How To Move From Toronto to Ottawa, ON

If you’re planning a move from Toronto to Ottawa, get in touch with us! Moving your whole life from one city to another can be a huge challenge.

Moving can often be a long, stressful, daunting, and expensive process — especially when it’s to a brand new city! That’s why we here at High Level Movers make sure we help your move in as many ways as we possibly can, taking a whole lot of stress and pressure off of you in the process. With many years worth of moving experience and only the very best staff, we strive to make sure our clients get the best possible experience when they choose to move with us.

If you have made the decision to make Ottawa your new home, then you certainly aren’t alone. More and more people are choosing to make the big move from Toronto to Ottawa, thanks to everything that the Canadian capital has to offer. Not only does Ottawa have much cheaper housing than Toronto, it also offers a much less stressful lifestyle. Compared to Toronto’s bustling population of three million people, Ottawa has just under one million people living there.

So, whether you’re thinking about making the big move as soon as you can, or if you’re just a little bored of Toronto and are curious about what Ottawa has to offer, keep reading our handy guide on the benefits of Ottawa, the cost of moving from Toronto to Ottawa, and how to go about doing so. Enjoy

Benefits of Moving from Toronto to Ottawa

Guide moving from Toronto, ON to Ottawa
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More Affordable Housing

If you’ve been living in Toronto for a while, you’re probably used to paying out a lot of money per month for housing. Thankfully, living in Ottawa doesn’t come with this problem. Housing costs in the capital are much cheaper than those in cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary.

In Toronto, the average rental cost per month for a one bedroom apartment in the city centre is just under $2,000. In Ottawa, on the other hand, a one bedroom apartment in the city centre costs just under $1,600 per month. The cost of basic utilities in a Toronto apartment is around $173, whereas in Ottawa it’s around $149.

Lots of Employment Opportunities

Because Ottawa is home to the Government of Canada, there are plenty of jobs available in a wide range of government departments, from admin and PR work to more prestigious titles. Working in a government department means your job isn’t reliant on services, manufacturing, or resources, making it a bit more stable. Aside from working in a government department, Ottawa has plenty of other employment opportunities available in a variety of industries.

Low Crime Rate

Another perk of living in Ottawa is its low crime rate. As of April 2021, statistics show that the level of crime in Ottawa was low, compared to Toronto’s moderate level. The figures also show that violent crime, drug crime, theft, and vandalism all remain at a low level in Ottawa. The level of safety when walking alone in daylight in Ottawa is very high, and high for walking alone at night. On all levels of crime and safety in these figures, Ottawa fared better than Toronto.

Less Traffic Congestion

Ottawa has much less traffic congestion than the bigger cities like Toronto. Of course, the capital has a rush hour, but it’s on a much smaller scale than that of other Canadian cities. Thanks to some ongoing expansions in Ottawa, traffic congestion has dropped even further. If you’re constantly finding yourself arriving late to work in Toronto due to traffic, be reassured that you won’t have that problem in Ottawa!

Top Quality Education

Canada is known for being home to some of the best universities in the world — with two of them being in Ottawa. The University of Ottawa and Carleton University are considered top-quality universities. In fact, Ottawa boasts Canada’s highest number of residents per capita who have achieved a Ph.D. If you’re looking for the best education opportunities, Ottawa is the place to be.

Plenty To See and Do

Ottawa has a variety of things to see and do to suit all sorts of tastes, preferences, and lifestyles. With one of the highest percentages of parks to residents in the whole country, Ottawa certainly has no shortage of outdoor attractions. The parks here are scattered all over the city, meaning that most neighbourhoods are within walking distance of at least one park.

There’s also a huge range of museums in Ottawa for history buffs to make the most of. From the Canadian Museum of War and the Museum of Nature to the Canadian Science and Technology Museum and the notorious Diefenbunker — preserved in its original state from the Cold War — there truly is so many to choose from.

Ottawa is a melting pot of cultures, which is highlighted through its incredible culinary scene. Restaurants and markets in the capital serve up food from all over the world. The capital is best known for its quality Lebanese food, Vietnamese food, and Chinese food. What more could you ask for?

Cost of Moving From Toronto, ON, to Ottawa, ON

Moving can be an expensive process, which we completely understand here at High Level Movers. We aim to provide our customers with a smooth and stress-free moving experience from start to finish. The average cost of moving from Toronto to Ottawa can vary quite a bit.  These factors include the exact distance of the move, the exact number of items that are being moved, and extra services we provide, such as storage of your items and the packing and unpacking of your items.