Moving alone to Toronto – Here’s What you Should Do

I can freely say that I am too old to remember the last time I moved somewhere alone. In between the wife and the kids, moving has become an entirely different ball game to me. However, given the fact that I am in the industry quite a while I have to start considering people who do have the glorious privilege of moving alone. As an advice, and as a suggestion for all you lucky folks that can move alone is very short and very simple. Think about moving alone to Toronto.

First of all, if you’re even remotely thinking about stressing out – don’t. This is insanely fun and epically amazing. I mean, quite honestly, I’d give up so many things to be able to go through that process again. I love my family, but this is something I did in college, and I remember it dearly. So, all I can say is good for you! There are, however, plenty of things you should know before moving to Toronto. 

Moving Alone to Toronto

Toronto city center
Moving alone to Toronto will increase the quality of your life.

There is a vast population of people moving alone to Toronto. And there is a cluster of reasons why people just Toronto, and usually nothing else. I mean ok, Vegas is also a choice, but Toronto still remains to be more appealing

The city of Toronto is constantly growing and rising. There is no mistake about it. You have an abundance of things to do in Toronto. You will be amazed and stunned at the number of things you can do. It is insane! Also, you are able to get around with so much ease. If you wish to work on your career Toronto will be more than able to facilitate. If you’re looking at the social life and events the place falls nothing short of amazing with an incredible number of young people and events to attend.

Lastly, the overall quality of life is, in the lack of better words, absolutely world class material. However, there are a few things to do and know before you actually dig into packing your bags.

Know About Where You are Going

You basically need to know your battlefield. I mean, Toronto is epic, Toronto is fun, there is no mistake about it. But still, maybe, just maybe, it isn’t your cup of tea. How will you know whether it is in your court? Do your homework. The Internet is amazing, as I am probably sure you already know. Use it. Google Toronto and learn about its ridiculous amount of neighborhoods and figure out which one will suit you best. If any.

Educate yourself about your options. Toronto is an absurdly large city, and as such it will probably have at least one corner that will fit your needs and desires.

How to Get There?

Using public transportation after moving alone to Toronto
Public transportation in Toronto will give you no headache

You have to learn about your options when deciding to move to Toronto. Now, since you are moving alone to Toronto (hopefully using one of the moving companies in Toronto this becomes a far easier venture. However, some transportation will be due. You need to evaluate the number of things you are about to transfer. Based on the number of goodies you need to bring on you, the transportation will vary. Also, depending on where you are moving from – the transportation will, again, vary.

Luckily, Toronto is a pure dream when it comes to traveling to and from it. With the extensive railway, for those on the same continent, you will navigate yourself to it with ease. Also, highway connection is impeccable. Add to it the two airports it has, and you got yourself a sweet package. Some things you can ship to yourself, for a cheaper price. Other you can transport you. Finally, if you are traveling with pets you will find an abundance of ways to finish it with ease.

How to Get Around?

Again, luckily for you, Toronto is a commuters dream. However, there is still some planning you need to do. You, first of all, need to carefully evaluate what will be your commuting needs. When I was there I found that owning a car is a waste of time and money. The subway and the busses are doing an amazing job of getting you wherever you need to go. Again, if you wish to enjoy the comfort of owning your vehicle – by all means go for it. It will cost you more to do so, but it has its perks. But what new technologies you have available today, such as Uber, and platforms like – you will be pretty much set.

Still, do your homework about the neighborhood you will be in and your potential destinations to go to. Only then will you know exactly what type of transportation you will use.

Try to Get Around on Foot

You’ll be amazed at how pedestrian friendly Toronto is. You will especially want to do this when moving alone to Toronto because by doing so you might meet new people and discover some future favorite places. You will be able to learn, first hand, about the beauty of High Park as well as Queen Street WestWhen moving to Toronto alone it will be key to familiarize yourself with various communities and neighborhoods. Only by doing so will you be able to discover which one speaks to you and where you feel most at home.

Entrance to the Queen Street West
Take a relaxing walk along Queen Street West

New Home – New Beginnings

What you are ultimately trying to achieve is finding a new place to call home. And seeing the numerous examples around me, people who move there usually end up staying there. And this is perfectly understandable. Understand your options and your budget, learn about the location options that fit your needs and your budget and find a place where you will feel rested, secure and happy.

Hopefully, this was eye-opening, at least to a short extent. I wish you the best of luck, and don’t forget to have loads of fun! You deserve it!

For everything else, don’t hesitate to contact Toronto moving services.

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