buy property there and sell it later. Or, you can buy property for cheap now, live there and sell it later. All in all, it’s good to invest in Thornhill right now.
  • Good opportunities – Thornhill is a fast growing town which means that there are a lot of job openings and a lot of people needed to fill them. If you’re looking for work then moving to Thornhill is definitely a good idea. Apart from this, you’ll have an opportunity to explore Canada from here and do the best things to do in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.
  • Child-friendly – As all small towns, Thornhill is very child-friendly. The town offers a lot of recreational and extracurricular activities for the youngsters. Parks, amusement parks, sights and a water park all serve to show the children of Thornhill a good time. It is a perfect place for a young family to start a new life in their own home. If you can’t handle the moving process by yourself, you can get help from moving companies in Thornhill.
moving to Thorhill will lowers your living expenses
Good average income means it’s a good idea to consider moving to Thornhill

Close to Toronto but affordable

Finally, an advantage of moving to Thornhill is that it’s so close to Toronto but much much cheaper. With only 26km away from the province’s capital, you can always drive to the city when you miss that taste of the city life. However, Thornhill has lower costs of living which and is overall more affordable. This makes it a much better option for young families or students.

Moving to Thornhill brings you close to Toronto
Thornhill lies on the north border of Toronto

Cons of moving to Thornhill

Unfortunately, there is no such a thing as a perfect location. Well, at least not perfect for everyone. Such is the case with this town as well. Even though it’s close to Toronto, it may not be close enough for everyone’s taste. If you want to go out in Toronto every weekend it will cost you a lot. But if you keep it down to a couple of times a month, it won’t cost you that much. The biggest expense you’ll have will be the cab fares to the city and back. So, before you call your reliable movers in Toronto, make sure you know what you want!

Not for everyone

One of the biggest cons (or pros) for moving to Thornhill is that it isn’t for everyone. Sure, everyone can find something that will interest them here. However, not everyone will feel at home in such an environment. But, after you’ve read this article you’ll know whether Thornhill is for you. Here are some factors which may be considered both pros and cons.


The climate in Thornhill is the same as everywhere else in Ontario. Which means you’ll have warm and humid summers and cold winters. For those who like winter sports, this is ideal, but the beach lovers will only have a couple of months of sunny weather. So, if you’re planning to move to Thornhill to enjoy the beach, you might want to reconsider.

winter sports are not for everyone
Not everyone likes the weather in Thornhill

Tight community

Thornhill is a still a small town and people stick close to each other. It may be hard to earn the trust of the locals at first. But, once they accept you they’ll watch your back. Also, as with any small community, everyone’s very polite and nice. This positive effect might be what draws you into moving to Thornhill.

Moving to Thornhill because of the people is not the worst idea
Thornhill boasts a very tight and friendly community

On the other hand, if want to move your business here, this small community may have a negative effect. It will take a while for your business to start up, but eventually, you’ll get regulars. You can reduce the stress your business takes from the move by hiring commercial movers Toronto.


Not a lot of crazy parties or dance events happen in this city. So, if you like to party often and hard, we recommend against moving to Thornhill. However, if you are retiring or starting a family, this place is perfect for your needs. Low crime rates and friendly neighbors mean that you won’t have to fear for your security at all. You could grow old in a town like this.

When you decide

Hopefully, after reading this article you’ll be one step closer to making your decision of moving to Thornhill or not. Whatever you decide, be careful when you’re relocating there. Do not overextend your self or try to be a hero. If you need help, be sure to contact your residential movers in Toronto and hire them to help you with the relocation. With their help, your move will be swift and easy.

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